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::THUD:: Your photography is amazing, Anna!

~ WOW ~

this is a really neat picture but boy does it ever make me thirsty???!!!

It's like a web of diamonds. Stunning!

Wow, how beautiful and interesting that it forms droplets like that! Awesome visual!

Awesome photo Anna!!

Oh I LOVE this! I just bought a new Canon Rebel XTI and can't wait to play with it and get better at my photos. Thanks Anna for ALWAYS inspiring me!!


What an awesome shot of the web! The dew on the web looks like little diamonds or crystal beads!

Anna, I wish I had your talent for photography. Both of these spider web pictures are wonderful. I think they would be so wonderful matted and framed side by side. You'd better put them on your photo site.

wow! that is so beautiful. Great job!

WOW!! Beautiful photos!!! Isn't nature grand?

You two are a good team!!
A string of pearls from the finest jewelry store would not be as beautiful!!

What a photo op! I just LOVE your photo gallery!

That is awesome - I've never seen anything like that. You and Alan make such a great team!

That's strange, because I just clicked on the remember me button today for the first time and it is working for me on this second
attempt at posting. I even went out of the
comments field back to the blog first.

This is spectacular. Beauty can be found anywhere, even in a spiders web. As long as they have vacated the premises that is.

AMAZING!!! I love that, how awesome!
Your photography blows me away, I just LOVE everything you photograph...
Hey, has anyone else mentioned that the blog site won't remember "personal info"? I have to type it in every time...just wondering if there's an easy fix! It works for me on other blogs...thanks for checking! :D

Your photos amaze me. You have a good eye and can see beyond just the norm.


Your photo is beautiful. It's amazing what nature has to offer us.


Oh my word, this is AWESOME!!!! At first glance, I thought you were going to tell us you were into beading now. It's really so amazing to see what is created in nature.

Anna, this is absolutely amazing =)
great shot!

Wow I've never seen anything like it that is just amazing tfs.

OH MY GOODNESS! I thought it was a crystal strand on a chandelier. It's stunning, TFS.

So Alan is a good scout and you're a fabulous photographer -- what a perfect pair!

This picture is so cool I almost can't stand it! :)


Simply Stunning Photograph... I should expect it from you though... everything you do is so great!

Your weather sounds the kind of weather I live with for 1/2 the year (that's what I get for living on the coast). Your photography skills are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful talent with us.

Stings of diamonds! Gorgeous!

Oh Anna, this is beautiful. Spider webs are so pretty, if only they didn't come with creepy crawlies......

Awesome! It does look like pearls! Beautiful photo!!!

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