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Beautiful as always! My favorite theme is Birthday. I am making alot of Thank You cards right now since I just started a new business. These stamps would make wonderful cards.

Enjoy CHA. How exciting.

Whipper Snapper stamps make me SMILE! I especially like to stamp funny "Pun" cards, they bring smiles to anyone.

Whipper Snapper stamps make me SMILE! I especially "Pun" cards, they bring smiles to anyone.

my favorite is Christmas. If I didn't look like such a nob I would still be posting them today! Wow have fun in California!

Oh, I love the cheery orange flowers card! It'll definitely bring smiles to someone's day. Hope you enjoy CHA to the mostest!!

hi! found your blog accidentally. nice accindent that was. love your work! i like flower stamps at the moment. they are suitable for any occasion. have fun at the CHA!

Welcome to warm California. By the 15th all the almond trees will be in bloom and they will be beautiful!!
I think I like stamping with animals the most but I love short but meaningful messages too!!
Have a great time at CHA!

My favorite theme has to be "boy" since I have my two boys. I find it fun to stamp things for them. :o)

Love flowers so many too choose fantastic. Adore the bucket and butterfly in the posies for you set

Fav theme for stamping? I love sending cards for no particular reason than just "saying hello". If they're floral, so much the better!

have tons o' fun at CHA...I would love to go someday!! My favorite theme for stamping is whimsical (think su 'priceless') and unique (anything by a muse)!

My favorite theme is flowers! Love your blog! have fun at CHA!!!

Oh, Anna, I hope you are having a wonderful time! My LSS friends are at CHA too, and I can hardly wait to see what wonderful ideas they bring back with them.

I love your new stamp set and would be so excited to win it!

I am a Flower Lush! Yes they intoxicate me! I can never get enough of them. I own more flower stamps then anything and I never tire of them! I have already had my eye on this wonderful set! I just love it.

I cannot tell you how much I would LOVE to win this set!!! Thanks for the chance to win!
My favorite theme is birthday. I really like making any kind but birthday seems the most fun!
Thanks Anna!
Lori M

WOW! Look at all the posts! Don't know if I really have a favorite theme for stamping-I have had to work at using flowers, although I like the nature sets still. I guess just randomn things you can use for any card-spots, stripes, etc. Thanks for your inspiration!

I love all kind of stamping! I am stamping now! My friend who taught me most everything I know about stamping has lung cancer and she is right here sleeping in my bed (I gladly took the couch) because her electricity went off tonight. If I win, I am giving them to her. What better way to give flowers!

Have fun at CHA, never been to a craft trade show which would have been awesome, but i've been to plenty of trade shows for work and had a blast.

hmmmm favorite theme for stamping? would have to be "Just because" i love making cards just make a smile on someones face. there is no pressure,no timelines such as holidays.

I love making baby cards but I don't seem to have any on hand. I have a surplus of birthday cards on hand!

I would have to say that my favorite theme is flowers!

Have a wonderful time in California! My favorite theme to stamp is animal cards...be for birthday, friendship, or a holidy...I love to stamp with animals images. Thanks for the opportunity to win the stamp set!

Without a doubt my favorite theme is Christmas, it brings out the kid in me. Have a great time at your first CHA. It is an amazing show and lots of fun.

My favorite stamping theme right now is doodles and scrolly things. And I love to stamp for no reason at all - I love creating cards just for the fun of being creative. These days I find myself reaching for the doodle type decorative stamps to enhance my stuff. I just did a whole bunch of scrapbooking, and used my doodle stamps a whole bunch because I love the way they look!

My favorite theme is get well or think of you. The flower set looks like it would be great to watercolor.

My favorite card theme is birthday. Thank you is a close second. I love your designs!

My favorite topics are flowers. Can't go wrong with anything floral. Congrats!! Hope I win!! :)

I LOVE to make baby cards...and silly kids cards too! I am running out of friends having babies....I need to make some new friends with pregant people :-)

Thanks for the great ideas, inspiration, and fun prize opportunity!

I always seem to gravitate towards flowers! hope you have fun at CHA!

My favorite theme is "Purple" :) It's my favorite color, so any kinda card with purple on it is a hit with me! :) Love the card by the way!! -Michelle Wallace

Well, it looks like I'll be placing another WS order before long -- if this set is half as good as Posies for You, then I've got to have it!

My favorite theme(s) is birthday and flowers. Put the two together and you've got the perfect card!

I love to stamp flowers... for any occasion!! And I love your Posies set, Anna... sure hope I win it !!

my favorite theme to stamp is thinking of you and birthdays. I hope you come back from CHA with lots of Ideas. Have fun and TFS

My favorite stamping theme is cats. I have 4!!

WOWWW, I don't have this set and I love it.
My favorite theme right now are Baby cards, I don't know why, lately I've been in the mood for babies and more baby cards.
Thanks for the chance and God bless.

My favorite theme for stamping has always been flowers, with birds running a close second. Anna, I love your designs! Thanks
so much for the vintage bird post card. It will have a place in my next vintage art project.

I just ordered the Posie Stamp!! Can't wait for it to get here!! I love the flowers!! :) Thanks for ALL the inspiration!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Jenni King

I love to make thinking/praying for you cards. Flowers are pretty high up on my fun things to stamp list, but I also like to use more artsy stamps to do collage type backgrounds. Words, fonts and text are next on my list. I love the freedom that rubberstamps give you.........I can barely draw stick people but stamps allow me to be soo creative.
Hope I'm the winner, I NEVER win at anything so it would be fun to have that change.........have fun at CHA.......I can barely imagine what a wonderful, fun time it would be.............would need to save for a year ahead of time and pack an extra suitcase I'm sure, an empty one to fill with all the goodies I would HAVE to have............dorothy in bc by the sea

What a great stamp set! I love your doodles!

I lover using flowers for Birthday's, Thank You's and Just Because cards. They give them a nice bright and happyy feeling as they can be done in one colour or a multitude of colours. I would love it if this set was on its way to Australia!

My favorite theme generally corresponds with the season. However, since it is 12 below today, before the windchill factor, I have leap-frogged ahead to spring!!! Enjoy CHA!!!!

I Love making "Thinking of You" cards and Love this stamp set. I Hope I am the luck one!!!!LOL!!!! Kim

These look fantastic!
Looking forward to seeing them at my LSS, hopefully!!

Definitely flowers for me! I can use them for almost any occasion.

My favorite theme is with flowers and I usually make birthday cards. Cute set. I hope I win, or else, I'll have to go buy it!
Wendy L

very cute card; we're all looking forward to getting a peek at CHA; thanks for the chance at the blog candy.

I seem to use a lot of flowers for all occasions. I would love to have the set you're offering! Thanks for the chance.

My favorite theme for stamping is flowers and coloring with Prisma colored pencils.

Hi Anna - Those flowers are great!!! I love flowers.....but my favorite images to stamp are animals. I like the cute animal sketches and the realistic drawings too. You can never have too many animal or flower stamps!!

Beautiful card, as always!
I love making thank you and thinking of you cards - can never have too many of those. I like to send cards to friends instead of always relying on email. :D

My favorite has to be flowers because it reminds me of springs, promise of warm sunny days and the sounds of life outside. Thanks for an awesome blog, I love reading daily!

I love flowers AND birthdays! Enjoy the show!

I don't think I can pick just one theme because I like variety. I would love to have those stamps though. Have fun at CHA.

Wow, you are really on a roll here with the blog candy lately. Since I just won the last time, my luck has probably been used up, but one never knows, right?
I don't think I really have a favorite theme for cards. It's kind of like whatever I am in the mood for at the time. I do seem to use flowers a lot though!
Have fun in sunny CA at CHA. That would be a dream of mine- to one of these days be able to attend CHA (drool)!

I really love stamping flowers...you can adapt them to pretty much any occasion!

My favourite theme for stamping is cute and funny animals. The animal stamp I have collected most is halloween bats. Flowers and hearts are great too.

Hope CHA was excellent. My favorite thing is a flourish theme. I really do love to add flourish to many many cards. Thanks for the candy opportunity.

I love stampin with animals and flowers the most! Can never have too many of either!

Hi Anna~ Once again I am inspired by your work. I would LOVE to have this set. Flowers are such a fun way to say so many things. Thank you for having such a big heart and always sharing and inspiring me.

I love to make baby cards. Maybe because I'm always late, so this occasion gives me time to actually make the card and have it be on time. Love your Posies For You set. The pail is too cute. Thanks for the chance to win. I hope I do. Angelina

I have seen this stamp set used on cards and am in love with it. I would love to win this, I could see it getting used ALOT! I just love flowers!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!-Samantha

I think my favorite them is flowers. I find I'm always reaching for something with petals.

Theme? Probably flowers, I do use those alot. I like that set-it makes me think Spring and we need some here in Nebraska! Thanks for sharing!!

If I must pick a favorite theme, it would have to be Christmas! Then flowers, which I can combine by doing poinsettias! Someday, I'd like to go to CHA. Have fun!

AT this time butterflies are my weakness. You can colour them up with many different colours and of course they must have GLITTER!! Love the Posies for You stamps set. I see glitter all over them.

My favourite theme would be "Thank you" cards as I love the reason for why I make them so they seem to have so much more heart.
I do have to admit that a close second would be masculine cards as I love the challenge of making a card that stretches my creativity.

Oh my goodness! What great blog candy. I would have to say that my favorite theme is "friends." When I am making cards for my friends, I always seem to have more fun. Don't get me wrong, I have fun making cards all the time, but the friend cards are my favorite.

My favorite is geometric designs. I am a huge scrapbooker so background paper and creative ways to use stamps is my favorite things. Thanks for sharing the stamp set!


WOW-WEEEEEE!! Look at all the comments! Crikey girl, are you reading all of these??? LOL

I am so jealous you are off having a good time at CHA! But man-oh-man you have been a busy little beaver with all these new stamps of yours! I am so proud of you! Big HUGS Girlfriend!!! :)

So I think I will go ahead and enter your drawing... I mean, why not, right? heehee My favorite theme for card-making is....is....no theme. Nope, I like making cards just to make them. They don't have to have a saying or a special meaning. Nope, no-sir-eee, maybe that is why I have so many. UGH! I think this week will be the week to send them out to a bunch of un-suspecting Peeps. Yep, sounds good to me. LOL

Anywho, hope you are having a blast... I will miss your posts while you are away. Maybe you could send Eddie to me to keep me company? Just a thought... :)

What a wonderful giveaway! I use a lot of flowers when I stamp - they are my go-to! When I don't have a specific purpose for the card, I often throw on a thank-you sentiment, because you can never have too many thank you cards!

I don't have a favorite theme for stamping. I just joined 7 swaps on SCS and just received 2 back. Been working on Animal cards pretty much. I am waiting for my local stamp store owner to go to CHA and place her Whipper Snapper order, so I can make my next Whipper Snapper Swap Cards!LOL
Would love your flower set!!

I would have to say flowers (and not just because this is a flower set!). I'm always drawn to the flower sets and WANT THEM ALL.

You are SOOOOO lucky - enjoy your first experience at the CHA.... Can I tag along???

Hmmmm my favorite theme really changes with the season.... Winter is Snowmen/Snowflakes, Summer is Flowers and fall is leaves and pumkins (I am still looking for one fabulous full pumpkins - not a lined image, a full block pumpkin... I'll find one I know I will).... Have a great trip...

OMG. I have been dying to buy Posies for you!! My favorite theme is Thinking of You.

This is that adorable set! I really like the card you made too!!

I LOVE this set. What a fabulous opportunity. Ooo, I hope I win. Without a doubt, my favorite stamping theme is FLOWERS -- at least 90% of my stamps are flowers! They are so versatile. Have a great time at CHA.

My favorite theme for stamping is "sassy girl". I love all the different ones out there: Inky Antics, Penny Black, Stamping Bella, My favorite things, Hanna Stamps - just to name a few - LOL.

I love making christmas cards, christmas is my fav time of year! Thanks for the chance at winning!
Nicole L.

Hi, Anna! My favorite types of stamps are flowers - so this is the perfect type of blog candy, in my opinion!!

Kerry Morgan

I'd have to say I have tons of favorite themes - but right now, cute OR elegant are on the top of the list!!

I love to stamp frogs and have several frog stamps in my collection. However I do a lot of birthday cards tool.

For me it's Christmas ... I love Christmas stamps of all sorts!

I keep tryng to branch out, but always seem to come back to flowers.. any shape or size.
and of course anythng with a cat in it, I can't resist.
It would be so fun to play with your posies for you set..
have a blast at CHA!
your head will be spinning with so many fun and new things and great people!

My favorite theme for stamping is definitely flowers. They can be used for just about any occasion or reason. The choice of kinds and colors is limitless. Or to infinity and beyond....


My favorite theme for stamping is birthday themes... I have so many to make in the coming months...

I have so many favorite themes...birds are my newest obsession. I am always looking for just one more bird stamp. Have a wonderful time in California and do tell us about all the new stuff!!

Have fun at CHA, you lucky girl! Can't wait to hear all about it...

I love all sorts of stamps, but I always come back to my flower sets... I just can't have enough flowers!

Very nice card, I love the tulips!! My favorite theme is flowers. I have a ton of flower stamps & sets. I am trying to get more "boy" themed stamp cuz I tend to always buy flowers and I have 4 sons!!! I love the poises set!

Flowers are my charm and I would love to win your stamps. Thanks for entering me.
Cheers, Trish G.

I love that set! My favorite theme is flowers - easy and versatile!

Oh! Do have fun at CHA and remember all us poor people out here anxiously awaiting news of all the new treats on display! Can't wait to see the goodies you will show us!!

Hmm, I don't think I really have a favorite theme when it comes to stamping, but I do seem to make a ton of "Thinking of You" cards with all different designs & styles.

Great looking set. I could see this one being a good one for Thinking of You cards.

I just love making birthday cards. Flowers really seem to make a birthday card look great.

My favorite theme would be thank you cards or thinking of you cards. :) Thanks for the chance to win this set. :)

You said it... i can enter even I have this set already...so here's mine =) and i defitely love flowers theme, that's why i got your posies for you set and i love it!

Enjoy CHA. . .can't wait to see your next new set! My favorite theme has to be flowers! Can't get enough of them and they are so fun to play with!!

I so love what you do with this set. I think I love the flower theme for so mavy diffrent cards, birthday; get well; thank you and sympathy. Flowers lend themselves to all of these types of cards so well!

My favorite theme lately has been baby cards- Most of my friends are married now and seems like everyone decided to start their families at the same time! There will be many baby showers to attend in the upcoming months, and it's fun to create a special, personalized card to give along with the present :)

oh Anna... I'd love to win these stamps... hope you have fun at CHA... my favorite stamping theme - is something 'out of the box' - trying to do what everyone else isn't.

My favorite theme has to be bears----big cuddly teddy bears. A bear stamp with bandages is sent as a get well card, a bear holding a heart is sent as a Valentine's Day card, and on and on throughout the year. Looking at my stamp collection, though, I have tons of stamps with flowers, hearts, and other images too numerous to count. Have a wonderful trip to CHA. Thank you for the opportunity to win the Posies for You stamp set!

I am a flower kind of girl. Flowers go well for any kind of card you want to make. I just made two sympathy cards, a thank you card and a birthday card, all using the same stamp set. All flowers. Anna, thanks for your generosity on giving away this stamp set. I would love to win it.

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