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I've been a Girl Scout and a Girl Scout leader...FUN!!!! I love this image and your coloring is the bomb!

Stamping might be a bit like therapy in that it is not too costly until you become very involved! ;-)

Love, Love, Love, your blog. Your cards and critters keep me coming back. After reading that you worked at a GC camp it is no wonder I like your work so much. I spent every summer from the age of about 12, through college and even professionally either being a camper or working at various camps; girl and boy scouts, YWCA and special needs camps with children and adults. (26 years total) I credit the years as a camp staff as the place I learned everything there is to know about living/working/being in the real world and being successful to this day. That and the amazing mentors I had working at all those camp.

I love this stamp and the way you've colored it and put the card together. I have a lot of stamps along these lines that I don't use often enough. Seems like everyone's too busy to stamp like this anymore. I really appreciate this bit of inspiration.


Wow, that is gorgeous! I love your colors, and the whole image is just beautiful!
Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see something so different once in a while! FUN!!! :D

Really neat card! So different yet wonderful! Love your superb job of coloring!

This card is really eye-catching. I like it. My DH always jokes about all of the "stuff" I have in my scrapping/stamping room...I told him that it's cheaper than drinking....lately he's been telling me it would be cheaper if I were an alcoholic! LOL!!! That always makes me laugh when he says it! Your card is great!!!

awesome color job (said as she is struggling to color in some tiny bella ;o) I appreciate the time it must have taken!!

Thanks for reminding me why I enjoyed Girl Scout Camp with my girls! There is a peaceful and serene feeling when I am out in nature that I forget about. Fabulous card!

I don't think it's cheaper than therapy, but then again...the voices tell me it is. ;)

Probably not cheaper, LOL!

Gorgeous card, and as always, your coloring is over-the-top fabulous!

I'm no sure that stamping is cheaper than therapy, but I think it's a lot more fun! :)

I keep telling my husband that stamping is cheaper. Either he hasn't caught on yet or he just likes to keep me happy- teeheehee! This card is beautiful and so inspiring! I was a GS for 6 years as a girl and have led a troop going on 4 years. I have had pretty much the same girls, give or take (we are a big troop currently of 23 girls,) and it has been the neatest thing watching them grow from 1st/2nd grade Brownies to 4th/5th grade Juniors. It's my DD's favorite activity and has certainly become an important part of our relationship together! I guess I get kind of sappy when I hear about others positive GS experiences! BTW- we start our cookie sells in just a few hours!

Are you feeling homesick Anna? I know I do often. I miss everything about Reno, being close to friends, family, the lake, the mountains, snow, four seasons... I could go on but I won't bore you with all that. :)

Your card is wonderful. I love all the colors.

And yes, in some ways, stamping is cheaper than therapy... LOL (yeah right!)

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