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Dixie Cup, that is very clever and cute! Your photos are like those that one would see in LIFE magazine. TFS.

Very cute name, and is perfect... my first thought is well her "cup" does runnith over with milk!! HA! Love all the photos and the one with Alan is great, they are smaller than I imagined. You have me excited to to see the baby donkey! I still wait on mine!

Dixie Cup is a darling name! She's a little beauty that's for sure.


Cute name! I wasn't even thinking on the Dixie theme with my name suggestions. Next time she has a calf you call it "Whistling Dixie". Just a thought.

Oh cute; that's a great name!

That's a perfect name!!! You've got lots of pregnant mama's that will keep you busy. Keep the stories coming. Love hearing about the farm and sharing your inspirations.

Morning from Michigan! I just love to see your photos of the rural life. The cows are so pretty, and I really have had a thing for them for years, so your pictures make me smile and the stories are always fun. Other than your cards, I am a huge fan of your photo taking skills, the colors are wonderful! Thanks for such a cool blog!

I love the name Dixie Cup! Too cute! Never seen such small cows. I'm glad you took the pic of Alan and Princess so I could actually see. I'm used to Black Angus and Jersey cows. Are Longhorns much larger? I know their horns are. I'm learning so much about farm life and loving every minute!

I love the name, Dixie Cup.

I never realized the cows are so small.

When I was young, my Great Grandpa and I would walk the 1/2 mile through the corn fields to the cow shed. He would speak in Hungarian, explaining about crop rotation and animal care. His father was a vet who traveled to large estates in Hungary.

First of all...thanks for visiting my blog and saying Happy Birthday to my Brian. (My DH). I found it comical that after all that watching your blog and waiting...the baby heifer came on my DH's birthday! So I was happy to share it. How on earth did you find it so fast? It was an honor to know you visited my blog. I thank you as I curtsy to the queen of stamping!
How lucky you are to live on the farm with all of these amazing creatures of God. My children would be in heaven truly! I love donkeys! I can't wait to see the pictures of the baby donkey!!! And of course more cows.
Thanks for sharing your life on the farm with all of us!

Aw, shucks! I told my DH last night that I thought about Dixie Cup, but thought that was not cute enough. Boy was I wrong! SO glad you picked that name, cause I think it's adorable. Your cows are so small!!! Thank you for sharing your exciting (if not udderly exhausting, pun intended) adventures at your house. I'm loving my daily visits to your farm and learning about your animals and sharing in the excitement of the babies. You make it so real and fun I can almost smell it! LOL

LOL! I thought it would be fun, but I didn't think it would actually get picked out of all of the wonderful suggestions! She does look just as cute as can be.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

As much as I love seeing and reading about your card creations, it's your farm life pics and details which make me smile and sometimes bring tears. Thank you for sharing your life.

Love the name and can't wait to see the new babies as they arrive, especially looking forward to seeing the chickens and the donkey.

Dixie Cup is perfect! And I love the suggestion of "Pixie Stix" too!

I envy you all those babies to love. I guess I'll just have to share through your wonderful pictures and narratives. TFS Ann

perfect name for a perfect little cutie :) I am looking forward to meeting all of the new additions to the farm!!!!

Oh my Gosh....sounds like you had a fun-filled weekend!! You are giving me such an education!!
Dixie Cup is a great name.....I love it!

So Dixie Cup it is!! Very cute :D I'm so glad Mama and the little Cup are doing well...and there's more excitement to come! You are going to be swamped with little ones, how FUN! You are so blessed to be living the farm life, and designing stamps, and being an artist, and a photographer!!! I'd say that ranks right up there with HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! :D

Reading about life on your farm and seeing all the pictures you've taken of the landscape as well as the animals makes me want to live on a farm. What a beautiful life!

Thought you should know that I truly am afraid of cows (they are so big) but I absolutely love looking at your pictures...of not just your cows but all your animals.

Dixie Cup! Very cute. Our dog is called Dixie, I don't know why I never thought to suggest Doodle - we always call her Dixie Doodle!

LOVE the name! Very cute! With all these babies coming, you and Alan may have to squeeze in a quick vacation...:)

Dixie cup is a great choice! Now I suppose "Pixie stix" isn't far behind...

Dixie Cup! What a cute name:) My goodness all the new babies, new residents (chickens), you and Alan are going to be *busy*!!!

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