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Love your photography, scruffy horse or not! Check out my amateurish video of a local black bear digging for birdseed in the snow. Glad you are feeling better, too!

This horse is gorgeous whether he's scruffy or not! I love how his ears are straight up, giving you his undivided attention....hoping....waiting....looking for that apple or carrot:) Beautiful photos, I NEVER get tired of looking at pictures of horses! TFS

He's so cute. I don't care that he's scruffy. Reminds me of Winny!

I love the scruffy winter coat look horses get. my beautiful billiegirl always had the best scruffy looking coat in winter!

Maybe a little scruffy but boy, what a beauty! Love your pic Anna!

Great picture..
I love horses!!

Even for a "City Girl" like me this guy is a cutie. A little rough around the edges but he has character. Great shot.

I'm glad to see that you are up and outside getting a bit of fresh air after your bout with airplane air. I want more animal pictures! Love & Kisses, Dad

I love this horse...he's friendly and to me that's important. It's the same with friendly people they are nice to know. Great shot!!! TFS.

He might be a little scruffy but I love his coloring! Lucky you to have him close by!

I love horses in the winter - their scruff makes them that much cuter!!!! He is gorgeous!!!!! You are lucky to live so close to such beauty!!! :)

Wow! He's beautiful! How wonderful to live in a place like that! Great pics!

Oh this is too funny. You were talking about calves and I was looking at the picture of the horse wondering if maybe you had them confused lol. It made sense at the end but I got a 2 second chuckle!

What a beautiful horse. I am so happy you sent a picture. I love all of your animal pictures.

Oh, so pretty! Glad you got this picture, even if the calves did run away! What a nice horse, next time you'll have to stick some apple wafers in your pocket! :D

all animals are beautiful, even the scruffy ones. I sat and watched the deer cross the farmers field and come into my yard (I am inside the city limit) and they eat the apples off the crab apple tree that didnt fall in the wind. Full moon on them-comforting in a way but sad that they have to come into the city for food. There is a new subdivision going up next to the farmer and the poor deer will have no safe place to sleep I fear.

What a pretty boy!! And no treats?? What a meanie! ;)

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