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and you're right, i read your blog with my 2 kids (4 and 3 years old) we enjoy to read about animal and see the pictures.


Very cool post, Anna, TFS! I'Lean...that is just hysterical, I love it! You've got us hooked and we'll keep checking back with you. Have a great day!

I show my two the animal pictures all the time. They've been on the baby cow watch with me too! They ask, when they see me on the computer, did "that cow" have her baby yet?! Poor Dixie!!

I have a sweet little bunny myself and they are totally irresistable...what was Alan thinking? Of course you were taking it home! And a one legged what? I bet that's a sight! and I see you picked an appropriate name for her...

Thanks for sharing life on the farm! The girls and I do enjoy keeping up with what is going on- both of my DD would start a farm and/or zoo in the confinements of our privacy fence if hubby and I would allow it. We already have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rats and a gerbil named Daisy! It's nice to let them live vicariously through your blog!

My kids and I love your pictures of the farm animals. And their stories also. Living in the suburbs we don't get much exposure to these types of animals. Thanks for the other links. They will be fun to watch. Only problem will be convincing my kids that they can't have a duck or chicken.

Just look at what you've started sweet Anna!
You are teaching people of all ages about farm life, I think that is a magnificent thing to do. Lollie looks sooo happy, and I'm happy for him. Keep up the GREAT work and TFS.

still no calves???????? sheesh.

thanks for sharing the photo of your bunny. :) the kids would like one, but i'm not going to keep a rabbit in a cage, glad yours gets to run around outside. how do you keep them from digging out under the fence?

thanks for the UNL site! that's where i went to college. we live South of Lincoln now.


Oh man, still no baby cow eh?? I've been checking everyday with same anticipation as you and Allan...lol Poor Dixie...shes probably like, "oh lord, I'm NEVER letting a bull near me again!"....lol

Lollie is so sweet and so lucky to be so well taken care of!!

Lollie sure is a pretty gal! Her fur looks so soft and velvety!

Cool, UNL is where my husband works! I didn't know they had the duck cam, but it's bookmarked now..how sweet! I just love little ducks! I couldn't get the other one, but I hope others did. Now if Dixie will just push that baby out... We can all rest peacefully, knowing her duty is done and she can begin mothering! :D

I'm a kid at heart and LOVE reading your blog. I'm a city slicker moved into a small town and went to my first County Fair 2 years ago. I have a real fascination with the little and big farm critters.....I can't WAIT to see your baby calfs...(that is what they are called?). Soon, right???

Nice to see a picture of Lollie, all grown up. I move my Wiskers out of the hutch during the day into a fenced in area, and she loves it. Don't trust her out there during the night though, we have owls and fox in our meadow.

Thanks for those links!
I am one of those moms who look at your farm photos with her kids. THEY LOVE THEM!!

What a beautiful picture of Lollie!! Of course I don't believe you've ever taken anything BUT a fantastic photo of any of the fur children on the farm :) Just love everything you share with us!

I "read" your blog with my 2 year old DD. She LOVES to look at all the pictures of your animals....we head over to your photography gallery almost daily too. I don't know who enjoys the pictures more, my daughter or me :) I LOVE the cows.......if I could get away with having one as a pet I would....but somehow I don't think my neighbors in my NJ suburb would be too pleased *wink*

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