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I feel like I'm looking in a mirror! :D

anxiously awaiting the baby calf right along with you!

p.s. and the Mister Farley photo is WONDERFUL!!!!

WOW, she makes me uncomfortable just looking at her! How can she even walk? I sure do hope she delivers soon for everyone's sake (especially her own).

Wow!!!!!! I can not believe that Dixie still hasn't had that baby yet!!!! I check the blog often to see if there are any updates.......my husband is having lots of fun teasing me about it too ;) What a great picture though........it goes so perfectly with the song lyrics.

What a gorgeous photo of Mister Farley. He is so handsome. Poor Dixie. If you think you are inpatient....how do you think she must feel!!!

That picture is TOO FUNNY! You are cracking me up...my hubby is a Vet, and said you'll need to milk out those teats a bit, so the baby can get enough colostrum...I'm sure Alan knows what to do!!! That Dixie, she is becoming a real blog celebrity! I love it :D

Right Said Fred! I haven't thought of that song for ages! Taking her sweet time isn't she?! Love that look on her face. Great picture of Farley! He is beautiful!

Oh, my....I am laughing so hard...Michelle cracked me up with her...dun dun dun...tune in tomorrow to see if Dixie had her baby....

We took a drive in the "country" this afternoon and I had to share Dixie's story with my husband:) She's "famous" and doesn't even know it!

Come on Dixiegirl...bring on the BABY!!

I think Dixie is sticking her tongue out at all of us and telling us to get a life, haha. I wish you all a peaceful night. TFS.

What a magnificient photo of Dixie in ALL of her glory :) Geesh how much longer can she hold out on us? Should we start placing some "bets" like a human baby's birth ~~ guess Dixie's delivery date, time, sex, and weight of baby :0)
Can't wait to see everything, as hopefully she'll wait until you and Alan are in the area with a camera ready to shoot.

Thanks for sharing about Dixie. I agree with everyone above totally! Poor big Mama - but that being said, I am excited to see her progress and the baby calf! Go Dixie!

Oh my that photo with caption is a scream!
Man this has been the cliff hangers of all mini series!
dun dun dun... tune in tomorrow to see if Dixie had her baby....
Meanwhile at the Donkey farm Cheyenne is still calm, and eating so she is good for the night but what will Monday bring... dun dun dun!
=) will check in with you in the morning!

I get such a kick reading about Dixie. She's so cute. Hope she delivers soon for everyone's sake.

OMG! That poor thing. Just look at those dark circles under her eyes. This is very hard on her inspite of the treats. She must be feeling so impatient with this wayward calf, who's obviously too comfortable on the inside. You need to have a serious talk with that little heifer! Typical gal - always late...

I have been in her place (or at least felt like that!!)

I think she is cuter than I ever was THAT preggo!!

i wonder if she is carrying twins? she has enough milk ready for triplets!


I can only imagine how uncomfortable she is! I'll bet she's as anxious to see that baby as the rest of us are! Hang in there Dixie (and Alan and Anna...)!

Poor thing...she looks like she's ready to pop!! ;0)

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