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Miss congratulations for a job well done!This art is fantastic...I will try to do one also using my favorite paper Epson photo paper because I want it also in my best mode of art.

When I double-clicked on the smaller photo, I could see the texture you were talking about. Whatever magic you worked, it made the photograph look like a painting. His colors are magnificent, aren't they? And the rusted metal siding makes the perfect backdrop to show off his "rusty" feathers. Let us know what becomes of this photo. (Will you win a contest and earn lots of money? Will the photo be published in a fine arts book from which you receive royalties?)

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! When I enlarged the photo I
could see the canvas design, dynamite work, Anna! In my book you deserve an A++++++++++ TFS.

Fabulous! I really love the aged barn wall in the background, it really sets off the colorful feathers!

The hackles of his neck and saddle will be twice as long or longer in another years time, the colors will be even more varied and glowing. Watch out for the little prairie wolves! They like chicken, even those beyond a fryers' age.... Love, Dad

There's no doubt about it - he's a beautiful bird - so much to work with. Majestic, really! It snowed AGAIN in Idaho last night! I'm not April Fooling, either! xoxo Jeanne

Very pretty rooster!

What a beautiful picture, as usual I love your creativity.

Breathtaking!!! I don't even LIKE chickens. I used to hate to go to my grandparents in the summer...we never wore shoes and the chickens ran free in the back yard. Yuck...squishy between the toes!

The colors are gorgeous. What a gift you have.

Anna you have such amazing talent! Love the colors. Your rooster is beautiful....as well as your photos!

I am amazed. Love this photograph. You are talented girl.

Anna, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but I have to say it again, amazing just amazing! And remember I'm the city girl NOT the farm girl - I've never seen such beauty from farm animals. Just goes to show how you look at the world, eyes open - eye closed - Thanks for opening mine.

I bow you, Miss Anna. This is "fine art" indeed. His feathers look like the finest oil painting. Awesome, baby!

What gorgeous colors! Which I could get highlights and lowlights like that in my hair!! (not like I HAVE to color the grays!)

This is wonderful, Anna!

Wow, you have an amazing eye!

Wow! That's beautiful, Anna!

This is beautiful!


Beautiful Anna,
I love that you cropped the photo..adds a little mystery too!

Wish I could see the photo up close..I am sure it is even more amazing!
TFS all your beautiful forms of art!

Sue (chicken and rooster lover..have a paitning on my wall of one :-) )

That is awesome. I have an HD computer screen and I can totally see the texture. That is so cool. -Molly B

FANTASTIC Photo. You could say I am Rooster and Chicken obsessed or at least that is what my family and friends say and if I didn't live in a large city I would own 2 or 20 of them.

Wow, this is gorgeous! The colors are so deep and rich...and the highlights are beautiful, as well...can't wait to see more!!! :D

Oh my gosh..this is ah-mazing...wow...I am so jealous of your talents...all I can say is wow!

I think its beautiful!

WOW! enough said!

Love it, can't wait to see the finished work..want to share more details please

Oh Anna, you are so so talented. Awesome pic.

LOVE the composition, the digital "painting" detail, the vivid colors, just LOVE all of it!

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