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He is just one handsome boy!! :0)

I've been having computer (where's my sledgehammer?!) problems, so hadn't been by for awhile. How very nice to see Mister Farley when I dropped in. Love your photography and so looking forward to seeing Dixie's Critter one of these weeks.

hi Anna
I too love your blog and all your beautiful photos. You are so sweet and I love your cards. When are you getting married? I love Ribeye.

Great pic! I really enjoy your photos!

You have me checking your blog like a crazy stalker to see if you have any baby cows yet! I even went to youtube to see a live birth -- pretty cool!!

Mr. Farley is indeed a very handsome chap. Personality all over his face! I guess he's waiting for the newling to arrive also. Wonderful photos Anna - just breathtaking! I'm enjoying reading your blog so much. I think I would have done well living on a farm - everything seems so interesting...thanks for keeping us all posted.
Citified in Waco...

GOODness! Where is that baby cow? I wonder if Dixie has any idea how many people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little calf? Keep us posted! I'm living the vicarious farm life through your blog :) I truly enjoy reading your blog and seeing what all the critters are up to. Thanks for everything.

I so miss Mr. Farley! He is such a COOL puppy dog! And Miss Daisy, and you........ Love the photos of him. Now Miss Daisy please. :-)
I hope Dixie decides to put you out of your misery soon! Silly Cow!
Hey, we had snow this weekend. SNOW in April! What nutty weather. Almost 3" out at the house - we can thank the Coburg Hills for that extra bump into a colder atmosphere. Most of it was gone by 10am but it sure was fun to be looking at a winter wonderland on April 20th.
Take care and good luck on cow watch......


WOW, what a fabulous shot of the most handsome dog in the world, slobber and all!!

Wow Anna, fantastic light, a really great shot. I keep waiting to hear about babies :)

What a beautiful dog Mr. Farley is-great photo. tfs

Stunning Photo, just stunning. Mr. Farley is just such a handsome redhead :-)
Thank you for always sharing your amazing talents with the rest of us. You are truly inspiring to me every day!

What a beautiful handsome dog! I would love one like that. He kinda reminds me of the dog from Fluke, love that film.


What a sweetheart! He's gorgeous and I can see why Miss Daisy loves him!

It's not fair. When I run around and slobber no one takes my picture and think I look good. :)

Anna, I enjoy your photos, your designs and especially your updates on life of the farm!

Gorgeous doggie and photo! Your photo's are breath taking beautiful Anna...

xx, Inge

Oh my, that picture is gorgeous! Wow, you are such a talented photographer...Mr. Farley never looked better! He's SO handsome :D

how can that poor baby be in labor this long? maybe she needs a ride in my hubby's truck going around a hairpin curve to shock that babe out. It didn't work for me but ya never know!

Mr. Farley certainly is a looker -- drool and all!!

She must be an elephant in cow disguise and will be pregnant for many more months. Mr Farley is Handsome as usual......

Such a handsome fellow...TFS!

Beautiful picture of a handsome Mr. Farley Anna! Thanks for the update on Dixie.

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