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Shooot......that's adorable!
Ya wanna come fishing? Come visit me! ;)
Salmon, halibut....crab....shrimp....we have it all...and the scenery to match!

very cute Anna.
love the colors

Very funny post! I know just what you mean! I used to watch people catch CARP out of the TN River, and think OMGosh, you are NOT going to EAT that! BLEAH!!!
Love your duck, too cute!
Have a great weekend...hope some babies arrive! :D

Cute card, poor duck, hope he didn't have to eat the boot.

This is so cute! I love the duck catching a boot...great idea!

This card is adorable! I had the same wariness of Texas rivers when I lived there. After growing up in the Land of 10,000 lakes I couldn't image dipping my toes into water that wasn't clear.

Maybe mom and I should clear out the extra bedrooms and open a bed and breakfast/ guide service. With your glowing tributes and all of my boats a good time would be had by all! However, I only know of two or three lakes where a Duck has been seen using a boot as bait. All secret spots of course. Love, Dad

Anna, you create some of the most wonderful scenes!! I always want to be in them, they're so peaceful and happy places. You never cease to AMAZE me, I love your style and I love Rosie's also. TFS.

I love RR, too! You create the cutest scenes with them!!

oh, i'm with him. so many boots, so little time! lol!

This is just too cute for words! Love it, TFS!

I love the expression on Booker's face!! What a cute card! Clean and fresh looking!

That's just too cute. Better than snagging a log, though.

Oh, but this is cuuuuuuuute.
I love RR stamps, but have NEVER treated myself. It is on the To DO list for a birthday, I am thinking... the list is sooooo long of what I love! And you do an AWESOME job of showcasing them, Anna, with your excellent design and superb coloring. I feel lucky to get to see your creations! Thanks!

Last time we saw Booker, he was sitting on a cushy chair in the living room, wasn't he? He does a lot of sitting around and looks so good doing it! Such a cute "story" card. Like your Anna font too!

This is super cute!! Great choice in colours!

RR DOES = Pure JOY!!!
Oh my goodness, not only did I get the $100 in free stamps but then I had to go and buy MORE!! Uhhhh HELLO!! Can you say PROBLEM? Oh my goodness...LOL
Your card ROCKS! :)

Super CUTE! makes me giggle!

Your cards are always so enjoyable! Love the coloring and the simplistic nature of your layouts. Love them.

oh my gosh Anna, this is just too to cute. I love it. I could see me pulling a boot up out of a pond. That is what we mainly fish in around here. Too cute.

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