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Are you sure that cow is preggie? She might just be hittin' the haagen dazs!! (or however you spell that!)

I'm totally snarky about my schedule too so I feel your pain! At least the weather was pretty in the Great Republic of Texas this weekend! Hope you get to stamp soon!

whew! I'm tired just thinking about it all. go get some sleep. the baby cow just has to come in the next two days ;)

You are so funny - I love your notes! We had three days of sunshine in north Idaho - wow - but today it's raining - boy howdy, is it raining! (do you say that in Texas?) But hey, it's NOT snow!! Love Ya - Jeanne xo

I am sure you are aching and paining some thing fierce after that to do list... however I can't say that I am not a wee bit jealous that you have done all that yard work.. still a little too wet around here to get our hands dirty, but I am hoping next weekend I will be grinning (and grimacing) in my yard!
Sounds like it is time to put your feet up and rest... I mean stamp!

Ah I wondered where you were. Was hoping those babies were what was keeping you absent. Good to know you are still alive and well. Hugs!

New fence was all you had to say... that can take a lot more than a weekend! Sorry you didn't get to "enjoy" the wonderful Texas weather this weekend other than work, but at the end of the day getting all those "chores" done is a great feeling too! I say today should be a creative work day!

Can't wait to have enough sun here to get a sunburn. We just got 10" of snow last week to add to the 20" we got 3 days prior to that. Needless to say we are ready for Spring. Glad to hear your weekend was so productive. It's a pity it flies by so quickly!

Wow what a weekend you had! Reminds me that I should be doing som e outdoor acticiteis at our farm too, but I was cardmaking all weekend!
Have a nice week!

Wow! You've been a busy girl! It always feels good to get a lot done though...good for you! Happy Monday! PS. Sorry about your sunburn...I can literally feel your pain! Mine is driving me bonkers!!! :D

You were certainly busy! It must feel really great to be outside in the nice fresh Spring air. Maybe one of these days, it will warm up here and I can open windows, etc. :)

Whew! I need a rest after reading your list! I've been gone all weekend and was so... hoping for some calf news! Wishing you a great week!

Wow, you all have been busy! Glad you got the fence almost done, that has to be a relief! A new ladder for the chickens sounds great, too! We'll be hoping for some babies this week, then! Hope the little kid will be ok...poor baby. My daffodils are finally blooming, and we're getting frost tonight! GREAT :P
Have a wonderful week!

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