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I really enjoy your photography...thanks for including it here even though you have another website for it. It makes my day to see a gorgeous nature photo especially when I am not expecting it!

I love your pretty red cow! She is so petite and looks so sweet. Your kitty is gorgeous, too. He looks like he would be so cuddly if he would let you! Thanks for sharing your photos of life on your farm with us. You have such a talent for capturing the beauty in everyday things.

What an adorable cat!!! I love the long whiskers!!! Your pictures are amazing!!

Oh my gosh, I want Lucy !! Adorabull ! ;) If she would only stay that small , I'd take her in a heartbeat!

Curly is a cutie pie too! Wonderful setting you live in Anna!

What beautiful photos. I LOVE how you've captured Curly's whiskers being blown! I just want to reach out and stroke both of these cuties!

Curly looks like he's "the cat", all full of attitude and he's completely beautiful! Lucy is growin up gorgeous! She really has pretty hair. Thanks for the photos .....love my Anna farm animals!


Your photos, as always, are stunning Anna!
Curly is just breath taking...this photo could go places!
Sue (who has CURLY RED hair so I feel a definate bond with these two LOL)

Cute pictures!!
Beautiful Cat ( reminds me of my daughters cat when she was small)
and Lucy is a Beautiful Red Calf...
How old is she?.....a real cutie!!

Ohhhhh dear. I have really been remiss in visiting here to get my farm photo fixes! Curly has such a lovely "kitty's aire" about her! And Lucy!! Lucy is growing! I love the way her colors look so rich in your photo, Anna!


Beautiful photography and beautiful subjects! I get as much enjoyment if not more seeing all of your animal picutres. Nice to know that you ar a kindered spirit, just a much more talented one!

WOW! Your photos are always fabulous and I enjoy them as much as your card creations. Smiles, Pam :)

I LOVE it when you share pictures of your animals (well, I love your cards too!). :)

Wonderful photos!!!

lovely pictures!! I love cats

Your animals are GORGEOUS! Your photos are STUNNING! TFS.

Wow! Curly is such a beautiful girl!! :0)

How sweet! Curly is beautiful and so is Lucy! She looks like a calf in the pic!

I love your photos Anna! Seeing Curly with the blown whiskers is so cool!
I have never seen a COW that small! I thought it was a calf. But Lucy is beautiful!

I love taking photos of our miniature donkeys that time of day. It is a beautiful coloring to the photos! Your photos are beautiful.

Wonderful pictures. I grew up in Texas and I'm not sure that I ever saw a cow that small. She's a cutie! Thanks for sharing.

Aside from the fact that the pics are gorgeous, I am just plain ol jealous of the GREEN, GREEN grass! Still under major snow, I would still take dead brown grass at this time!

Anna, Curly is gorgeous and has the sweetest face. Lucy is darling as well. I so love it when you post farm critters.

Stunning pictures!! The cat looks like my son's cat except for the color of the eyes.

Curly is THE most gorgeous kitty I've ever seen but are you sure she's a she ? Aren't the orange cats usually males ? I'm not sure where I got my info but every orange cat I've ever seen has been a male .Lucy is pretty cute too ... calves always have the most beeeeautiful eyes ! What I can't get over is how green it is where you are . We're in southern Alberta where the sun shines alot and it's nowhere near as green here.

Oh, what gorgeous pictures! I have a kitty with really long whiskers too, but I don't believe I've ever seen then blowing in the wind! Awesome! Lucy is just beautiful, it's hard to imagine how small she really is...she has to be TOO CUTE! Thanks for the great pictures, you are my favorite photographer on the planet!!! :D

As always Anna, your photos are beautiful! I love the bright expression on your cat, and the calf is just gorgeous in what I assume is a beautiful orange sunset.

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