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My favorite theme is birthday cards. I can never have enough birthday cards!!! Really should give some of them away I suppose! LOL

Wow. I love looking at all the blog candy.

love your blog. Really nice blog candy. thanks for the chance :)


I forgot to post on the last post that I love to stamp flowers on thinking of you or get well cards.

What a great card! These stamps are awesome, too.

I always end up with "thinking of you" types of cards and some kind of flowers. I LOVE flower stamps and these are adorable!

Hello Ana: Thanks for offering this fun blog candy.
My favourite theme is Snow. I can't believe I said that since we have a ton of it here. Nevertheless, I love stamping snow, penguins, polar bears, trees, ice skating you name it I love it.

It seems I am always making thank you cards!

Oh ya! I was so excited to tell you my favourite theme is baby...Linda

Wow! What a great stamp set. I would love to play with this one.

Enjoy the CHA!

Linda (momtooandz on SCS)

Hi Anna!
My favorite theme is FLOWERS!!!! That's why I what to win your blog candy soooooo much!!!
Thank you!

Darn, am I too late to enter? I didn't see this before leaving for CHA! Love your Posies, Anna, and that great bucket to put them in!

Cute images! Those are my favorites for stamping - for anything.

Wow..blog candy...!!my favorite topic are babies...though i dont own any stamp..but still I love making cards on it..or anything it might be..!!

And I'll love this blog candy..Hope I am not late..!

Holiday cards!! (That covers it all, eh?!)

My favorite theme is anything girly! I have 3 of my own....so they're never far from my mind!

I love your blog! Thanks for giving out blog candy too. My all time fav stamping theme is Flowers! I am kinda flowerish type of person :)

Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic stamp set! I can just see the possibilities. I would have to say my favorite theme is flowers they can be used for any occasion. But when it comes down to it any kind of stamp is great. I just love making cards, stamping and making people happy.

I would have to say flowers because I buy so many flower stamps. Hope you had fun here in So Cal this past few days. The weather was fantastic.

This is such a darling set. Flowers are my favorite theme to stamp!

My fav themes are friends, and just because - that way you can use anything you want, any colors you want. Absolutely no restrictions!

In looking at my collection of stamps I guess you could say I like flowers the best!! They can be used for many occasions. I like this style....not fancy.

Hey there, I am new to blogging but somehow came across yours and I was blown away, You are so talented. I wish you were closer to me so you couls teach me how to color like this! Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to be better!


Love your cards. TFS. I do mostly birthday cards. Love flourishes, butterflies and flowers.

I have such a soft spot for quirky little animals such as an adorable frog, spunky pig, sassy chicken, mischevious kitty, a snail, grasshopper, puppy, the list could go on and on. I just can't resist an animal with personality! Thanks much for your beautiful work and the chance to win this great set!

Flowers and I want those poisies!!! Blast it. If I don't win it, I'll have to buy them. Have fun at CHA.

It seems I always make feminine cards and flowrs are wonderful.

I am sure you loved CHA - it is mind boggling.


I love to do flowers - it seems most cards I make are for females - and flowers are always perfect - very cute set.


My favorite theme is daisies. My dog's name is Daisy, and Gerbera Daisies are my favorite flower, so it's no suprise. I think I have more daisy stamps and patterned paper than any other theme - love them! Thanks for the chance to win the blog candy.

That is one adorable stamp set! And you are one generous person!! My favorite subject as of late has been baby cards! It seems everyone is pregnant lately! They are a hot item!

My favorite theme is flowers followed by birthdays!!!! Thanks for a chance to win this great set!!!

What a great card - I am so ready for spring but I've got a long wait I'm afraid. Yup we're burried in snow here in freezing cold Michigan. Ha Ha! Anyway my favorite theme for stamping is herts and flowers. I adore valentines and I especialy enjoy making ones with lots of flowers. Would love this set - wouldn't it be perfect with my theme.

Anna it was so fun meeting you at CHA. You are as sweet (and sassy ;)) as they say. Hope you have a safe trip home.

My favorite cards to stamp are thank you cards.

It's a toss-up between birthday and thank you's! One can create some many wonderful things! Thanks for a your great blog! I enjoy coming back to see what fantastic things you have created! Thanks for sharing!

Holidays. I love stamping for holidays, all of them. I love, love, love the Posies for You set - so sweet, sassy and versatile. Hope I win! Can't wait to hear what you have to say about CHA. Wish I were there!

I like stamping, thinking of you, just because, and hello cards. I like using different background stamps and all colors of ribbons. Hope you have a great time at the convention!!!

CHA! You lucky stamper you! I love your art and I love spring....so what could be better....a Spring Stamp set designed by you!

Have fun!


Well Anna, I like to watercolor and dream of someday doing it as well as you do. Most of all I like to color flowers and plants. Any theme is ok if it has a flower or leaf in it. Would love to have this great little set to work on!

My favorite theme is Flowers, Thinking of You. Love you site.

Great Web site, I love all of the card design ideas & instructions.

Hmmm... I just started stamping so my only real theme so far is Christmas! LOL! Those are BEAUTIFUL stamps!

Just found your site and have to say I am so glad I did! Love the tutorials too, since I am pretty new to card making. Id have to say I love the cards I make for friends for no reason...those 'just because' cards! Them seem to too, lol! Have a wonderful day!

Your card is adorable. I like that edge at the bottom. Most of the cards I've been making are birthday cards. They are fun to make.

My favourite theme is flowers. I can't get enough flowers. Flowers flowers flowers. And in this -28 C weather, (with that nasty windchill factor) here in SW Ontario Canada... I'm REALLY in need of flowers. :)))

Love flowers! I am always drawn to stamps and papers with a floral theme of some sort. Just can't stop myself from collecting more and more.

Hope you had a nice trip!
I love making babycards, I love the colors and motives of babies. It makes me happy!

My favorite cards to make are young boy birthday cards. I have so many to make with 3 of my own, so it's a good thing I like making them! :)

Love to do "baby" cards but I think "chocolate" cards are starting to come in as a strong 1st place along with silly sentiment 'women' themes. :-)

My Favorite theme is Christmas/Holiday. There are just soooo many cute stamps out there and so many ways to run with it. Love this stamp set too and I'm sure I could come up with some adorable ideas with it! Thanks for your creativity, we are all better because of it!

Oh wow, great goodies! Have fun at CHA! My favorite theme would be flowers. They are easy to pair with so many sayings and moods.

Hope you're having a terrific time! I'll miss your daily entries.

I think my favorite is theme birthdays - everyone has one and I love to make cards that will be really special for the person I'm giving it to.

The samples you and your Posie team have been tempting us with have been fantastic.

Lucky you getting to go to CHA!! My favourite theme to stamp is birthdays and anniversaries. But, I love to make just about anything.

Mmm... a favorite theme? I'll have to go with flowers if history has anything to do with it. I think I make more flower cards/projects than anything else. With the myriad of styles, varieties, and colors, you simply can't go wrong with flowers!

Flowers are my all-purpose theme. They're easy to use no matter the reason, almost...I think this set is so cute, and great for water coloring. Have fun in CA at CHA!!

Not sure if I'm too late or not, but I would have to say friendship is a favorite for me!!

Love the glitter on the flowers...my fav theme has to be flowers..works for any occasion, any time any season!!

Love the glitter on the flowers...my fav theme has to be flowers..works for any occasion, any time any season!!

Hi Gina! Have fun at CHA! My favorite theme for cards is Birthday. I make a lot more Birthday cards than anything else.

'Love making baby cards...they're just too cute! Thanks for this chance (however slim!!) to win! Have fun at CHA!
~Brenda H.

What a very cute set. I seem to be doing a lot of flowers lately. But I keep reminding myself to use all my stamps for all themes. That's not as easy as it sounds!


lucky you, enjoy your first time at cha!
i don't really have a 'theme' unless you count my general 'hello' and 'thinking of you' type of cards as a theme!

Anna, my favorite theme has to be birthdays. There is no limit to what you can use to stamp for a birthday card: flowers, animals, cars, clothing, people, buildings, phrases etc. I love birthday cards!!! So many choices So many stamps!!!!

Love that set! My fave theme is anything I can use flourishes on. Your stamp creations are beautiful!

What a cute flower set! Thanks Anna for giving us the chance to win one!

It's gotta be flowers! I have so many flower sets I am always saying no more but can't seem to help myself :) Thanks for offering up the candy!

Snowmen, snowmen, snowmen! I love to stamp with my snowmen stamps. Actually, I love any stamp that can be colored in but the snowmen are my favorites! PS: Love your new flower set:)

405 comments before mine... not a chance! Please pick me anyway! :) My favorite subject for stamping is usually alphabets... I'm more of a scrapper lately than card-maker, but I use my stamps in my scrapbooks.

Oh those tulips look so twinkly, I bet they're absolutely divine in real life!

The sentiments I find myself reaching for time and time again are friendship related, even though I use lots of different images most of my cards end up being 'for you my friend' :)

My theme ends up being flower and birthdays. I need more for the husband,son-in-laws and grandsons in my life. I really like all that you create, very inspiring!!

I still haven't ordered this yet, so maybe this is a sign that I will win (crossing my fingers and toes Ü).
Nature is my favorite things to stamp with flowers and leaves being at the top.

Beautiful card!

Lately, I've been really into the "thinking of you" and just because cards. I love using florals on my cards too!

I love flowers. I use flowers theme most of the time.

I love stamping anything with flowers or doggies. I love doggies. Thanks for a chance to win this great set!!

My favorite theme for stamping has to be sending a friend a card "just because" - no specific reason. I use a lot of flowers, but also like swirls and circles!

Wow, Anna, I'm so envious of you getting to go to CHA! Have FUN!! I think my fave theme w/ stamping would be cute animals...does that count? :) Regardless, thanks for the generous giveaway!!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

I like stamping thank you cards since you can use almost any image. Flowers are very versatile images since you can use them for almost any kind of card. Hopefully I can win your beautiful set to add to my other flowers!

I love seeing the foral images especially when it is bitterly cold outside. My favorite stamping theme has to be swirls. I also have a passion for floral designs combined with my swirls. Have a great time at CHA...I'm jealous.

I love flowers, cat cards, flamingos the best. Unless it's St. Patrick's day and then it's the clover. Or Christmas and then it's trees and snowmen. I guess there isn't just one theme.

What a cute set! My favorite theme for stamping would be nature...whether it be trees, floral or butterflies. Nature stamps are very versatile and can be used for birthdays,sympathy and thinking of you cards!

Anna -

Hope you're having a great time at CHA! My favorite theme is thinking of you cards because you can use any type of stamp. The majority of my stamps are flowers! There is such a great variety of them available and who can pass up a pretty flower.

I'll stamp for just about any reason, but my favorite is a wedding card. I love to find paper, stamps and embellishments to match the couple's personality.

Have fun at CHA!

Have fun at CHA! Thanks for offering such great blog candy!
My favorite thing to stamp is flowers and next would be animals and cars/trucks with my kids!

I love your new set. My favorite theme to stamp has to be Christmas. That is when I usually mass produce and I send the most cards.

I love your blog - you have helped me through so many projects! I love to stamp romance - hearts, flowers, chocolate.......one big hug! Thanks and have a great trip!

I would have to say "Flowers"/"posies" are my favorite thing to stamp...they are happy and fun! I would love to be the big winner of your "Posies for you" stamp set! Thanks for sharing so many great projects with all of us! Toni

Oh Anna, I love this card and wonderful posies set! I'm SO ready for Spring. My bulbs are already peeking forth from the barren ground...Hmmm. I guess my favorite would be "hello" cards because there's no pressure to get them out on time!

I have 2 favorite themes, Inspiration and Encouragement. But I usually use flowers i.e. posies as the focal point. I love your new posie set.

My favorite stamping theme is a toss up between snowmen and flowers.....love these tulips.

Thanks for the chance to win this...what fun!! And have a great time at CHA...

I think I like any of the specialty holiday sets...they are fun, and when each holiday comes around, you are ready to start over on using them again...

I would *LOVE* to win this! It is at the top of my wish list.
I love to stamp travel themes. Have a great time at CHA. I can't wait to get the lowdown on your time there.

Hi Anna - I know my favorite is flowers. I just can't help it. And, of course cows! The farmer's wife, I have to love our Holsteins!!!

You are one lucky gal to be able to go to CHA! I know you will have a blast and come back with inspiring eye candy for us to see! I love flowers, but I'm also a big fan of your snowmen and country-type sketches. I absolutely adored your coffee mug too and would like to see more of that in the future! Safe travels, my friend.

Oh I love flowers! 80%of my stamps are flower oriented! Love your blog, Thanks for sharing!

Ooh, another chance! Right now my favorite theme is spring and Easter. Babies are always one of my favs and anything whimsical no matter the theme or season. Thanks Anna!

You are amazingly talented! I like doing generic themes that will work for birthday, get well, thinking of you. Flowers are great to use for these type of items. I use flowers and flourishes a lot.

Lately I have gotten more and more into flowers.. not sure why.. but goodness knows I have a lot of stamp sets that are flowers and am glad that I am finally getting around to using them.. Your set is beautiful, as is all your work.. thanks for the chance to win the set. Pam

I love the Posies for you set. You can never have too many flower stamps. My favorite theme to stamp is thinking of you. You can send them anytime.


I love all of your work! Please keep it up. Enjoy yourself in our "sunny Southern California". Have a great time!

Pick me!! Pick me!! I just love this set and the versity of it. Your blog is such an inspiritation to me.
Have a Blessed Day

Oh Anna...it is my dream to attend CHA one day. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Please enter me in the Blog candy drawing! My favorite theme is flowers...I have a ton and still buy MORE each time I see them! Flowers are universal, I think!


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