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Just adorable Anna!

This is a real cute bunny card.
I really like the color scheme..
the flowers in the BG are nice.

Awww.... Anna, hope you up and about quick.

Sorry to hear you're feeling crummy! Feel better soon! (:

This is sweet! I don't think I'll ever tire of that bunny!
Hope you feel better soon! Tonight DH is coming down with the flu too....and he's such a BABY when he's sick! LOL.

Sorry to hear you are sick. I'm from CA and I have been sick too. It's going around!!! Fortunately, I've only had the cough, none of the other ickies. This particular virus sounds like a doozie,though. I know lots of people who have and/or had it. blech!!! Lots of rest!!! :) Just got my "Posie " set and can't wait to start stamping!!! yipepeee!!!

Love your card done up in apricot and banana-sounds like something to eat. Very pretty and cute image.

Hope you are on the mend soon!

Bev J.

Sorry to hear your under the weather!! Your bunny is so cute! I love the fresh colors--so Springy!

too CUTE! Hope your bug passes quickly.

Sorry to hear you are sick. The card is so adorable. I am always in awe of your coloring and overall card sketches! I was just wondering what color reinkers did you use?

ADORABLE card, get well SOON!!!

Oh, man, Anna, sorry you're not feeling up to snuff! ( you didn't get it from me, I feel fine..) Feel better soon!

What a fresh and fun card!

Darling card! Just so you know I had the same junk going on and I ended up at the Dr. getting antibiotics to kick it. Be careful..... Hope you are well soon.

Precious and adorable card!!! Your coloring just blows my head off. Your stamps are a

I'm so sorry that you are ill. I agree with Gail, chicken soup, vicks, and I would add a hot toddy to sweat it out. Hot Toddy Recipe; 1 TBS. honey, 3/4 glass of hot tea,
2 shots of brandy, and 1 slice of lemon. Cheers.

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. It's going around! Get better soon! Great card, btw!

This card is just so cheery and adorable!

So sorry you're not feeling good :( It's no fun to be sick. Let your honey pamper you - you deserve it!

My prescription is for chicken noodle soup and good old fashioned Vicks.
Your card is so adorable! I've got both sets coming to me I can't wait to pay!
Hope you get better soon.

HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON! Thanks for getting up and posting these adorable cards.

Sending cyber hugs to you! I've got sickies in my house too. Plus I just got hit with something really "special" so I'm now feeling lousy too. UGH! As a mommy, etc. I don't have the time to be sick. Feel better real soon.
Love to you,

Anna...hope you start to feel better Sweetie! We've been through that a few times and it is not fun!

I just love this Bunny card! Absolutely love it!

Hope you are feeling better and better! Your body probably just needs rest. Love the colors on this cute bunny card, and your coloring! AHHHH! I dig that carrot outside the rectangle. Just gorgeous!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

Sending warm, healing thoughts and wishes.

ohmygoodness! This is adorable, I love these colors and that bunny is too sweet.

I hope you feel better soon.

Sorry your feeling under the weather, feel better soon!

Make your sweetie pamper you and surround you with all your cheery adorable artwork like this bunny and GET WELL SOON!

Your card is darling and is just the ticket for today in MI as we are forecast to have more icky winter weather.
I hope you are feeling better soon.
Our family's recipe for this is honey mixed with squirt and heated--always seems to help.

I hope you are over it quick and feeling good soon! Being sick is no fun. Love the cards and your new sets.

Fell better soon! I am sending good thoughts and wishes your way. Love your new stamps. You never cease to amaze me!! Janet in NC

Poor Anna! Feel better, okay? LOVE your new Whipper Snapper sets, and thanks so much for sending me the cute pic of all of us -- it was so great to meet you in person! HUGS!

Sending you get well hugs!!!! Your bunny card is super cute!!

Beautiful card!! I'm so sorry your sick! Feel better soon!

Oh Anna... so sorry you are sick. :-(

But my goodness this card is adorable. The coloring.. the subtle shading.. girl you got skills.

sorry to hear your sick i hope you are well soon.

You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon!!!

So sorry to hear you're sick! Feel better soon!
The card, by the way, is adorable! Love that bunny.

{{{{Anna}}}} Get well soon honey!!!!

Oh Anna, bless your heart! I'm so sorry you are sick! I have the same dang thing, I'm on my 4th day. Fun, isn't it? BLEAH!!!
The GOOD thing is, you got it AFTER CHA!!! Thank goodness you were able to enjoy yourself in CA. Now, let's hope we all get better, but I'm hearing that it takes a while...and you can get pneumonia too, so be careful~~see the Dr. if you need to! TAKE CARE! :) FEEL BETTER!

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