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I love the farm animals! Eddie is so cute!!

ohmigoodness! That's a Donkey!? He's so funny and cute! Great photos!

Oh, I'm in love with Eddie. He is the CUTEST! I can't wait to see baby calf pics. They are so adorable when they "horse" around and play:)

what a hoot alan would let you put is behind on your blog...

Your photos make me what to step up my picture taking skills - if that's possible for the equipment that I have?!?
I love the picture of Eddie and his flaring nostrils!!! You can just hear his donkey noises coming out of the monitor!

Love the photo of the donkey's following Alan. So cute!

I just ADORE your donkeys! They are so cute! Your photography is amazing. You make me want to grab my camera and run outside and just capture the world around me.

Loving the footprint picture, too funny. Makes me think of all the time that I help my DH feed the dogs, and I end up with perfect pawprints on my back!! Love the picture of the donkey"talking" too funny!!

OH MY!! I didn't realize your donkeys were miniatures... that is what we raise. They are just the sweetest animals alive! And yes... if they even think there is a chance for a treat at the end of a walk... they will follow, ours is carrots, if they see orange - you had better hand them over or you will HEAR the complaints for hours! Great photo!
BTW... that is why my blog is

Anna, I am loving all your farm photos. Keep them coming!!

Beautiful, beautiful photos, Anna! I LOVE them. You are an awesome photographer. Does Alan have a bruise, that looks like it was a hard kick? TFS

What cuties!!!!

Gee, I'd give just about anything to know what Eddy was thinking or saying in that photo....


great photos! (yes, even the tush) ;)

Your pictures remind me of growing up on our farm in Minnesota. I dont know if I can say I miss the work but I definetly love the pictures and memories!


I'm not usually a big fan of farm animals, more of a city girl. But I have to tell you that you have captured a side of these animals that is simply stunning and beautiful! I went over to your farm animals album and my jaw just dropped. Thanks for giving this city girl a new attitude about all these cuties.

What a good sport Alan is! More great pics!

I just love looking at your farm photography. That photo of Beavis cracks me up. He looks less than thrilled to be having his photo taken. So funny. TFS. -Molly B

They are all so adorable. (and Alan too) Your photos are amazing, Anna! I am still stunned by the rooster in front of the crappy metal on the barn (crappy is the way to go!) I couldn't have painted a better background if I tried. I look forward to many more animal photos. Happy Easter. Hugs, Janet in nc.

Gorgeous photos. The top one is just the cutest, makes me think of Mr. Ed, I had quite a chuckle.

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