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Oh my gosh! Your coloring amazes me EVERY SINGLE time!!!!! Such talent!

very pretty. The coloring is great!

Love this chubby owl! The card and the colors are wonderful! TFS!


Anna, The card is lovely, as a parent that does not want to be ah overly "gushy" I am a fan of your "period style" works. Many of your mothers treasures are of this era. On the subject of Dixie, Ladies, a watched pot never boils, and a good massage is always a good thing,as Martha might say. Love,always Dad

Very nice. I like how you stamped the flower on the dp too. Nice color scheme.

Anna, I'm smiling like the cat that ate the canary! You have really made my day, my friend! I am so thrilled that something made by little 'ole me was able to inspire you. How 'bout a *sneak peek* of your new set? ;)

Sneak peek, SNEAK PEEK, sneak PEEK, SNEAK peek!! Don't make me start a riot!! LOLOL

Very cute card! Love it!
Poor Dixie, I hope she's going to deliver soon. I think all of US are more miserable than SHE is! LOL She's just a happy cow, and we are all wringing our hands in anticipation! I'm sure you are racking up the hits on your blog! LOL :D

Love this!!! Your coloring is sooo rich and vibrant!

Very cute! I love all the little owls I've been seeing lately!

Your owl is too adorable! Love the coloring....as usual....!

I really expected to see baby cow pictures today!! Hope all is where in your part of the world with the bad storms and all. This card is super cute, and I love that owl!!

Hoo Hoo.. very cute card... I checked in to see Dixie's baby, waiting to see. We did not have such great luck with our second baby this week, very sad. I am so looking forward to seeing your little one to make me smile.

He is so cute.....absolutely love it!!!

Cindy C.

Love the card!!!! I am loving all the owl images....they are all just so great, it makes it tough to decide on which to get.

I can't believe that Dixie still hasn't had her baby yet!!!! I keep checking in to see if there is news........come on sweetie, deliver that baby...you'll feel so much better once it's done ;)

I just read on my homepage that Texas was hit with bad winds, possibly tornadoes. Are you guys okay??????


Owls are so "in" right now. Your card is divine. And a message to Dixie, Deliver Already! My goodness she's taking her sweet time.

Your coloring is so amazing!! Great card!

Another cute little owl! Love the card!!

Fabulous! And I agree with you...Becky is wickedly talented. I declare myself her #1 fan!

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