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Very Cute Card!!
Adorable sheep...
pretty paper..Beautiful Ribbon.

The sheep are so adorable! I thought the coloring was planned, the one in the front looks as if it's in a shadow because it's just landed. the second one is up in the air and the last one is getting ready to go up so they're lighter. A baby card is a wonderful idea...especially for any new spring lambs that are born soon.
I guess I'm as medicated as you are, LOL, I didn't see any typos!
Get some more rest.

I just love the little sheep, and how they look like they're "jumping over!" I'll have to make this card...I copy you a lot, you know!! Such good ideas. I don't have this exact sheep, mine's a little fatter, but it'll still work. I hope you feel better soon!! It's not nice being sick. Drink LOTS of TEA! With honey and lemon. I'm a tea freak, so I tell everybody that. Plus, it really is good for you. Hang in there - spring is coming - well, it's already warm in Texas, what am I talking about? We're still FROZEN up here in Idaho. xoxoxo Jeanne

Oh being sick stinks! So glad you shared this card with us though...it is sooo cute! Hope you feel better soon! I'm off to check out your t&t page...make sure I didn't miss anything, lol!

A really cute card!

So sorry you're still sick. Glad to see you've gotten some medicine to help you get well. Hope you feel better soon!

Super Cute Sheep, Love the blue (my favorite color) and the way you did the ribbon. Now you get yourself up & well girl! Love Ya!

So sorry that you're icky-sicky :(

I hope you're back to your normal self very, very soon!

Cute sheeps :)

Well, I like your sheep . . . not too blue at all! Great card design, too. Hope you are feeling better soon!


Now, get better.. I think we are about to embark on yet another round of the sickies! Both kids are coughing and I'm not feeli' so hot either! boo-hiss!

This is just adorable Anna!
Feel better!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

So cute!!! Hope you feel better.

Very cute Anna! Hope you feel better!

So adorable in blue -- you know how I love blue!! Remember your Paris book -- and I was busting your chops about it (maybe 2 years ago -- GUESS WHO IS GOING TO PARIS NOW SISTER! YEHAW!

Miss you!


Can't wait to get my sheep stamps to make them leap thru the air!! (thanks for the explanation on masking)
Rest up and take care of yourself!!

Very cute card Anna, would work great for a baby card. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Sounds like the same thing I have, what a waste of a weekend. Might have to visit the doctor today.

Very cute! I ordered my sets so am patiently waiting for them to come! I love the bunny and the look on his little face! And you know I love the little sheep! Get better soon, Anna!!!

Get better, sweet Anna girl! I ordered the Bo Peep set and can't wait to play.

Very cute little sheep..or as my sister in law calls them..sweaters..LOL
Hope you are feeling a little better...rest up, this flu is a doozie...and it will come back to bite you if you jump up too quickly.
Take care

Oh, that is ADORABLE!!! Love the 3 sheep, TOO CUTE...
Sure hope you are feeling better, if not, you will soon! So sorry you are sick on a weekend, and holiday! Happy President's Day anyway! :P
Tell Alan to give you a big HUG for us!

This card is so sweet, it may be a fun card for new parents as well(sheep to count on those sleepless nights ;) lol)!

That is so cute!! What a fun idea!


So, I'll use that excuse when I make typos...sounds much better than I'm old *wink*!

love those springers!

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