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I have been having a leisurely cruise around your blog. Your photos are wonderful I love the sweet feel of these flowers. Here in the NW of Montana flowers are just beginning, barely. Your friend Tami Lee send me to see you. Wonderful idea. Tell her I said so, for I have no way of contacting her.

this photo is breathtaking! wow!

Your picture is awesome. It almost looks like our crocus that pops up in the spring. Ours has a really fuzzy stem and it's hard to tell on yours. They are beautiful, delicate and don't last very long. Love your blog!

Awesome photo!!!!

Fabulous breath of fresh air!! I love your photo...it does look like some kind of lily as Cindy H. said above. From the front does it look like a star?

CONGRATULATIONS on another W.S. release, I'm sure I'll love it! TFS.

Another unmounted set? You know how much I love your stamps, Anna! I've got all the sets so far, and I'm sure I'll be wanting the new one! Can't wait to see it!

Lovely picture!! I don't know what kind of flowers they are either but they kinda remind me (except for the color) of the daylilies that grow in our yard.

Poor Dixie! I live in the 'burbs so I have no knowledge to pass along to help hurry Dixie along. I really do enjoy reading about and viewing some of the adventures you are experiencing on the farm:)

we don't have ANY flowers, Anna, not even Henbit! Southeast Nebraska is way behind this year, and now we have a prediction of snow for Friday.
thanks for the flower picture to remind us that ours will show up...one of these days.

good thing Dixie is showing sign, but from your last photo it didn't look like she had dropped enough. i'm tellin ya, mud is the answer! :)

you could also try getting in the truck, waving goodbye and saying, "see you this evening, Dixie!" then sneak back.


Sooooo PRETTY!!! Love the color...mmmhmmm, VERY nice!!

Did you say new release? Oh my...sitting here clapping my hands!! SOOOO EXCITING!! :)

oooo' the flower is BEAUTIFUL! Just what I needed to see as the radio announced another winter storm heading our way (central MN)! YUCK! Maybe I need to move to TX! :)
I CANNOT WAIT to see the next WS set. I'm addicted you know! lol

What a beautiful photo! You are so talented! Poor Dixie! They suggest riding over train tracks to induce labor.... just a thought- teeheehee!

Wow, awesome photo! I love how it looks like they're stretching.

I'm off to bed now, but hoping Dixie will get her keister in gear. I wanna see this baby, lol!

That photo is beautiful...I don't think I've ever seen that particular flower! It surely is pretty...
I hope Mr. Farley had a GREAT day with LOTS of cookies!!!
Maybe Dixie will have the baby tonight...that would make ALL of us happy! LOL She has no idea she's a famous bovine in blogland! :D
Hope you get some sleep...give Mr. Farley a big goodnight hug for me! =)

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