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He is a beauty...
Nice photo!!

He is gorgeous! This photo is gorgeous! Did you use any special technique on this with photoshop? It looks surreal..vivid and wonderful!

What an amazing photo!!! I enjoy all your beautiful posts!

love this photo, Anna!

May I ask what assignment you were given?

This is beautiful!! I love the reds and the greys!!

I love your description of him!! Sounds like some human roosters I know. I guess it is good that we keep them till they grow out of it, too! ;)

He is a handsome fellow, indeed! His colors are very striking. Always love to see your photographs. I enjoy seeing everything that you create. Thanks for sharing :)

Just one more year and I'll have a job for a rooster of this quality! Love always, Dad

Anna I truely thought you painted that picture! Isn't he a beauty! You are right, the barn is the perfect backdrop!
I LOVE EVERYTHING you do!!! Tonight I am going to try my hand at caseing a card of yours! I know I won't come close but if I keep practicing, maybe just maybe someday!!!
Thanks for everything Anna!

well, you hit "art" right on the nailhead with this one. sure, get rid of the line above him, but otherwise, wowsers!

i LOVE roosters! i've never had a problem with one. had a darling bantam named Freddie who'd eat out of my hand.

You're not kidding - it's the perfect backdrop. What a beautiful photo!

Wow...he is a gorgeous boy ! Great photo , but then all of yours are!


Oh yes, he's a beauty! What is it about roosters that's so fascinating? What a gorgeous shot, pre-tinkering yet! Can't wait to see more of your photos. Linda

I love your rooster photo. It is beautiful and I love the backdrop. My husband was so impressed. Love your work!

I don't understand how you make such a nice photo! I loved the one with you cat very much too! The colors are so bright and sharp! Whished I could do that too! But perhaps I haven't got the right camera ;)

~ Leonie ~

Wow, that has to be one of the BEST rooster photos ever, definitely should be in a magazine or on a calendar! I can't imagine how it will look once you "tinker" with it, it's amazing already!

LOVE IT!!! Good luck on your new project.

WOW, Anna, I thought that was a painting!! The metal looks just like the cloth photograpers use for a backdrop. He IS a GORGEOUS guy. He looks as though he is posing for this shot.

I'm curious - does he have a name? I know you name all of your animals including the Manetta chicks, what about this handsome dude, smile.

Wow! What a beautiful photo, Anna! I will never look at a rooster the same. :0)

He is quite a cutie! And I agree, the barn works perfectly as a backdrop for his portrait! Tres cool! Maybe I'll learn something vicariously about taking photos!

What a gorgeous creature. Bet he will soon be the "Cock of the Walk" around the Hen House... We raised chickens when I was young but never had one this distinctive. Your photography is amazing, and you must have the patience of Job to wait for him to preen in front of that siding...tfs MaryAnn

Your cards amaze me, your drawings are marvelous and your photography... I just can't tell you. This rooster is beautiful -- and I am not quite sure I even like roosters, I've never had an encounter that I know of. I love the "crappy metal" in the background. Wow, Anna, you are one talented lady.

I quess I could just say ditto......my first response was that of everyone else...it really does look like a painting.I really hope he ends up being a good boy,too.....I'd love to see more pictures of him, he's one gorgeous rooster.

WOW, it honestly looks like a painting! It is so beautiful!!!

Ah, well, we were all young & stupid at one time!! Beautiful rooster, beautiful picture :)

Anna, that is a WONDERFUL photo. The contrast between him and the siding, but the reddish browns in the siding. The colors are great. As was said above, PLEASE keep torturing us. Thanks in advance. :)

I love the photo,Anna! Worried.....what do you do with him if he doesn't grow up to be a good boy?????????????????? Does he go into a frying pan somewhere? Can you illustrate him into a great stam image?

What a beautiful photo! It would look awesome in my rooster-ish kitchen.

This is beautiful Anna! The background is PERFECT for this picture! We have yet to get to "keep" any roosters around!!! LOL!!! I hope you have better luck because they are SO beautiful but oh so mean! LOL!!


Oh my, he is beautiful and so is your photo! Sometimes the crummiest backgrounds make the best photos. When my DS and DIL were dating, she was a model since she is 6'1", thin and beautiful. They did a modeling scene together with DS's new car in an alley in Flint, Michigan. Horrible location but the picture was stunning!!

He's a beautiful rooster and that's a beautiful photo! You just have so much creative talent! Would love to have some of it. :)

Drat...we have to look at your photography insteqad of artwork...life can be sooo tough!!!
BRING IT ON!!! I adore your photography!
This picture is amazing! What a handsome boy! Love the backdrop...

Hello Anna....What an awesome photo! The colors are so rich and wow! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I don't mind being subjected to viewing your photos. ;o)

He's gorgeous. hhhmmmm I feel a color inspiration coming on...

Did you photo shop it to look like a painting ? It's awesome!!
Tell me though, what constitutes a smart chicken or Rooster? lol
I thought they were all dumb!

He is definitely a beaut!! :)

Looking forward to your photos!

Love your blog, one of my very favorites! I enjoy seeing and reading about the animals. So wish I lived on a farm! We have almost 4 acres (not a farm, but no neighbors in sight, thankfully!, deer, turkey and foxes around, plus our fur babies! I love your cards too, such beautiful coloring you do, I have been inspired to attempt coloring detailed images again. Please, please keep sharing the photos and notes on the animals!

Amazing Anna. Your photo is absolutely gorgeous. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it really does look like a painting. He is a very handsome young man, and your description cracks me up! I LOVE your photography, so post away!! :)

Hey, you just snap away to your heart's content, girlfriend! I never tire of looking at your gorgeous photos. I love the animals so much!!! So, how come this little guy doesn't have a name??? Wish I had a farm! Love, Jeanne (in snowy -again- Idaho)xo

Beautiful photo, what a beautiful rooster, love his coloring, and he looks wonderful against that barn. I love your photos. Look forward to seeing more. Love to see your animal family. Your photo's would look beautiful bound into a coffee table book. Thank you for sharing your world!

Oh poor us, to have to be subjected to your photos for the next few weeks; torture!!!! Bring it on!

Honestly Anna, this picture is amazing!!!! It truly does look like a painting. I can't imagine how you could possibly need to tinker with it....it's awesome! Be sure to let me know if you ever decide to make this fine little rooster into a note card. My mom would love this one too. :)

Wow. That picture is beautiful. Looks almost like a painting!

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