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Exceptionally beautiful photos! Cardinals are our state bird and that photo would be wonderful for a calendar. The cow looks like she's saying to you "can you put that camera down and help me get this calf out?", LOL. TFS.

Your photos are stunning! I'm partial to birds so that one really struck my fancy. Hoping I can take some great pictures soon. Thanks for sharing.

Your pictures are amazing!!

Love your photos! Have you seen the ostriches on my Fox Mountain blog yet? Your cow is lovely with the sun behind her ears...

Well, things are looking pretty green in your neck of the woods! I got my first up "close and personal" with my brother in law's Dexters when I went home in February. They are a very pretty cow, indeed!

I love the picture of the cardinal; there is a mating pair in the overgrown yard here at the office where I work. We've been feeding the squirrels for a couple of months and now many of the birds -- bluejays, red-bellied woodpecker and the cardinals are coming, too for the nuts. But my boy & his wife are very shy; I can barely get a glimpse of 'em, let alone a photo. So, very, very nice photo.

Just look at that SWEET FACE!!! I could just kiss it! Pixie's a beautiful cow - soon to be a mommy. How exciting. I look forward to more pictures. (We had more snow, about an inch, in north Idaho this morning - first day of spring! - Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!!) Jeanne xo

How gorgeous us that cardinal and pixie (at first glance I thought she had hay in her mouth) and then realized it was her tail swaying..It is gorgeous today too. Happy Spring to you too!

I cannot believe how gorgeous the cardinal photo is. I love seeing Pixie and can't wait to see new pictures of all the babies. I always look forward to your farm pictures.

I love the photo of the cardinal. As you know, we don't have them in Oregon. Very Beautiful shade of Red. So - do they lecture you like Blue Jays do?
The photo of the Rooster really looked like a painting. You do truly wonderful work. What an artist.
Enjoy that rain............ Heaven knows that we have been getting our fair share here..... Happy Easter to you and the gang on the farm,

I really enjoy seeing your photos, especially the ones of your farm animals! You capture their personalities perfectly!

Great photos! Cardinals are frequent visitors to our back yard. The males' colors are so vibrant - we thoroughly enjoy them, year round in Mass. No cows though - none, nada so I look forward to your wonderful photos of all your animals - especially the babies :) You have such a knack for capturing animals with your camera at just the right moment!

Beautiful pictures! We definately had a beautiful afternoon yesterday. I live up in McMinnville, so it may have been different up here, but by the looks of your pictures you were enjoying the sunshine as much as I was.
I love all of the beautiful art you have created. I found your blog through the Crafty Secrets website, and have been enjoying browsing your blog. Thanks for putting it out here for all of us to enjoy.

Pixie looks like she is posing for you! You have the knack for capturing your animals at just the right moment. Or maybe you tossed 20 other shots and picked this one! LOL.

My plan is to live vicariously through you. So light and spring-like in your photos. We're expecting 10" of snow tonight.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of Pixie. Such a darling pose. It looks so balmy there. I'm so jealous.

Lucky you to see such a pretty cardinal. Very inspiring

The back lighting is beautiful. She is one pretty cow.

Incredible pictures, Anna! TFS. You are one talented lady.

Beautiful pictures!

Is that bird picture photoshopped? The colors are stunning!

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