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I have gotten 8.5 here in Southern Illinois. My friend lives in Harrisburg Illinois and had to wade out with her family from her apartment building. The water was chest high on her when they finally got out!!!

Love your stork card-so soft and pretty.

Here is south central Missouri reports of 14" and down. Here at my house between 7-8"-enough already-save some for July/August!!

You are north of us, we need some rain so bad, and thought we were going to get some of this and it just went north and we missed out. Hope you and all the animals are high and dry!

We're have the same thing up here, but
thank goodness no tornado warnings. It's funny how my little world has grown: because of the interent I know people all over the US and I pay closer attention to the weather report because it's personal now. TFS.

I hear you girl..It was raining, flooding and so windy in our area too. We drove to Round Rock last night, and the weather was bad last night.

Hope you make out well with all that rain and flooding. Scarey stuff!
Keep those beautiful animals and yourself safe!

Yikes,I knew you had high winds yesterday, we had over 31,000 people without electricity, high winds in Arkansas and Louisiana and tornado touchdown in Booneville, Ark. Just work up to 2's of water in our basement, Freak winter storm on March 8th, over 20"s snow that has melted and monson rains yesterday with more to come. No let up till Sunday. Off I go to Lowes to buy a subpump. Ours died!

We're getting plenty of rain here in SE OHIO too! Under flood watch and the rivers were already full. Supposed to get another inch or two today. We have had a very wet fall and winter after a very dry summer.

Well if you get too much can you please send some over to South Australia 'cause after 4 months I've almost forgotten what it looks like.

I live on the border of Arlington and Grand Prairie and we are having some really nasty lightening strikes. We had to back wash the swimming pool today - it was just about to run over. I hope we all stay dry, warm, and safe. The spring rains have come early this year - I guess since Easter is so early it has the seasons confused too! All take care!

Hi Anna,

Been watchin the news and looks like you're right in the middle of things!! You take care and stay safe. You're pictures are beautiful!!

We have had such a nice rain all day here in Temple...great for my poor old brown grass!!

we've been gettin' rain, but it's more like MUD . Seriously nasty rain. yuckola! Enjoy it. . .we need it so badly!

We got about 4" here in Glenn Heights today. The bar ditch outside is still overflowing. My friend in Lancaster lives two houses down from the house that got flooded but her house sits up a little higher. Stay safe and dry out there.

I'm glad I am on higher ground than some of the others in Midlothian. Only caught a brief glimpse of the news, but saw the feet of water pictures in Lancaster. Hope you are above water level.

Over 6 in Midlothian already!! Got your snorkel?

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