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Ok, it's been over 24 hours since your last update . . . do you have a baby yet?!1 :D

Poor Dixie! She looks sooo uncomfortable. Come on Dixie, you can do it!! A little heiffer for Anna and Alan, if you please:)

Oh Anna, you are just hilarious!!! I was cracking up at the labeled (is that a word?) photos!
I'm starting to get anxious for that baby cow now too!!!!
Anette (snowmom13)

Oh wow! Any minute, huh? Poor Dixie, just pop it out already hun. You'll feel so much better! Good luck Anna and Alan!

i'm always reading your blog, now i can't be without writing , i'm very excited about the progress of Dixie, i show the pictures to my kids, now they are asking me if the baby has arrive.


Anna you crack me up... looks like we are doing the same thing today. I am going out every hour .. yes with camera in hand to check on my last Momma to be mini donkey. Cheyenne. Hopefully she isn't waiting until you head for bed! Full moon does bring out the babies!

Poor Dixie. I keep popping in over here to see if she's had any luck. Can't wait to hear the good news!

Oh Dixie, I feel I'm in labor with you. Come on girls you can do this! Anna, hang in there girl, "Cowlick" will be here when she gets here...

I love your posts (and photo's!) about Dixie!

~ Leonie ~

Your blog is so wonderful, Anna! I truly look forward to reading it. Go, Dixie, you have so many fans out here awaiting your baby's birth! I can't wait to hear the news.


Unbelievable!!! I think Dixie likes the attention and photo ops, LOL. I hope you get some rest today...as I'm writing this I'm thinking that you might be in the barn right now! Since she likes to tease she probably wanted you to get good and tired and then she would deliver her calf, teehee.

I'm a city girl so I find this very interesting. I also have sympathy pains for her. It's just taking soooo long.

Hoping she had some progress since this morning, had to come check up on her after worship. Having had two pretty small babies, I guess I would not be in a hurry to deliver a cow either, blessings that she has a safe and easy delivery.

Go Dixie!! I'm so excited, and I know nothing about cows!!! I love your blog, I feel like part of the family!!

Poor Dixie! I love the pix with all the little words describing everything! Too funny!

She is such a tease. I feel like I've been waiting forever! I can't wait to see the beautiful baby. Let's hope it's a girl so you can keep her!


Poor Dixie!!! I am glad you and Alan are watching her so closely in case she needs help. You both must be tired with little sleep. Maybe today she'll go "TA-DA is this what you're waiting for?". Hope it's a heifer so we can all watch her grow up and have calves of her own. TFS Ann

Jeez, this poor cow. She is looking at the camera saying -- get a grip people, privacy, a little privacy pleeeeez! Poor thing. She looks like she is just ready to lose the baby. Hopefully the absence of posts since 4:15 a.m. means she has a little one hobbling about by now. I hope. Thanks for the farm pictures. It is quite enlightening to us city girls!

Go Dixie, go Dixie, go Dixie!!!! Anna thanks for all those (very funny!) updates. Love your humor. Hope you are catching some zzzz's while you can. It sounds like today might be long one.

c'mon, Dixie!!! you can do it!
I am due with #4 this summer.. hope nobody is there to witness and photograph ooze and big nipples! hahahaha
it just cracks me up the way you put it.. great country humor!

Anna your the best! Its so much fun to read your blog as you keep us all updated on the upcoming birth of Dixie's baby. Its almost like we are right there with you and Alan! Makes me want to hop on a plane and come for a visit..:) Thank you for all your time updating your blog daily.


I feel as though I'm waiting for my best friend or sister to have a baby. The suspense is killing me and I typically can't stand animal deliveries! I've said it before - you help me see things through different eyes. I wish I was there to help sooth 'ol Dixie, pat her, rub her down, help her to stay calm. But I guess they do all of that on there own, don't they. Well anixously awaiting your next post - Good luck and Kisses to dixie.

Poor Dixie. How miserable she must be. I have gotten the biggest kick out of your pictures and little captions. You are the funniest girl! Can't wait to see the new baby pictures. I hope it's a girl!

I love all of your carefully labeled photos. Oh I cant wait to see pictures of this little GIRL> See Im thinking girl thoughts for you too. -Molly B

Well we both are celebrating new babies! My blog is launched well sort of and your dawdler is coming.I am sure Dixie is promising.

Anna, I am really excited - I love checking your blog for all the latest updates - plus your fabulous cards!!
It's like being on the farm with your regular updates - keep that camera ready girl, I want to see this new baby!!

Poor thing looks like she's READY for that EVIL SPAWN to be out of her. LOL Poor moo moo!

My Dixie is a 10lb terrier...a stark difference from your Dixie. LOL!

There is nothing like the excitement of a pending birth, I hope all goes well.

I may be a girl from Nebraska, but this is ALL new to me. Thanks for keeping us informed!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I AM SO EXCITED! I'm standing by at my computer waiting for the updates. I can't wait to see the new baby! I'll keep refreshing your blog to see all the details. Good luck to you and Alan and Dixie!! I hope it's a quick and easy delivery for Dixie.
Lots of hugs for you all.

Oh, looks like this is it! And I totally believe the full moon affects things!
I hope she has a swift and not-too-painful delivery. Been there done that! LOL With NO epidurals! Please be a heifer, please be a heifer....

What's the betting it's a bull with an udder that big! Boys really do put their moms through some trouble! LOL!
Hope all goes well & you're not checking every hour for too long.

Oh Anna...what a funny post. I love how you pointed out the bug...you're a hoot! Best of luck, and I'm anxiously awaiting the happy news!

Let's hope it is soon! Poor thing...I bet she's ready! Good luck!

Good luck!!

Go Dixie Go!
I am off to bed- hope to see a new baby when I wake up! (Ok Anna I will let you sleep bfore you post!)

Go Dixie!! You're not the only one working tonight. Course, I'm not having a baby - just a software release.

P.S. That is a fantastic photo! TFS.

Awe, I'm glad it's about to be over but I feel sorry for her too, all that pain! I'll say another prayer for her, the baby, you, and Alan in a few minutes. Thank you for the update, this is VERY exciting!!! Good night.


What a perfect night for a new baby. Come on Dixie!!!

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