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What sweet pictures. Love the look on their faces. Dogs are the best!

I love your pictures of Farley and Daisy. They are both beautiful and I would love to get some hugs and kisses from them. I love when my little poodle girl, Bailey goes to the groomer. She always goes in looking like a matted dust mop and comes out so pretty and smelling so good. We allow no fancy poodle puffs cuts though as we like her with long ears, a mustache all the way around her nose and a nice trim everywhere else. I hope you are feeling better, Anna!

You are such a great mom!!! What gorgeous poochies!

Such beautiful doggies, Anna! Like your pair, my golden retriever/German shepherd mix doesn't handle being left for a bath too well. I think the people at PetSmart cringe when they see me try to maneuver him through the doors . . .

Mr. Farley looks like the lion from the Wizard of Oz after he gets "prettified" in the Emerald City - great photo!

I have to say that I would agree with Daisy in regards to the cookies. ;)

They are gorgeous! I want to reach out and smoosh their faces and give them kisses! I miss my dog...I can't wait to get another one someday soon...
Such beautiful pictures of them Anna!

Wow, your Dad reads your blog, that is awesome! The photos are incredible as usual, they look so sweet and happy. I love the way you love you pets, I could almost here the things you said they were thinking.
Out of this world post, Anna. TFS.

Awww..too cute..that Golden face...it's something special!
My Cara goes on Friday next week..I'll have to take a before and after shot as she goes through quite a transformation! She goes to a place called "It's Stil a Dog's Life' here in Vancouver and they all run around free while waiting their turn..Cara takes over the doggie sofa and hence is known as the Queen of the Sofa..LOL

Are they dolled up because it's wedding time and they're the attendants?? Ok, I'll stop being nosey and just keep polishin' the pedestal. Sure was nice to see Mister Farley again. Have a wonderful weekend, Anna!

Anna: What a fun story to start the day. They both look fabulous, I have one who is that way about the cookies! The more the better.

Happy Leap Day, Troy Louise

P.S. I love that 'Grandpa' left a comment here, too! tee hee

Gorgeous pics. I love it when you share your animals with us! My own Shih-Tzu was supposed to go to the groomer this morning but she has gone into heat and the boys just go crazy if a girl in heat is there so I have to reschedule her. She needs a bath & haircut badly!

To those out there concerned about Mr Farley, the smile and the Moma's boy description is fair. However, Daisy's affection for Farley is only a smidgin less than the cookie.If Mr Farley is sick she is very unhappy, he is loved and pampered.All of my grandchildren have four legs or wings. Dan Wight

Mister Farley...is that a grin in that photo? He is so photogenic! Daisy looks her usual composed self. They both are gorgeous!

Great photos!
Beautiful Dogs!!!
Yes..They need to be pampered too.
Thanks for sharing...

When I saw the title I thought you treated yourself to a day of beauty!!!
What beautiful pampered pooches!!!

They look stunning!!! We have the Laundra-Mutt here in Coeur d'Alene....I LOVE dogs - DOGS RULE!!!! xoxoxo JeanneH

Aren't they beauties!! Doggie smooches to both of them. Keep the pix coming, I miss all of my Texas pets.


Oh, Anna, your babies are so beautiful. I just love them. Thank you for sharing their pictures and your writeup on them. Give them an extra hug today for me.

They are gorgeous! I'll have to show them to my kids. They want another dog so bad. We lost our Australian Shepard a few years ago , after having her for over 14 years... still miss her.

Thanks for sharing Anna.

I would not share these pictures with my dog, Jacquie Girl, as she would insist we drive all that way for a chance at that spa. She'll just have to cool it... Loved your tale (tails). thanks for sharing


Beautiful pictures of your gorgeous fur-babies!! Sounds like a good way to spend the day to me!!!!

Not only are your cards amazing, but your photos are top notch! Your dogs look so lovable and happy! Mister Farley seems to be grinnin' from ear to ear and looks delighted to say the least! LOL Daisy's eyes are incredibly expressive and I think I can almost hear her asking where her cookie is? TFS such inspirational works!

They are both beautiful. I know you love animals and they get such good care. It sounds like they know that.

What beautiful photo's! My little darling get's to spend her day at the pooch salon called "Shampooch". You are so right about the softness and smelling good part ~ I only wish it would last until the next time she goes! Love the name Bow Wow Barbers ~ so cute. Thanks for sharing your fur children with us!

they look so happy! My Shelby is going for her Beauty Salon appt today too! I'll have to post a picture of her prettiness later
TFS your fur babies with us!

too cute! They remind me of my Biscuit!

They look so beautiful and cuddely (is that a word?) =D - great pics of great doggies!♥

Please, come and check out a challenge on my blog - with a nice prize! ;o)

AAAhhhh, What cool dogs. The groomers here is called Ruff Cut. My dog doesnt go but I think it is a cool name. My old girl is lame right now. Breaks my heart. Getting better though. I love your photography. -Moly B

They look beautiful!!

Wow! What lovely dog pictures!
Have a nice weekend!

What a fun day for them! It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "it's a dog's life". I could handle that kind of pampering!

Hope you are healthier now.

They're beautiful. My 7 year old Golden used to go to a place called "It's a Ruff Life", and it was anything but! Now we have a wonderful woman who comes to us w/ her "van". He loves it. I swear, this dog sees a hairbrush and just drops to the ground waiting for a good brushing. It's the only time he rolls over on command. :O)

Oh, they look absolutely beautiful! What awesome pictures...as always!
If we ever get another dog (we have a HUGE one right now, that's only 5 yrs. old) I'm going to get a Golden Retriever. They just can't be beat! Mr. Farley just LOOKS so sweet, and Daisy is beautiful, too! Thank you for sharing their photos with us! :D

Beautiful pooches, Anna! I don't know about you, but I'd love a spa day! Throw in some Thin Mint cookies and it's a good thing!

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