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What a cute stamp and such a fun idea! Love your cow!

Love your floating cow! Thanks for the directions about masking the balloons--I've puzzled over several layers of masking before, and your directions were crystal clear.

Oh how darlign! I just love this idea Anna and your fabulous watercoloring!

very cute! I did a little stamping a drew some strings myself yesterday. I didn't get to finish the card yet as we had company today...maybe tomorrow!

Your floating cow is Adorable..
I love the way you did the balloons.
Thanks for sharing.

This is soooo cute!!!

Love it Anna! You come up with the clever-ist ideas! Ü


What a super cute idea!!! I love the balloons!!

Adorable! I've seen pigs fly but not a cow! Happy spring on the farm!

Very cute! Your cards are always so cute! I love it

This is wonderful!!
Of course I am a little more comfortable seeing cardnials when I look up! ;)

Snort and mooooo! I love it!!

She's darling! Have been enjoying your photos, too, especially that rooster. Hope you all have a happy and dry weekend - - do new babies float?!

Anna: Your floating cow is adorable. I love the pic of the cardinal - how I wish we had them here in Nevada. Hope all goes well with the soon to be expected calves. Can't wait to see all your great pics of them.

Happy Spring!

I could almost picture the floating cow with your previous description, but it's so much better printed. love the cow love the set even though its still hasn't been delivered.
Thanks for the 'how to', I just may need a floating cow someday.

CUTE, Anna. But I'm thinkin' if Dixie can walk on those spindly cow legs, she certainly can float with one balloon! *wink*

CUTE, Anna. But I'm thinkin' if Dixie can walk on those spindly cow legs, she certainly will can float with one balloon! *wink*

That's a great idea! I always use normal paper but post-it notes work better! I will try soon!

~ Leonie ~

Love your card,Anna. It gave me a giggle and I could imagine many ways to use it too.

Very cute Anna! - Hope those little calves arrive today. It's a good day to be born & I should know since it's my birthday today!

Love the floating balloon/cow bouquet. She's moo..ving right along, lol.
Happy Spring to you and all the critters on the farm. Sunny, but windy as can be here in on the east coast.

Your balloon bouquet is darling, Anna! I love that fat little cow floating along with them.

This is soooo cute! great job!


Super cute Anna, great idea! One of these days I'm going to have that set.


This card is so sweet! It just makes me smile :) Thank you for sharing.

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