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Great design Anna, great colour shaping on the balloon and fabulous detail in the borders. Great Styling.

I love your new set!!! So adorable! i have a question for you though -- is it possible to buy it anywhere else? Whipper Snapper charges $8.95 to ship this set and it doesn't cost a fraction of that amount to actually mail it. Do you know why there shipping costs are so high. It is such a bummer, because I would love to own this adorable set but I can't fathom paying twice the amount of actual shipping. It could go in a flat rate envelope for $4.60. I love your stamps but think WS could be holding back potential buyers for your stamps! Thanks for letting me voice this issue! Lisa

This is so super cute, love the bright colors!!

A great set ~ I am always in awe of your talent! I love everything that your Designers have come up with as well!!!

WOW! Look at you and all the design-y goodness! Congrats on the release of another great set! You continue to amaze...

What a fun set Anna! You are truely very talented and I am constantly being inspired by what you share. Thank you and congratulations on another great set! Now I can't wait to see pictures of the baby "birthday" calf!

WOW Anna these look yummerific!!! I SO want these!!

Congrats, Anna! This set is so cute! I will be ordering for sure!

OH! This looks like a great set! I'll have to check out everyone else's samples

I love your stamps. Your style is right up my alley and I can't wait to own them all! I don't own any yet, but someday...

love this set and loved what you made with it!!!!. one note though...i clicked on the set to go to the site to check on all of your fabulous work at Whipper Snapper and then I clicked on the "larger images". They are small and distorted and i can't tell what they look like at all :( I know they want to distort it and not make it big for copyright reasons but we need to be able to see it. Can't they put huge watermarks on them instead? The stamps sets are too cute and I want everyone to say.."Now I NEED that!" (Bo peeps sheep was actually smaller) Is it my computer or is it something amiss? Keep up the great work girl. And hope the babies are born SOON! Janet in nc

Congrats on another versatile set of stamps!

Love your new set Anna! I've been wanting a new cupcake and here we are with the works!!
I can't wait to get mine!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity! I ordered the set this morning and can't wait to get it. It will be added to my anna collection.

Anna - I love, love, love it!!! It's the perfect birthday set for ANYONE! Boy, girl, old, young... Can't wait to see more!
Any babies yet????????? =D

CONGRATULATIONS!! Another must have set. I love that cupcake it looks delicious! TFS.

This is so cute...but every time I see an email from you with "Happy Birthday" in the subject line, I'm thinking you have a NEW BABY!!! Stop That!!! No, I know we will find out the minute that baby, and the next, and the next, arrives!!! Snowed again this morning...come ON!! Jeanne in Idaho xo

Congratulations!! I think you card is so appropriate for your celebration! Love your images and your coloring!!!

Another wonderful set! Love the card too.

Any new farm animals yet?

Another great set Anna! Are you making any birthday cards for baby cows yet? -Molly B

You have truly outdone yourself! WOW!

Congratulations!! What a great set Anna!!! Those are the exact kind of balloons I have been looking for!!

What a cute new set, Anna (and adorable card)!

Yea....mmmmm...cupcakes! So fun, Anna!

Lovely card and the new stamps are great!

~ Leonie ~

This is what I have wanted and waited for in a cupcake image!!! And I love the big cake, too.

OMG! OMG!!! I am 3 sets behind...I just lovey this set! Adorable cupcake, cake, hat!!!! I am going to have to break down and purchase it!

You are SUPER talented with all your fantastic stamps!!! Another cutie pie stamp!!!

Yippee!! Another set and such a cute one! I love the bright and happy card you did today with the cupcake!! Love this set!!

OMWord! Anna this is such and adorable set!!!

These are beautiful Anna, congratulations!

Oh, I love it. I bought Bundle of Joy last month and can't put it down. Your images are the best!

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