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Too funny! What a beautiful photo of soap!

After reading what this was I was amazed to see that other people put their dishsoap in a glass bottle with a pour spout. I have been doing it for years ever since I saw it on Martha Stewart.

Wow, Marcia is one smart chick! :D
The light from the window did make a difference, no doubt...and your photography, which is flawless!!!
Awesome photo, thanks for the fun!

Good Guess!!

Woooooohoooooooooooo, Marcia!
You go girlie! What a feat to get that one correct!


Who knew Dawn dishsoap was so beautiful! Actually I think it is the photographer :)

thank you so much, Anna! you are too generous! it was fun playing along! and i really used to see that all the time (before i switched to a decorative cruet for my soap). and i just want to say that my sleepaid had kicked in when i answered and that's my excuse for the poor grammar! LOL! no judging!

thank you again, Anna!

MAN!!! I am soooooo impressed! Congrats to the winnah!! :D

aren't those colors gorgeous?!?! I am constantly doing things like this, so I can totally understand where you are coming from! I, too, use only Dawn, as I learned from experience when we didn't have a dishwasher, (other than my 2 little hands!), that it's by far the best. but it's just the plastic bottle on the sink for me. with 3 boys and a hubby in the house, glass is a target for all kinds of disaster!

Happy Sunday to all of you! :)

CONGRATULATIONS Marcia and have fun with your markers!

Well, I didn't get to answer because I was actually OUT OF THE HOUSE yesterday! I went to a Memories Scrapbook Show. My wallet and entire body have a hangover, LOL. I would have been wrong, I thought is was a close up shot, lit from behind, of the beautiful Inspiration Challange skirt fabric from the beginning of the week, LOL. TFS.

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