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Yay! A great birthday for Alan!

OMgosh, she sure is gorgeous and worth the wait! So sweet!

How ador-a-bull...no, that wouldn't be right, how ador-a-belle! Belle!

She's a cutie! And Happy Belated Birthday to Alan too!

Congratulations Dixie, Anna, and Alan! She's a beauty!

Yeah!! I too have been checking to see when she would have that baby! Congrats to you both Anna, and having it on Alan's birthday way to go Dixie!!

Happy Birthday Alan!!

What a cutie! I have to go with "Brown eyed girl". I just love that song by Van Morrison. You are so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful creatures. No matter what name you give her, she is wonderful!

Yayyyyyy!!! the baby's here!



awwww, she's so sweet! And poor Dixie! That Udder is hu-mon-gous, if it gets any bigger she's gonna be dragging the ground! That calf should grow big and quick by the looks of her meals. She looks like sweet black licorice... Happy Birthday Alan! What a great gift Dixie gave you!


What a wonderful birthday present for Alan. She's precious.

"Way to go....DIXIE"
What a precious new baby!!!
*Nice Birthday gift!!
Adorable...Thanks for the update
and the wonderful photos!!


Finally! That little lady took a long time to have that baby!! She has been keeping me on pins and needles :) What a little sweetie!
And Happy Birthday to Alan too!!!

Darn, I missed the birth! I've been checking to see how Dixie is doing daily, but didn't check in the last couple of days! I just loved your postings of her last days before birth! Such anticipation! Great photos of the bambino! Can't wait to show my dh. He'll enjoy this!

YAY!!! I was afraid she had changed her mind!! What a gorgeous little heifer! I guess I know what the daddy looks like!!

Ohhhh....I've been checking your blog on a daily basis wondering when poor Dixie would finally deliver!Big congrats to you all...and what a wonderful gift on Alan's birthday!Can't wait to see what the little guys name is going to be.Keep posting those pictures....I just love your animals!

Shew - I'm so relieved. I've been on pins and needles. Thanks for letting us enjoy the suspense. Congratulations!

Yaaaayy, it's about time !!! I've been c hecking daily. I love reading everything on your blog, but especially love all the animal stuff. I'm a sucker for animals!

Happy B'day to Alan, too. What a cool day for the calf to be born. A very special gift!!

How adorable! CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is beautiful!!!

Congrats to all...I thought that calf would never come! Look at everybody else following the travails of Dixie! And thank gawd my boobs never got that big...ha ha!

As the page was loading just now I was thinking "Cow? No cow? Cow?" how GLAD I was to see that the answer was COW! Go Dixie! Congratulaitons, and what amazingly beautiful photos.

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing!


I have been waiting and now this little one is here.

So sweet...


Whoo HOO!! Congratulations to Mama Dixie and the new calf!! What a cutie!

Oh, she is so pretty and sweet! Way to go, Dixie!!!! Congratulations on your newest addition. It has been SO fun waiting on the baby. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!! I feel like I should be making a baby card and send a shower gift:)

woo-hoo - glad it all 'worked out' alright! :) Happy Birthday, Alan!

That Dixie is the smart one. She didn't even have to go out and buy Alan a present. She hand made one. Congrats!!!! Oh,........and Happy Birthday to Alan. Wish I was comin for supper! Yum....Enjoy!

ok, i read the link, and Daisy is SO MUCH prettier than the cow on the website, who just looks like a plain old Angus. Daisy's picture should be on a Dexter website.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALAN AND THE LITTLE ONE! omigosh, what a total cutie-pie! just look at those big eyes and that darling nose. :) it is so great that you don't seperate calves from their mothers. i am so happy for you...and Daisy! :)))))

i agree that Ali would be a great name!


Woo Hoo!!! I'm so glad it's a girl. I hope baby and momma are doing well. Happy Birthday to Alan, too!

Woo Hoo! Congratulations Dixie and Happy Birthday Alan! What a wonderful day it is on the farm!! So happy for all of you.

Yeah! Fantastic! Finally! Good for Dixie!

So beautiful! I want to snuggle it!!!

When will the naming happen? Do you have a system for your naming, will you have a naming contest?

Congratulations Dixie!

Congratulations to everyone----Dixie must be SO RELIEVED that it's over and Happy Birthday to Alan! I grew up in the city, so this is my first exposure to farm animals. I'm thinking this will inspire a new stamp set!!

Congrats on the new baby girl!! Happy Birthday Alan. Yahoo we get to see this little gal grow up and have little ones of her own. TFS Ann

So sweet! Happy Birthday to Alan. How are you going to celebrate? Anxious to hear what the name will be.
Denise G

Awwww! She's beautiful! Can't wait for more pics and what you're going to name her. So glad she will be staying with you. Congratulations! Linda

She's precious! Congratulations.

congrats the watch pot is now done and it is so cute...

I've been avidly following the Dixie story and was thrilled to see pix of the baby this morning. I can't wait for my son to come home so he can see, too. Life on the farm seems so cool to me. Maybe I'm just tired of the city rat race! Anyway, congratulations, happy birthday to Alan, and thank you for one of the most fun blogs out there!

Cute ~ Cute ~ Cute!! What a great birthday present! So glad mother and baby are doing well.

congrats!!! She looks so sweet!!! :D

YaaBaaDaaBaaDOOOOO ! I was so pleased to see the heading of your post and thank you Anna, for the adorable pictures :) Glad to hear all is well and that Mom is nursing and getting that baby full of good stuff.
Now the huge question will be ~ what are you going her? Hmmm what about Aleena :)

And finally! What a cutie! Way to go, Dixie!!! Congratulations, Anna and Alan!

Yeah, Anna! This means you get to keep Dixie's chicklet if it's a heifer, right? Happy Birthday to Alan, and congrats to you and Dixie.

Seeee? Dixie was waiting for the perfect BIRTH-day!!! To share with Alan. Yay! Good girl, Dixie! I love this - what a precious baby!!! Kiss him/her on the nose for me, will ya!? Oh! How exciting!! No wonder Alan is beaming!! Love from (sunny, snowy, chilly) Idaho xoxo

yea, Dixie! what a trooper, she even delivered without y'alls assistance! can't wait to find out the sex (is it too early to tell) whatever it is - it's a CUTIE! love that pic

How wonderful - and on a stormy night too! Bet she was just waiting for one! Maybe you could call her baby "Stormy"???

Anyway - congrats and HB to you DH! What a nice present Dixie gave him!

Thanks so much, Anna, for posting the pictures; all of the "aunties" out here in the cyberworld have been so preoccupied with our Ms. Dixie. Such great news.

my dd, Queen V (5 years old) says to call her Caroline! (it's the favored name for the girls for our baby to come.. not that we know if it's a boy or a girl.. I love a good surprise! lol!

awesome!!! I am so happy! must have been the storms we had- you got tromped last night! wow!!! I told my kids to pray for all of you and the animals!!! They kept jumping out of bed for all the lightning we had around here!!!! we didn't get 6" of rain but the kids' boat float is FULL of water now.. it was dry yesterday afternoon!!

Happy Birthday to Allan and Dixie's baby!!! What are you guys going to call her??

I'm comment #65, so I don't expect anyone to read this. I did post an earlier comment before I knew it was a girl. So my two cents worth is - WOOOOHOOOOO it's a GIRL!!!! Good job Dixie. Gotta name for this one? I think you should call her Nala! That's Alan spelled backwards...

Awwwwwwwww! What a cutie pie! I just love the babies. :)

Well, finally, a big congrats to everyone. And a very happy birthday to Alan. Sounds like you have a great dinner planned, but a very busy time around there. Thanks for the adorable pics.

Yea!!! How cute to have the baby on your honey's birthday!! If you're taking name suggestions, other than naming him after Alan, my four-year-old (who's been checking every day with me to see if the baby came yet) said to name him "milkshake"!
Congrats and Happy Birthday to your honey!

Oh! My! Gosh!!!!! Adorable!!!! Congrats, I know you've been waiting and waiting and waiting!!! Can't wait to hear the name!!!!!

Congrats to you all! She is adorable! Let us know the name, when one is decided on.

YEA!! Congratulations, I have been checking my E-mail 4-5 times a day, just waiting for the news. I was raised on a farm until I started grade school and I love seeing all your pics and articles. Brings back such great memories. Keep the pics coming, and let us know the name you have picked out.

Sooooo cute!!

Happy Birthday Alan!! :)

Happy B'day Alan!! Way to go Dixie,finally!!
She's so cute!! Great pics girl!

Yea!!! Congratulations to Dixie...and you guys too! What a birthday gift for Alan! What an adorable baby...I love cows. They have the most gorgeous eyes...and those lashes! Mmmmwwwwahhh!! Kiss the baby for me!

Wonderful pictures!

Oh what wonderful news! So glad that mama and baby are doing fine! Congrats! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN! Eat lots of cake!!!

Wow!!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday Alan! Great photos. Thanks for posting the progress, it was fun to watch.

Congratulation - We raise Angus cattle and I love the birthing. Right now we are having 1 or 2 calves a day. I try to see as many born as I can. One of our show cows is due any day so I'm keeping an eye on her. This is what I love about the farm life. Nancy

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm delighted that Dixie has finally given birth. I, too, must admit that I have been checking on, probably, an hourly basis or so waiting for this day to finally arrive. The pictures are cute and I can't wait to see more. And a Happy Birthday to Alan too. What a great gift!

YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!! FABULOUS photo, Anna!! The calf is beautiful like her mama. I sure hope it's a female and I can't wait to hear what you name it, you're so good at that.
I also hop we have more births to anticipate because this was so much fun and very informative. TFS and HUGS to all.

Yeah! Way to go, Dixie! I am so glad you got a little heifer. Are you going to have a naming contest? That would be fun.

City Girl here....ok.....what is a heifer?? Boy or girl.....
I can't wait to tell Doug that Dixie had her baby....I've even had HIM checking!!! How exciting....I hope Dixie relaxes today and takes it EZ. What a cool birthday present for Alan.....I bet you are both so excited and relieved that the baby is finally here!! Congrats !!
We'll be checking for more baby pictures!!

Congratulations Dixie!!!!
Happy Birthday Alan!

How beautiful is that? I grew up on a farm. It brings back memories. Your photo captures the moment beautifully. :)




Yippee!!! Way to go Dixie! Happy Birthday to Alan!! :D

What a great present for Alan's birthday! How cute is that little baby. Way to go indeed Dixie.

Happy birthday to your hubby!!! He looks like a very nice man from his picture!!! And congratulations on the birth of Dixie's baby. Is is a boy or a girl? Either way, it's so adorable. Please keep us posted with pictures!
ps love the farm card!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Alan! The baby is so cute!

Dixie wanted to give Alan a special birthday present! Way to go Dixie! And Happiest of Birthdays to you Alan!


Congratulations to Dixie! What a pretty baby, and how exciting it has been for me to check back here several times a day to see how she is progressing. Thanks for sharing her (and your entire farm) with us all, it's fun to visit your blog no matter what the subject!

Well don't keep us in suspense! What is it?

Yeah!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! What a great birthday present!

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Way to go Dixie, what a cute calf!!



AWWWEEEEE..she(?) is so adorable! Happy Birthday Alan. What an awesome present. How the new mommy? Feeling a bit light I am sure. I am so excited for you all. congratulations! Janet in nc

I think you should name her Stormy!!
Congrats Anna and Alan.........

Yipppeeeeeee! Welcome to the new baby. I too have been checking the site a few times a day waiting on that new arrival. How fun is this!!!

YEah, YEAH, YEAH!!!! Boy or girl???? Ü

Well....what is it??????

What a precious baby! Congrats, Dixie!

Yea!!!! Hip hip hoooray! What a beautiful little baby cow Dixie made. Finally...I was gettin' a little worried about her. Happy Birthday to Alan!

Whoo hoo! Congratulations! How funny - our mama donkey gave birth on my cousin's birthday in February. So now the baby is named Larry in his honor. LOL Will we see more pics of Alan Jr? Hee hee hee!

Yippppeeeee! Happy Birthday to Alan and the new baby!!

ROCK ON DIXIE....I've been checking everyday...throughout the day ... waiting on this sweet little baby to get here... HOORAY !! Happy Birthday to Alan too !

Oh, he/she is cute! Congrats to new mom! :-)

Yippie! My gosh Dixie sure does know how to deliver a gift doesn't she?! Can't wait for more pics! -Molly B

*She* looks so sweet! I'm sure it will be a little girl so she and Alan can celebrate birthdays every year! She can have a big cow cookie with a candle on top! Any other babies waiting in the wings?

Yay!!! Congratulations. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Enjoy (and Happy Birthday to Alan)!

Oh my gosh...how exciting! Adorable.


ok.ok. I'll admit it. I've been checking multiple times a day just to see if Dixie has had her baby yet. Can't help myself. I showed the picture to my 3 year old who is home sick. He said "awwww cute". Then just for fun, we got to discussing what we think it should be named and he decided... Herman if it's a boy and Chloe if it's a girl. We hope mama and baby are doing well!!

Oh how adorable!!!!

What a cool gift!!!
(BTW--I have never been this excited over the birth of a calf before!! LOL!)

Great Pic--Can't wait to show the kids when they get home!

Well FINALLY!!!! Happy birthday Alan. Well is it a boy or girl?

Wonderful news, the baby is beautiful. can't wait to hear a name and find out if we have an Alan Jr., lol

Oh my gosh...this is photo is an award winner!

Congratulations!!!! Is it a boy or a girl? Can't wait to see more pictures.

How exciting! I've been checking in on your blog several times a day to see when the blessed event occurred. Congrats to everyone and Happy Birthday wishes to Alan! ~chris

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