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I'm happy to hear that you weathered the storm, it was a tough one!! I'm also glad that the critters were okay too.

I keep studying the photo trying to figure out whats what...were they taken behind curtains or is that the window? TFS

So, this ought to get those Texas wildflowers to start blooming? Yes?
I saw the weather report last night and hoped that you would all be well. Dallas got quite the lightning storm. Take care.

Thank goodness the storms broke up before it got to us up here in northeast texas!! Glad you didn't float away!!

I'm glad you guys are ok, I was thinkin about ya!

WOW!! That is a whole lot o rain! LOLOL

Could you please communicate to Miss Dixie that alot of us "lurkers" on your Blog, are becoming increasingly impatient with her. I wish she'd get that labour in gear and get to pushing and shoving, and pushing, and more pushing that baby out of her :) We are all waiting to see if it's a boy or a girl! haaa ! As my DH would say, "She's just a typical woman, always taking her time and never in a rush". I guess with Dixie he may be somewhat correct --- SHHhh don't tell him I told you that though LOL

Keeping fingers crossed that this baby shows up this weekend, for yours and Alan's peace of mind =)

Oh wow, that was a frog strangler! What a lot of rain in no time flat...I sure hope you didn't get flash floods where you are. I'm sure someone got them! I'd say your pond is quite full now, I can't imagine...sure hope it's moved on through, and that you are safe and snug in bed. Hope you have a peaceful night...

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