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I have spent a wonderful afternoon reading your Farm Life blog and looking at your wonderful animals. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and the wonderful photography. You have made it just like being there.Congratulations on your engagement. Ann

WOW! I love your photos! Had a look in your photogallery and your pictures are fantastic. So funny cause I'm also a photo-and cardmaking girl living on a farm, loving those macro-pics of flowere, insects, nature etc!
Great blog you have!

The layers of textures offered by the quality of light in Geronimo's photo is absolutely stunning. I love the warm tones in this one. I've been trying (and failing) to get a good portrait of my black and white cat Jilly. She's a long hair too, but in bright sunlight, there a warm deep brown color in her fur that's a surprise because she's so DEEP dark black in natural light.

What delightfully sweet kitties - boy, they are struttin' their stuff, even laying down, aren't they? There is a saying that "dogs have masters, but cats have STAFF!" Isn't that so true?? Feel better soon - try to STAY well, girl - spring is comin'...xoxoxo JeanneH

Sweet...if only all could be so happy.

LOVE the kitty pics!!! I can just feel their warm fur in the sun...so nice!
The baby card with the bunny is precious...nothing new there, everything you make is awesome!
Hope you are feeling better, it takes about a week for that flu to subside...sure hope you'll be back fully recovered, SOON! :D

I just want to reach out and pet Geronimo. He looks like a King!

Anna, The Kitties are GORGEOUS! What great photo's. They look happy & content as all cats should be.

Love the pics of the kitties. And they are saying, hey, I'm working! Do you see any mice around here??? Hmmmmm???? Hahahahaha.

Ohhh, nice to see farm animals again! Your pictures make farm life seem so wonderful. We had a sad reminder that it isn't always that way when a weasel got into the barn where my boys have been helping and killed all her chickens. It was a sad day! Glad to see your cats are enjoying their "rough" life, lol!

You have a natural talent with the camera. Absolutely love the cat photos, as well as the other ones you post. I look forward to visiting your site daily (sometimes more) to see what's new and exciting on your blog. Hope you're feeling better soon

Great pictures..
Cute cats...just laying around
enjoying the sun.

They don't look like they work too hard. Kind of pampered working cats, right? It was sunny in Nebraska also and nice temperatures. We are paying for it today with rain and snow. I hope you feel better soon.


They're too cute! I don't think I've ever heard of a loved cat that wasn't spoiled. I grew up with dogs and never realized how much personality cats can have!

The first kitty looks like he owns the farm! A very distinctive personality in the pic! Junior looks friendly and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine!!

I love your cat pictures, Anna! I have a mut cat named Cassie that is all white with black spots but looks so much like Junior in the face shape. I also have a fluffy Siamese with the exact shape of face and body shape of your Geronimo only with diamese coloring. She is a princess....well ...she thinks so. My poodle doesn't like her very much.

You certainly seemed to catch the personalities of your cats in these photos! Junior looks a lot like our cat Pepper. Talk about spoiled, both of our cats, "allow" my DD to tuck them in under their covers each night! Good thing we live in the middle of our subdivision because if we lived on the outskirts next to the cotton fields we'd probably be overrun with varmints- teeheehee!

Caterrific! They are beautiful...the cats and the photo. They look like royalty in farmland, TFS.

What cool pictures! They're so cute.

These are stunning photos, Anna! Such cuties. :0)

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