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OOh fun..love blog candy. Not sure how much of it is a technique...but I love using my spica pens...I love that they just that little amount of sparkle..even if you use them everywhere!

I am in love with crafty secrets. Wish I could afford one of everything :) Your animals are so cute. I love reading about them.

I've been into distressing lately, that rugged aged look. I really like your card with the Kewpie kids, too cute!

I haven't tried flocking and am getting interested in starting a project that uses it. Your blog is wonderful and your photos and creations are adorable.



I really am into the distressed look right now - inked edges, sanding, etc. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!

I've been trying to learn different stamping techniques. I've also been trying to use glitter, masking and paper piecing in my projects,

Love your work.

Janet B

It's funny you mention doing "real" sewing on your cards. That is also what I have been drawn to lately, too. Having my sewing machine right next to my craft table & a small assortment of neutral thread at hand has made it easy to add a little stitching here and there. I keep thinking I'd like to make use of some of my more decorative stitches.

I am spending time organizing photots and journaling. Looking at some of the older photos and making sure the remaining stories are told
Thanks for blog candy

I've been so busy cleaning up the cow poop around the bottom of your pedestal that I almost missed the candy! It's so much easier just to polish when you're stamping away brilliantly...
Lately I've been using 3-D crytal lacquer. I put it on windshields of snowmobiles and trucks. I put it on this huge vase after I color pencil it, so it looks like glass. It is a far cry from my usual boring brown and VINTAGE (hint, hint) stamping, but I occassionally need to hop out of my rut.

Please enter me! Thanks for sharing your goodies. Lately I am drawn mostly to simple, clean designs with few embellishments. It's a hard style to get quite right...I never know when to quit. Thanks.

I have been working at my gamasol magic technique. It's coming along better, I guess practice does help. LOL
Oh by the way. Thanks for all the great farm pics!! :)

I so love your blog..I love all of your animal pictures. I really love doing colored pencil coloring and using gamasol (sp)..I just love how it softens the colors. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Thank for all your wonderful creativity, I also enjoy visiting your site.
I really am drawn to the stitching techniques, real or faux.
Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!!!!


I love to use gamsol. This is my new thing!

Thanks for the chance to win these adorable images. I love the birds and botanicals best. Not sure if it's a technique but just got a ScorPal and those score lines sure make things look nice and crisp. Love to come visit your blog & thanks for sharing. Sandra

I am tending to "create" my own background paper by stamping it with a pattern or random stamp pattern. It allows to have any color background paper I need.

Love these vintage images! So cute!

If this is a technique then it's Copic coloring. I have hardly used another coloring medium since getting them!

I love embossing with embossing powders and mixing my own colors.
[email protected]

I've been soooo drawn to using Nestabilities with their cool embossed edges, that I bought some! Also intrigued about stitching on cards, but not with my Bernina! LOL

Hi Anna!

I love your sewing...but I coulndn't thread a sewing machine for love or money! My favorite technique is embossing, and I learned about resist embossing today so am going to try that!


Very cute...Well I am kinda new to crafting so I am just now getting into adding glitter to my cards...And brads are a fav of mine too!
Thanks for the chance at great blog candy!

adorable card! I've been doing a lot of layering lately using 'vintage' paper (pages from discard encyclopedias as well as stamping with large foam stamps. Yes, sounds odd but the look is great!

OOps! I forgot to leave my latest technique. I have been using my cuttlebug a lot now that I finally have one! I have been cutting and embossing every card. I loved the technique from Julie Buehler's page that shows rolling ink with a brayer over the indented side of your cuttlebug embossing folder. It makes a very unique impression on the paper!

My style is pretty simple. I do like faux stitching and lately I've been doing some designs using bits of patterned paper to add dimension and color on stamped images. Love the new Crafty Secrets Journal Notes. So many possibilities! Thanks for the blog candy opportunity!

Jane R

I just bought some H2Os and I love em. I stamped my Thomas Kincade stamps and I am having a field day coloring them in. Thanks for the blog candy.
Retired Heather aka Heather Fullerton

I love those vintage images too. They are so darling! I would love to win that blog candy. But either way it's always nice to say hello to you! :) Thanks for all your great entries! I love visiting your blog. And thanks again for the wishes for my hubby who shares his birthday with Alan and Miss Dixie Cup. Hee hee

I love your projects, they are so inspiring! Lately I have been working on some soldering on my projects. I love to add metal and glass on my projects so I'm playing with my new soldering kit and slides to custom make my own findings.
[email protected]

I love to use 'fake'-stitching! LOL! I don't have a sewingmachine and by hand it's not my kind of thing :)

~ Leonie ~

Hi! Thanks for this opportunity! I wish I could come visit your farm! I don't know if I am doing anything new on my cards but something I just can't get away from is the distressed/antique look with inks & chalks and sometimes tears! (not crying tears but paper tears...well maybe sometimes crying tears! haha).

I think I'm drawn to ribbon and/or stickles - they have to be on EVERYTHING.
Although, I REALLY need to try some stitching. Got the Janome mini for Christmas and, so far, I've only taken it out of the box!

OMGoodness! What a great blog candy! That kewpie image is so adorable. You never see those around anymore, do you? Anyways, lately I've been really drawn to coloring. I have some copics I've been playing with and I'm trying to get really good at coloring to make my stamped images look professional. I've still got a lot of practicing to do though, so it's a good thing I'm enjoying it!

Wow Anna! Wonderful pictures, beautiful cards and blog candy! Thanks for all of the sharing that you do! SusanH

Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Lately, I have been really working on shading with my Copic markers. Thanks, again!

Love the card & the vintage pixs! I would have to say that sewing is definitely the necessary element for all the cards lately. It just doesn't seem to be complete without it!

Anna, haven't seen you make cards lately, busy with the new born "cup", it is a new creation of God. Lately I have been working on my son's baptism thank you cards (30 total)to thank those who attended the ceremony and gave presents to him, I used embossing, cuttlebug thanks folder, and die-cut flowers, embellishments such as ribbons,eyelets.

Currently I have a LOVE for paper piecing stamped images. I just think it adds dimension that leaves you trying to figure out how it was done. I've even done such small piecing, such as just the hair on a stamped girl's image and it looked wonderful.
I love Crafty Secret's designs, esp. the vintage Kewpie dolls ~ they are the best !

I was enjoying reading about Dixie Cup
so much that I almost forgot to come back
here to leave a comment :) She is so cute!!
*I Have been playing with a new technique to me called "Faux Silk". It is really quite interesting and quite fun(and fairly easy)
*I would love for my name to be entered into the drawing for the Vintage Images & Journal Notes Booklets.
*Thanks for the chance to WIN your blog candy :)


thank you so much for this opportunity, Anna.
My newest favorite technique is anything with Nestabilities or the cuttlebug embossing folders. I also love doing stitched cards (like string art, but in lovely designs on the cards). And I'm still chuckling over the name Dixie Cup, it's perfect!!

This card totally caught my eye. My grandmother collected Kewpie dolls. I have several in a curio cabinet. (She passed years ago) Some made it even through the earthquakes! (San Francisco) This really warmed my heart :) I love your creations - and your stamps! I always find inspiration here on your blog. Thank You!!

Well, I guess it would be prismacolors and OMS (Gamsol magic) But that seems sort of boring, doesn't it! Maybe I should get into other techniques. I am scared of a sewing machine that I was given, and I really want to get into sewing on cards. Can I pick a technique that I want to do, but don't? (grin)

Someone want to come on over here and coach me along on this sewing machine thing? I don't even know how to thread it, or how it works!

I took a Dreamweavers class about a month ago and now can't stop embossing with stencils and paste and glitter. I make all these cool card fronts but haven't made them into cards yet-just no time I guess. But hubby is going away for a while, so maybe I can play instead of cooking all the time?

Definitely watercoloring! You are always an inspiration, Anna!
Toni (baughtl on SCS)

I am really enjoying watercoloring with my crayons from SU. I may not be good yet, but I sure do have fun! Love the name for the calf!

The image is just too darn cute!

What have I been drawn to lately... well two things... Using acrylic elements (I am in the middle of a small 4x4 album right now and I am not a scrapbooker) on cards and sewing... Love the dimension and texture that sewing adds!!!

Oh... Pick me, pick me....

Thanks for the chance to win, this isn't really a technique, but I am loving my new Scor-Pal, don't know how I lived without it.

I absolutely love those journal booklets! They are too cool!!!

My favorite technique right now (and it has been and always will be) distressing! I love, love, love to ink up the sides of my creation to "age" it a bit! I love to rip and tear....oooh! I am getting all worked up just thinking about it!

Theresa, in Indiana

Great Blog Candy! Right now I am into using a variety of techniques, havent' found one I have to use exclusively.


I doubt my technique is new...however I enjoy using stamps in brown ink on antique white paper to get a old fashioned image.

these look so cute! and I'm so into vintage!!

lately I've been scalloping everything - borders, squares, circles, rectangles, pretty much whatever I can find. (primarily borders though)

have a great day! :)

What an adorable card! I just got Prismacolors for Mother's Day (YES, I know it's not Mother's Day yet but my family was sick and tired of hearing me beg for these so they gave them to me early!!) and they are so fun to play with - so that would be my new favorite technique!


You know, I am never going to stop loving that grunge look. I have to grunge just about everything I do or it does not feel complete to me. But I mostly just love to stamp and create. I love these Crafty Secrets Vintage Journal Notes. I am headed to the site just as SOON as I finsih this post. I can't wait. I have to have so if I win...I will have 2 of everything! YIPEE!!!

I have been using my Cuttlebug a lot lately - love the swiss dots folder - it looks good with anything. Thanks for the generous chance to win. I love your blog.

Great blog candy.....thanks for the chance!! Right now I am using my Cuttlebug a lot...just love it!!

Cindy C.
[email protected]

Love the card. I am a sucker for all the old type pictures of kids. Just had my first granddaughter - have 2 grandsons. I like sparkle on cards. Love reading about your life on the farm. I was waiting for that calf to be born and would check each day. They are sure small compared to the Alberta beef up here. Rose

I have been into my cuttlebug recently. I guess that isn't a techinque, but it is what seems to give my cards pop right now.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

My "technique du jour" is using the brayer. I can't seem to get enough of it lately! Landscapes, rubber bands, with an embossing folder ... etc.

Congratulations on the new family members and thanks for the Blog Candy opportunity!

Joanne L

wow 112 comments already!!

Well, just i'm learning about making cards, so right now i'm using the colorwater crayons, hmmm it was not very good, but i keep trying, i think every practice is good.


I like to color on stamps with my watercolor crayons, then spray lightly with water and stamp. It's a different look when I'm tired of coloring in my images or when I don't want stamp in a solid color.

I like stamping with VersaMark to add subtle patterns to my projects.
C Burke

I love the vintage cuts. I used a lot of them on my Xmas cards and think they are so awesome and Easy Peasy as you would say!! I'm also trying to watercolor half as good as you. Practice makes perfect. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Hugs to DixieCup

I have just bought a Cuttlebug and have tried a lot of the embossing folders, now feel I need the nestabilities. I like the vintage look of the Crafty Secrets designs. Your blog is the greatest, from a girl who grew up on a farm. Just love the animals.

Anna - I really like all the stitching you've been doing on your cards lately. If I ever get my machine fixed, I'll have to try that. Right now my fave technique is distressing since I just recently bought a whole kit on sale.

Please add my name to the drawing!! Thanks so much!

Thanks for the chance to receive some fantastic blog candy!!! The technique that I have been using a lot lately is watercolor! Thanks for the great blog! I love see what you create and your wonderful pictures of life on the farm!!! :O)

Love your cards! Two of my favorite things to do with a project are to sew on it and ink it!!

Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy!

I have been drawn by both paste embossing and by using a brayer lately. My favorite is still using Prismacolor pencils. Thanks for giving us this chance to win some journal goodies. Can't wait to see the botanicals.

I have been intrigued by both paste embossing and using a brayer. These are both new for me. My favorite is still using Prismacolor pencils. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

OH! Great candy! I recently bought a Janome sewing machine.. I've been trying to add a little touch of sewing to more and more of my projects. Piercing is probably my #1 at the moment, though.

With being sick a lot this past winter and life being really hectic right now, I'm drawn more to the simple-but-elegant look. Thanks for the chance at some great blog candy!

Hi Anna, I love your blog. I check it every day. Farming is soo foreign to me so you make it soo idylic sounding. You just make me want to have a farm :)

Right now, I am loving my fun flock and my dew drops...they are NOT techs but they add interest to my cards. I like clean, uncluttered with minimal doots. I love your cards for that reason. Your cards are simply artistic.

Thanks for the blog candy. I hope I win.

I'm loving your farm stories and pictures. I particularly loved the one of the camels. Nowhere like Texas! Do they call their farm Camel Lot? I'm originally from Texas and I've seen lots of different farm animals down there. As to what I've been drawn to lately, piercing is what has attracted me lately...that and dew drops. I'm a little slow on the draw. Thanks for sharing, Anna. Love your blog.

I watercolor most of my images. And love using my cuttlebug folders for backgrounds.

Cute cute cute! I'm drawn to stitching on cards, but alas, I don't have a sewing machine that works :(. And how cute is your baby calf! Miss my gramma's farm.

I am really into watercoloring with the Wonderful Watercolor Crayons (I'll soon have all of them!). I love the look I get using them.
Thanks for a chance to win some candy!
Also thanks for all the stories of your farm life. I've even got my husband interested in hearing all your stories.

Hi Anna! Would love to win this blog candy!
For me, the tech I seem to be using alot lately is the sewing machine.

I really enjoy colouring my stamped images by using pencils and odourless white spirit.
It takes some time but I like the result a lot.
Thanks for a chance to win. Greetings from Belgium,Annelies

Great blog candy! I would have to say lately, I have really gone to using my copics for coloring. I love the way it looks and I need the practice.

I've been trying to learn those ever famous Copic markers to color images.

I have been using colored pencil and mineral spirits to do my coloring and it has improved soooo much. I am following the saga of Dixie Cup and just really enjoying your blog! Even watched the chicks hatch for a long time yesterday. Thanks for the OP to win candy.

I usually almost always paper pierce - it adds just that little extra needed detailing! I also have been heat embossing a lot lately. Thanks for the chance at the blog candy!

My newest technique is using the Copic markers correctly. It is a struggle and I hope I can get the hang of it soon. I LOVE Crafty Secrets and would love a chance to win something from them. So I hope I am the lucky winner this time


I don't know if this is a technique or not, but I have been doing a lot of paper piecing and punching. I love your blog, Anna, and followed the birth of Dixie's calf with great interest and pleasure.

Weel with my new "bug" and nesties, I would have to say that anything with them are my new thing. I also have just tried Dew drops, and those seem to be getting "stuck" onto a lot of things!
Give Dixie Cup a scratch for me!

Hi, thanks for offering the fab candy. I don't have a particular technique but I love to bling my cards with stickles, gems etc, the more the merrier. Have a good day. Lots of love, Denise in the UK
[email protected]

Hi Anna, I'd love some blog candy! As for techniques, I'm drawn to anything that adds a bit of bling to a card (rhinestones, glitter). Thanks!

I have been using my new copics every chance I can get. Thanks for the chance to win!!


Love your site. So glad i found it. I'm into distressing. I love to stamp. Thanks for a chance to win. Nancy P

Hello Anna! Love reading all of your blog posts lately, card making and farm stories alike...

My favorite technique lately is using decorative paper and layering. I also love using paper peicing and pop up dots.

Vintage Candy!! Thank you for sharing - I have been playing with multiple ink colors and spraying them with rubbing alcohol to blend them - I love how the colors look soft when they are dry. Sunsets are the best.

Love all you farm pictures! I love using my Cuttle bug, I just love the "texture"

Dixie Cup has such a sweet face and beautiful eyes.
Love these new journaling booklets...I've been seeing some really cute projects on Lisa & Vicki's blogs, too.

How exciting! I just love reading all the farm updates on your blog! And the wonderful stamping inspirations of course! Thank you!

What a cute card! I love Crafty Secrets! Watercoloring is my favorite technique but lately, I also like using acetate or clear sheets, paper piercing, or Cuttlebug. I recently ordered a Janome so, as soon as that gets here, I will be trying stitching.
Claudia V

What a cute card! I love Crafty Secrets! Watercoloring is my favorite technique but lately, I also like using acetate or clear sheets, paper piercing, or Cuttlebug. I recently ordered a Janome so, as soon as that gets here, I will be trying stitching.
Claudia V

I've been loving your farm saga, Anna. I tend to jump all over the place with tecniques and not really use any particular one a lot. Although I've been trying to learn to color with copics... the few that I have.

My favorite right now is water coloring. I actually have the art supplies for traditional water color painting and so I figured to use the paints I have acquired. Why not? I don't do as good a job as you Anna. Your cards are wonderful! But I do thank you for the inspiration you provide and the candy! Take care,

Lately I am all about using my new Nestabilities dies! I love those babies. Thanks for the chance to win.
Janet Sisk

I've really been enjoying resist stamping of late -- using clear or white EP on glossy cardstock, then covering over with either ink or paint daubers.

Love your blog; love the animals, especially following the "saga" of Dixie, the reluctant mommy!!!


What great blog candy! Awesome "eye dessert!" Lately I have been cutting beautiful "background paper" from magazine ads - it's amazing how many beautiful designs you can find in an oriental carpet, a sky, a bowl of cherries, a field of flowers, even HAIR! Yes, I have blond, brunette and redhead background from a hair product ad. Amazing. And then you can pick your cardstock colors to coordinate (for cards). Pick me-pick me!!! Thanks for offering this beautiful package, Anna. You're the best! Jeanne H in Idaho - it's SPRING!!!

Love the vintage feel of these supplies. Looks like something I would collect just to "have." My favorite technique is embossing. And my goal is to stamp a background on every layer of card stock on my cards!

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