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I giggle at Buggies too. It is like when people call underwear "knickers" TeeHeeHee!

When I hear someone say "buggy" instead of "cart" that just cracks me up. I live in St. Louis and we call it a cart. I think buggy is a southern thing.

Have you tried the banana split oreos? They're definitely weird, and way too sweet, couldn't even pawn those off on the little ones. I'll stick to double stuff from now on...

super cute card Anna!! I too got these Oreos - love the regular ones and thought these just looked oh so good!! :)

I love the owl stamp! Where are those from...well...you probably designed them :) ...but where are they sold?

Oh this is just too cute. So many things could be happening here. Ü

I won't speak for others but here in Mass. my DH and I refer to them as carriages. That term is probably appropriate since you often see babies and toddlers in them, as well as groceries, lol.

Love your card!! I think that the owl on the left looks surprised by something that was asked by the owl on the right. I'll leave that up to your imagination, since children also read your blog :)

Those owls are too cute!! Ugh on the Oreos ~ I think I'm the only human that doesn't like them. The only way I can eat them is crushed & made into a crust for say.....a chocolate pie, or cut into chunks & added to ice cream. I just cannot stand an Oreo straight....not regular, not strawberry, not even if it had a little rum in it :)

Oh, & I'm in the midwest, as you know & we do NOT call our carts "buggies". We call them carts. I think the only place I've heard them called that is England??

Go Dixie!!!!!!

Very cute little owls! I am probably the only wierd one of the bunch..ever since I was a little kid, my mom would get Oreos for me thinking I liked them. No, couldn't stand them...I would pull them apart and eat the frosting and throw the cookie part away! I told you I was wierd:)

Now I will have to check out those strawberry Oreos to see if they jump in my shopping cart (that's all I've ever heard them called in MN). But I must warn you, if I like them, they will soon disappear - that's what happens with whatever I get hooked on...the Jelly Bellys that were chocolate inside with their flavors on the coating...Pringles corn chips - yes, stackable corn chips...Fresca, but at least that came back.

Awesome card, Anna. I love the look on both of the owls faces. The sewing is so great too! As usual...a work of art!

He definately looks guilty of something! The expressions crack me up too! Who makes this stamp Anna? With two boys in the house, it may need to make its way into my collection! ;-)

Your coloring as usual makes the card something really special!


Lol,he definitely looks guilty!! Cute card!
Shhhhhh I call them a buggy too,lol!

I love the owl card...I hope Daisy has had her calf by now and those cookies look so great. I had double stuffs for breakfast today. Yummy. Thanks for the inspiration.

Happy Birthday Alan! My husband's B-day is today! I've had those Oreo's too! Who doesn't love Strawberry and Chocolate!!! :) Cute Card Too!

Such a cute card! I just love those owls!
Even in the *lower* South we call them buggies! That's funny! I never even thought about it until you just mentioned it!

I seriously believe that these new Oreo's have springs on them! They jumped into my "cart" last week here in Ohio! They were just ok for me. I planned on giving them a second chance until Moose, our Lab, grabbed them & enjoyed the rest! He loves them if his opnion counts!
I think Dixie will wait till Thursday for Alan to share his b-day cake with her as a double celebration. Maybe you should start a pool, like a football pool? lol

I think it could be titled "Whooo dun it"

Very cute



I agree with the "tooting" comments, love the owls. Also just saw the strawberry oreos in Milwaukee last weekend and they jumped in the cart for my hubby (never take husbands grocery shopping). He opened them last night and it seems the center is softer than the other flavors, but two is the limit for me!


I have to agree to your previous commenters. The left owl has the "deer in the headlights' look and the right owl is thinking "Did he just toot?".

This is the only blog I hvae to read. I get great stamping ideas, view superb photos, experience farm life AND learn Oreos has a new flavor! Thanks Anna, you're the best!

Does make you wonder what he has been up to... BTW- you hear buggy in the South, also! I notice another comment regarding "soda" and "pop." Well, in the South it is a "coke" regardless of the company that produces it.

That's hilarious, because I just had a conversation with my mom YESTERDAY about a friend of mine from florida who calls carts buggys and how much it made me laugh the first time I heard her say it! It was like the "Who's on First?" Joke:
her: "Angie, will you grab a buggy?"
me: "A WHAT?"
her: "A Buggy."
me: "A Cart?"
her: "No, a buggy"
me: "A Buggy?"
her: "Yes, a Buggy."
me: "Oh, a cart!"
her: "Yes, a buggy!"
My friend and I still laugh about it!

Oh my goodness, you are so right, I wish I new what is was all about, LOL. You did a wonderful job of coloring and I like the machine stitching. TFS.

Oh how stinkin' cute...love those owls! Hugs!

Cute card!
Those Oreos fell in my cart the other day too. Yummy!!!
Isn't it funny about the different words people have in differnt parts of the US for the same thing? I work in a grocery store and here in MN they call the plastic bags "sacks". Can I put that in a sack for you? I had never heard that before I moved to MN - it always cracks me up. Another one is Pop and Soda- we always say Pop, but I know alot of people say Soda.
By the way, someone should tell Dixie that the longer she keeps that baby in her,the bigger it will be and the harder it'll be to squeeze out! LOL!

Yum! Better than double stuff is taking the top cookie off of 2 double stuffs ... then sandwiching those together to make a quadruple stuff. mmmmmm mmmmmmm good!

On the owls ... the guilty one on the right is saying "whooooo me"?, when being accused of being the gas passer. hahaha. VERY cute card!

Yum! Better than double stuff is taking the top cookie off of 2 double stuffs ... then sandwiching those together to make a quadruple stuff. mmmmmm mmmmmmm good!

On the owls ... the guilty one on the right is saying "whooooo me"?, when being accused of being the gas passer. hahaha. VERY cute card!

Maybe Mr. Owl just swallowed the last bite of Oreo that Mrs. Owl said had 'fallen into her buggy' at the store! I have never heard shopping carts referred to as buggies before, but my husband talks about "corraling the silver ponies" (delivering the shopping cart to the cart containment area in the parking lot).

Hey, is Dixie's baby stuck or something? She looks sooo ready and miserable. Poor mama!

HEY! Those FELL INTO MY CART TODAY, TOO! Yummmmmmmmmmm!

This is just too funny! There should be a little smoke rising from behind your little owl on the left! Hahaha! Well I grew up in Cananda and I call them shopping buggies. Now that I'm a transplant I call them carts and sometimes baskets! But what's in a name...as long as the Oreo's found their way into your "shopping apparatus" who cares! Are they good? I'll have to look for them. Oreo's don't last long in our house, but then nothing that resembles any cookie lasts long in our house!
I've been on your blog 100 times today to see how Dixie is coming along! Sheesh! She is the most famous cow in all of creation right now! You'll have to make an announcement on the local tv station when she has that baby! It must weigh 9000 pounds by now! Come ON Dixie...

those oreos hopped into my cart. like you, double stuff are the best. have tried other flavors in the past but wasn't impressed.

these cookies are awesome although the filling is a little sweet. can't eat more than 2 at one sitting. but the best thing is the strawberry taste reminds me of strawberry nestle quik. i loved that when i was a little girl.

might have to buy some to share with my card making girlfriends this weekend on our annual crafting retreat.

ha ha! I have to agree about it seeming the owl on the left passed gas! inquiring minds want to know if the oreos are good?! that's funny about the buggies - I called them that (originally from CA) a few times and I think I said wagon a few times too and DH who grew up in TX made fun. now I call them shopping carts!

Yup, he's guilty of somethin'...but oh so cute! Great little card!

CUTE card!! So, are the Oreos good? And speaking of shopping carts...my husband is Australian and they call them trollies! It just cracks me up. We both speak english but you'd wonder sometimes if you were to listen to our conversations ~ some of the names they call things are hilarious!! Come on Dixie, everyone is waiting to see your baby!!!

Maybe it is because I live with an 11 yr. old boy--but it looks like the owl on the left farted and the owl on the right is a little annoyed. Yeah, I need to get out more.

Regardless--this is such a cute image and I love the way you colored them. I also think the crazy sewing suits this card!

I am beginning to think Dixie is a Diva--and waiting for the *perfect* time! LOL!

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