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Thanks for sharing!

I seem to collect vintage clip art, so this is perfect!! thank you for sharing!! :)

what a great find! hope you can post more of these in the upcoming months!


Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful image. Enjoy CHA!

Oh, it is a sweet image..I love the vintage looks..thank you so much..it will probably be used in one of my digital layouts...
Big Oklahoma hugs, Dee

Oh, Anna...I am a post card fanatic! I cannot tell you how much I love them! Thank you for sharing this calling card! I know just where I am going to use it: in the heart book I am making my DH.

Thank you so much for sharing that treasure!

What a gorgeous Vintage image. I love things like this. It was very kind of you to share.

How neat to have access to those albums-great find. Thanks for posting this one-so cute. tfs

Bev J.

Thank you Anna!

anna, how fun! thanks for sharing this sweet little bird. i love it and will print it next week with my new laser printer when it comes in!!

Anna: Thanks for the darling Valentine. Have a terrific weekend!


Troy Louise

Thank you Anna! I love vintage! I'm a "vintage" person. :)



This is gorgeous! Thanks Anna so much for sharing.

Hi Anna, pay a visit to my blog and see what I have for you! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

Thank you for sharing this little card.

Thank you Anna! I love Vintage images.


Gorgeous Anna! I love vintage images! Thanks! :)

I love anything vintage and this postcard is beautiful! I have a few vintage seed packets I have been meaning to do something with for ages...maybe a spring card! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Anna! How sweet!

Thank you for the beautiful little image. You are so kind! We luv ya too.... that is why we come back day after day. This is an
amazing blog!

Super flippin cool Anna! Thanks for the prezzie! I am going to use it today. If I do I will email you a pic if you want!

Gorgeous! I have vintage holiday postcards framed in groups hanging in my family room. Picked them up one at a time at flea markets. Really gives our card making something to aspire to!

You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing! It's a very cute image!

Oh that is so sweet. On Martha Stewart the other day she had a man with antique pop up cards. This made me think of it. -Molly B

Thank you! I love vintage cards and so this of course is perfect. You are soooooo very sweet!

I love vintage cards and pictures.

Thanks so much for that! I love birds and vintage, it's just adorable!

How sweet of you! I love vintage cards such as this! I was at Hobby Lobby today and found cupcake picks with miniature vintage valentines (the type that children would exchange.) Not sure what I'm going to do with them but they were too cute to pass up (not to mention 50% off)! Again, thank-you so much. You put a smile on my face this evening!

Oh, that is just beautiful! I saw on Martha Stewart this week that some Vintage Valentines were worth hundreds of dollars EACH!!! So be careful, you might have a gold mine there! Very neat! :D

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