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Your photography just takes my breath away!!
THANK YOU for sharing!

you're right- this is fabulous!

Just beautiful!

Fantastic shot, Anna! I love the setting sun behind the people and horse.

Anna, that is georgeous!--That's the way to live- I live on a farm in rural Michigan and love to see your photos- we are blessed to have nature all around us.

Out of this world BEAUTIFUL!!! It says soooooooo much to me. The greatest thought is when I think of cowboys I think tough,
this is wafting LOVE and TENDERNESS at first sight. TFS

beautiful picture. I love it!

Gorgeous scene. A perfect intimacy about it. Just us.

Fantastic picture and what's not to love about a Cowboy. In my next life I will get one of those.

What a beautiful picture! Glad you're feeling better and "secretly" working. You'd think I could "see" if I'm down here polishing your pedestal. hmmmm...

uhoh!!! I like the looks of this already!!

Beautiful! What a gorgeous sunset!

Another thank you for the eye candy. Its perfect.

That is just gorgeous! Perfectly gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography, it is AMAZING...and I can't wait to see what you are working on!!!
SOOOO glad you are feeling better, and hope you are 100% soon! Have a great weekend! :D

Anna: That pic is stunning. Thanks for brightening our cloudy day. I'm working on something w/your stamps - hopefully I'll finish it this weekend. I hope you are secretly creating more of your fun stamps for all of us. XOX - Troy Louise

everything you do is eye candy girl!!!


Wanted to say that I love love love the new stamps! This is a great photo! Why is it that some people have soooo much creativity and people like me can only copy you?

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world!

Love your pic!! Where did you take this? I have trouble getting my horses just to stand STILL long enough to TAKE a picture!! May I use this as my walllpaper? I love all of your equine pics! TFS!

Waitin to see what you are working on in secret is like waiting for Santa to come. I just want you to know I have tried to be a good girl this year! Glad you are up and feeling better. The photo is beautiful. My entire family room is dedicated to horses, being a Louisville, KY gal I love horses and Derby! Have a good and most creative day!

Wonderful eye candy!! Your photography is very good. I love going over to that gallery and looking around.

What an amazing picture!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

What a gorgeous pic! Thanks for sharing.

OMGosh what a stunning photo! I LOVE your work...all of it. Thank you for always sharing parts of yourself with the rest of us.

Beautifully done!!!!

that's a breathtaking photo! thanks for sharing it!!

What a great photo! I grew up in a dude ranch town...that cowboy is looking might handsome right now! ;-) Our basketball coach in highschool used to wear these cowboy boots and when he'd saunter across the court...oh la la!


What a wonderful photo to warm up the day here in snowy/rainy/icy/cloudy W. PA!


Oh my Anna, this photo is just beautiful! You are so talented!

I thought of you this weekend when a local farmers Black Angus cow got out and was "hiding" on our property! We found BIG remnants that she was around but believe it or not, could not find her! Finally on Sunday, we went for a walk and all of a sudden there she was! She was huge, can't believe we had such a time finding her (she must have been hiding in the woods!). Then on Monday, the farmers were back on our property because they realized that she had had her calf and they needed to find it!! All is well, Mommy and baby are doing fine!

Have a great day!

This is eye candy!!! I would love to be the female sitting on the horse!

OMG I hope you're selling notecards of this cause my mom's gonna love it. AND I love it!! Fabulous, chickie!

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