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My favorite beverage has to be my coffee first thing in the morning. Without it I don't think I could function at all!

Thanks for the opportunity to win this adorable set!

I love coffee, regular and flavored...
I can't get moving in the am without it.
Great blog candy. Barb

I am a major coffe lover!

My favorite beverage would be coffee. I drink it everyday.

My favorite beverage is Cafe au lait!! Especially first thing in the morning... but come to think of it, I enjoy it as much at 4:00 pm...
Thanks for a chance to win your lovely stamps!

Oh, how sweet of you to give away those wonderful stamps. I do not own any stamps from Whipper Snapper so that would be great to have :).

Your cards give me so much inspiration and I really love your blog!

I wish you a great week.
Best regards
( from Sweden )

Oh those stamps are so fun. I want one!! LOL. My favorites are Chai tea (hot or iced) and Diet Coke.

Not together of course! *g*

gotta be a mai tai from Red Robin :) I'm not a big drinker but when I think about having one that is what I'm cravin'!

Now this will really seem boring to you,but I love a tall glass of ice water (lots of ice please)

By the way, if I win...can you sign it and number it? So that I can feel special? heehee

passion fruit juice or jones berry lemonade

I love passion fruit juice.

Hi Anna! My fave drink is coffee, but hot chocolates run a close second. Thanks for your generous blog candy.

I'm a tea gal, just plain old orange pekoe tea with a bit of milk and a bit of sugar. I do though enjoy a Starbucks chai latte when I'm feeling particularly rich :)

Free stamps just for telling what our favorite drink is?!! Wow! That's a great deal! My favorite drink is made here in the south, it is a soda called Cheerwine and after that it is ice cold sweet tea! Isn't that what all southern girls drink?? LOL!

they can live on my desk if they want to!!!!!!

Oh please pick MEEEEEE, Anna -- I LOVE your posies!! =) Coffee seems to be my most favorite drink of choice lately -- to warm up these winter days & nights!

I love sugarfree cherry Koolaid. It is so good!

Chai...iced or hot mmmmm

MMmmmm, hot chocolate - any time of year!
Love that posies set. Hope I win!

I love lemonade! My favorite! If I win I vow to give those stamps a wonderful and loving home!

coffee in the a.m. - tea the rest of the day, preferably green. love your site.

Tea, Tea, Tea. Hot or cold

Cute stamp set! My favorite drink would have to be a nice cold glass of Crystal Light Peach Tea, off to get myself a glass right now!

My fave drink...hmmmm...everyday drink would be Dr. Pepper (big one from Sonic, love their ice)...adult beverage...a Wallabedarned from Outback...yummmy

Sweet Tea! Mmmmmmm good!

Love this posies set....what a great give-away. Thanks!

Barb B.

My favorite drink is sweet tea, passion tea, earl grey tea and chai tea.Thank you for the great stamp candy Hope I win!

Tea is my favorite too! Love this stamp set! Thank you for offering a chance to win it. I also love reading your blog! You are such an inspiration!

Thanks for the opportunity Anna! I drink three beverages everyday: coffe, water and Diet Pepsi. My favorite alcholic beverage is a good Strawberry Margarita or Captain Morgan Rum in Diet (anything). Yum...

Oh, Wow! I'd love to have your posies stamp set! My favorite beverage is diet Dr. Pepper. I've been drinking it forever and it's still great to me. Thanks for such great blog candy!

My favorite morning beverage is Starbuck's coffee. My drink during the day is water, preferably filtered through my Brita pitcher.
Thanks for the chance to win your darling set!

Well, Anna, I'm a Diet Coke kinda gal...breakfast, lunch, supper...anytime is good for me!! Thanks for the opportunity to win that darling stamp set...I think it needs to be on my desk, tfs!!

That's easy!!! Caffeine Free Diet Coke!! I have a 64 oz. mug that I fill up at least 2-3 times a day!!

My fave drink is TEA-iced or hot, sweet or unsweetened, flavored or plain--I just love Tea!
And I am definitely interested in your blog candy! Thanks for the chance.
I look forward to your blog every day. Love your style!

My favorite drink is Mountain Dew. I have to have it in the morning to get going. I know people love coffee but I am afraid to try it, because then I will like both. Have a great day.

These are great! I'd love to win them! My favorite drink? Hands down Diet COke!

Kerry Morgan

Coffee ! Diet coke after that ! Ice tea for dinner..then usually hot tea before bed...and water in between as often as possible!

Love this set and all your cards! Thanks for the chance!

My favorite drink is Diet Lemonade from Chic-fil-a. Thanks for the chance to win!

Mountain Dew or a smoothie would be my favorites.

Thanks for the chance to win those sweet little posies! I am currently enjoying my favorite beverage, which is diet coke over ice with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. YUM!

I would have to go with you...TEA!!! I just love it with milk and sugar in the morning! DH makes a pot everyday for me! I have a cup with my mom everytime I go over for a visit too! And when it's really warm out...nothing is more refreshing than a nice glass of iced tea! Thanks so much for the chance to win your wonderful set of stamps! :D

My favorite beverage is grape juice! Plus its good for you. I recently found your blog and have been a daily looker ever since. I love your creations. Linda

Oh Anna, this is so sweet of you to offer your stamps for blog candy! Of course I'd love to win!!

My favorite drink - Coke. Plain ol' regular Classic Coke. But..... I'm trying to cut down on those and drink more water. Water, water, water........ :-)

Wow, Anna, you have so many comments to go through!! I never win blog candy but I still must try...especially for this one. My home needs this stamp set! My favorite drink is caramel/vanilla latte that I make with my awesome Jura coffee machine. Thanks for the chance to win this set. I think I'll go make a latte now!!

Very nice blog candy!
My favorite beverage is also tea...hot or cold.

well, living in the seattle area, appropriately, mine is coffee. hot cold frozen blended i love it all. as for adult's only drinks, i love me a good dirty martini!

Love this card! Love my WATER! I drink lots of things but nothing quenches thirst like water.

Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! My favorite cocktail is a margarita baybee!! During the winter, I love that orange spice tea like you make!!! Mishy

I'm most definitely a Diet Coke girl. I've been coveting that set for a while now. It's next on my list!

I couldn't make it through the day without a latte. My husband makes me some pretty incredible yummy drinks too, like a mojito, side car or a tropical nehi. It would be sad to be without those too.

How to choose just one? Hmm...I think it would have to be...cherry slushie. I'm a slushie addict. Yummers!!!!!

Mine is a Virgin Pinacoloda, only I can't stop at one, hehehe Thanks for the chance at some awesome Blogcandy

grande white mocha nonfat no whip sugarfree from my fave coffee shop!

And how about a link to where we can purchase this delightful set!

I'm probably the most boring person in the world, but my favorite beverage is plain ol' H2O - water! LOL It's what I always reach for first since I don't care for soda or sweet drinks. It even makes posies grow too, right? *wink*

I love Diet Pepsi! Regular in the morning, Caffeine Free in the PM! Thanks for a chance to win this great set!

My fav. drink is a Starbucks Light Caramel Frappachino. Mmmmmmm

I LOVE this blog candy, and LOVE all the stamps you've designed!!!


I would have to say good old fashioned water (with an occasional mix-in added). Thanks for a chance to win a cool stamp set!

Like shoes, purses, and of course STAMPS! a women can never have just one!!!!My fav . . .A good glass of merlot, hot chocolate w/ baileys and hot green tea w/ honey! Thanks for the fun!


I get my fix with Diet Coke!

Thank you for all the great inspiration you have given me!

My favorite beverage is tea with a bit of milk and in summer time, if it is extremely hot (which very rarely happens here) I like ice tea.
I am always in awwww at the "oh! so beautiful!" cards you make using the simplest and tinyest little stamps! Simply love them!!!

coffee! I need sugar free flavored creamer in it - but I NEED coffee. I sip in the morning sets me on the right path!

{hugs} and congrats on your new designs (saw the DUCK!)

Diet Pepsi is by far my favorite beverage!

My favorite drink is a tall glass of icy cold water - nothing quenches your thirst better on a hot summer day. Thanks for the chance to win. I love this versitile set!

Definitely fresh brewed iced tea!!!

I know the perfect person who would LOVE this stamp set -- PICK ME!! :)

It has to be coffee. Can't live without it. Good Finnish coffee is the best you can get.

What awesome blog candy you have on offer.

I don't actually really have a favourite drink. I mainly drink water and if I was to have a hot drink then I would have a hot chocolate. Living in a tropical climate a find that water tends to quench my thirst best of all.

My favorite drink...hmmm...since I rarely drink soda, when I have a chance to get a fountain drink it is like a candy suprise. YUM! Canned sodas just don't have that sweetness that make the extra calories worth while.

I love lemonade or limeade but only if they are really tart! Thanks for the chance! :)

Good ol' plain & simple iced tea is my favorite drink. Thank you so much for the chance to win one of your awesome stamp sets:)

My favorite is a chocolate, raspberry martini--not very often because they are pretty strong.
Caramel lattes are everyday favorite.

I gave up drinking coffee, for tea a few years ago. I love tea - green, black, and white. Thank you for the opportunity to win those wonderful stamps.

I gave up drinking coffee, for tea a few years ago. I love tea - green, black, and white. Thank you for the opportunity to win those wonderful stamps.

Love your creations! My favorite beverage? Well it's hot tea.

Ooh, I so... love that set. It is on my wishlist!!! Like any good southern gal, my bev. of choice is sweet tea! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

YAY!! Hmmmm... favorite beverage, Crystal Light Peach Tean. mmmmmmmm.

Coffee and Tea....those are the drinks for me! Thanks for offering up some more of your posies, they are adorable.

Easy question. Caffeine free Diet Coke. Can't live without it!! Hot tea takes a close second, though. Thanks for giving us another opportunity to win this great set!

I have LOTS of favorites, but if I must choose just one, it would have to be hot choclolate! It just makes me happy!

Winning one of these wonderful stamp sets would ALSO make me happy! Thanks for sharing!

Adorable set! My fav drink is either tea or Diet Dr.Pepper!

Hi Anna,

Right now it is just pure spring bottled water, especially since being pregnant. But for a treat I love Chai Lattes from Starbucks they just have the best either cold or hot...you should try one some time.

By the way I love pansys ever since I was a kid so I hope that I can win you awsome blog candy...thanks

My favorite drink is caffiene free diet mt. dew. My second favorite drink is vanilla flavored coffee with french vanilla coffee mate. Thanks for the opportunity to win your awesome set!! ~Melissa

My fav is a Michelada, cold beer lots of lime and salt with a little ice...yummy... luv your site...vist quite often. PICK ME, PICK ME.


My favorite drink is Nellie's Punch - a drink served on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Haiti.

Thanks for the opp to win great candy!


My favourite drink is a yummy Pina Colada!

Paola Norman

ooh, pick me, pick me!! Yeah right, 392 comments before mine! My favorite beverage is a tie between iced tea, sweetened of course, and Cherry Coke!

gotta have my 3pm diet Pepsi! Cute set- you design stamps that are easy to use. Wish I could color like you do though.

my favorite drink is FRAPUCCINO CARAMEL, then it's SWEET TEA.

thank you, you have a very nice blog!!!

Maria Jesus

Favorite beverage...Coffee, of course! If I'm treating myself, it would be a Venti Non-Fat Mocha, no whip, no foam, extra hot! Sounds a tad pretentious don't you think!

OOH, OOH, OOh, I'd love this set to arrive at my front door :0)

My all time favorite, and weakness :0( is regular old Pepsi. I'm totally addicted!

Love your sweet little chick card, too!
Thanks for the chance.

I mostly drink H2O, but I like lemonade, white grape/cranberry juice, Italian sodas, chocolate milk, vanilla milkshakes, or a Wendy's frosty. No tea please. :)

My favorite is also tea, but not just any tea. I'm originally a Southern gal and there's nuthin' better than my momma's sweet tea (pronounced ta). Now, as a northern transplant, I'm also hooked on a Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte - straight up, no extras! :)

When I am really thirsty there is nothing like Tazo's Brambleberry cold drink - the best thirst quencher ever! I love your work! Thanks for the zero calorie candy offer!

oopps! not sure what happened by my post got put in the posters spot above mine-I am the diet lime coke gal!

my favorite drink is a toss up between a Mojito and a Cosmo....I'd love a copy of posies, its my birthday next week!
thanks for sharing!
Elissa Rene

I am totally addicted to Diet Lime Coke-I could drink it all day long, but limit myself to one a day. Love this stamp set and I could provide a good home for it!

I already have this set, but I know just who I would give it to if I win!! My favorite non alcoholic beverage is Cherry Coke Zero, with alcohol- malibu rum and pineapple juice, yummy!!

Oh,joy! I love blog candy, but to be honest I can't live without my morning diet coke or pepsi. I prefer Diet Coke, but if not available I will drink Diet Pepsi. I don't do tea or coffee so I have to get my caffeine from somewhere!LOL!

my favorite drink is a pina colada! Yummy!

Without question, a clear crisp glass of Chardonnay. :-)

My favorite beverage right now is Bigelow lemon lift tea, hot, with Nestle's Coffeemate chocolate raspbery creamer. If I require a cold beverage than for sure it will be a mountain dew.


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