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are these stamps for sale? I must have them. tami

How did you get a pic of my hubby and myself. LOL!!! Those are to adorable.


They are sooooo....cute!


Oh my goodness - she's too cute! What a darling pair!

aaack! they are soooo cute, Anna!!

Too stinkin' cute Anna!!!

OMGoodness, these are so cute!

Anna: Your love bugs are darling. They would be really cute stamps. I can't wait to get my posie stamps on Thursday, hope I can do them justice! Also, your crafty secrets card is lovely - I need (want) to get the sewing set. Happy Tuesday.

these 2 bugs can live in my house I won't mind! your talent amazes me!

All I can do is chuckle - they are so darn cute!

she is positvely adorable. I just ordered your poises stamps. Perfect for spring!!


Toooooo cuuuuuttteeee!!!!!!!!

They are so darn cute!

ohhhh those are so darn cute.

These are so adorable!!

The little straps on her non existant shoulders just kill me. How totally adorable, Anna!

OMG, these are so cute!!! Please make them into stamps!!!

Wow Anna,
I'm so glad I checked back today. You have been a busy little beaver. I absolutely LOVE these illustrations. I'm really hoping they make into your next Whipper Snapper cling release. I got my autographed copy today....YIPPEE! I'll get to play tomorrow..hee hee. You've inspired me and I know it's gonna be fun.

You're killin' me, that's all I gots to say! LOL

So so so so cute!!!

hee hee...just love her little flower on her antenae (sp?). I kinda thought they could be little alien people too. ha!

These two are TOO CUTE! you have such a great creative imagination, I love your drawings! And stamps! and photos! You are 'da bombdiggity!!! :D

Oh my gosh... can it get it cuter?! I'm sure you will...you have got such great, creative talent!

Can't wait to see what is next!

Geez! Can you please continue to bombard us with your incredible talent for the next say, 100 years???!!! Surely you named these little boogers! Spill please!

ps Got my signed/numbered set today! Yippee!!!

Oh my...too cute!

Anna, she's adorable!!! She even looks a little shy! They make the sweetest couple! They would make a perfect stamp!!!!!

hehehe...how cute!!!

TOOOOOOOOO adorable and cute! I lovey the "I love you" love bug too. Very cute!

ahh - this is too cute!!

She's a heartbreaker alright!! I just have to share w/you that I placed my first order w/WS. I rec'd an email saying it was shipped today! WOW, that's service!

Awwww, they make such a cute couple! :)

eeeeeeeeek!!! How cute is she? So lovely!

Awwww..........buggy love!! So cute! :0)

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