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A friend of mine found out I had goats and sent me to your blog. So Sorry to hear about Boxcar Willie. I have 2 pigmy fainting goats that are just to precious. We are still waiting on one of them to have her babies, her twin sister already had hers. I have pictures on my blog. I will come back and visit. We only have sheep, goats and llama's on our farm.


Oh so sorry for your loss. That is so hard, especially when they are so young. Betty is beautiful and sounds like she's a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the new goat babies. I love goats!

Sending you and Alan my deepest sympathy for the loss of Willie! That is so sad. I hope you're able to get your money back.
Another fantastic photos, TFS.

I'm sorry. :(

So sorry to hear that Boxcar Willie
was sickly and had to be put down...
at least he is not suffering.
Nice to hear that you have found some new friends for Betty..so she won't be lonely :)

Dear Anna,
I'm so sorry to hear of Willie's illness and death. Give Betty some extra treats and hugs.


Ooooh, I'm so loving all the farm pics! I have to tell you, My DD(who is 4) would like to know how come Dixie didn't have 4 babies since she has "4 stomachs?"....I was rolling on the floor! She absolutely loves the animal pics:)

I am so very sorry about Willie. Here I am sobbing and I did not even meet him. We all feel like we are part of your family and we get so attached to your furry babies too. I know he felt your love for the short time he had and he can smile and be healthy now over the rainbow bridge. Being around some new babies will help ease the pain a little. Warm hugs to you all. Janet in NC

Oh Anna, I'm so sorry about Willie. My thoughts are with you and Alan. I'm glad to hear Betty is going to have company soon!

Oh Anna, I am so sorry to hear about Willy. My thoughts are with you and Alan...

{{{BIG HUGS!!}}}

Dear Anna and Alan, So sorry to hear about Willie. My sympathies to you both.

Losing animal friends IS traumatic and I'm sorry to hear that you had this sadness in your life. Sending warm thoughts your way as you mourn Boxcar Willie but also get to know Betty. I love reading about your animals as you and Alan seem such *kind* people. It's wonderful :-)

So sorry for your loss. Sympathies to you and Alan.

Betty looks so sweet while she is taking the cookie from Alan:) She'll be a big help to you when the new babies come to your farm. Betty will show them that she can go to you without fear and they'll be right behind her, I bet.

oh, Anna! how sad! i'm sure Betty misses him, too, and is happy to have attention now.



I am soooo sorry for the loss of Willie. My heart is with you. Funny though that you are getting Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We too have been looking at getting a few! They are really cute... and will produce much quicker than the miniature donkeys! That 11 months is killing me! This will be something for fun during the in between months. We think we are going to wait until summer when hubby is home a little more and we get a better fence up, I hear they are really sneaky at getting out!

Looking forward to what to call Dixie's Baby....

OMG Poor Willie! That's so sad, Anna, I'm sorry that happened. :(
I'm glad you guys found 2 more to keep Betty company though. She will be a good big sister!

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