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Geeze! My friends in Spokane said that they've been hammered, too! I'm sitting here In central FL with fan on me in shorts and a tank top!

Wow! our flock of wild turkeys are wearing mufflers and carrying snow shovels. You go guys! and Mom's upstairs shoveling snow off the deck. Can't wait til June. love, Dad

Oh, I whole heartedly agree with the masses. This should definitely be made into a stamp, and a set of snowmen family with accessories would be just perfect.

Ohhhh, this snowman HAS to be made into a stamp- he is just too cute!!!!!!
Wowzers- that's a heck of a lot of snow. I don't think I've ever seen that much.
It's getting a little warmer in our neck of the woods- I think we hit 15 degrees today.
Tomorrow is Friday- yippee!
Have a good weekend!

Mom has a yard stick in her snow. It is over 26 inches now---just straight down, no drifts. They are on the other side of Spokane from yours though, (I think)

Oh my gosh, your snowman is SOOO CUTE! LOVE LOVE LOVE The mug!!! what a great guy...you MUST make him a stamp! PLEASE!!!
Sounds like your folks are buried in the white stuff...eeekkk! It's beautiful, but that's a LOT! Hope they stay safe and warm :D

Anna, what a cute illustration! I love snowmen, that makes a cute stamp! Have a great week
PS. Is it ok if I add your blog to mine?


OMG....I LOVE this illustration!! This REALLY needs to be a stamp!! I want this little cutie!! :) Have a happy day!

Really cute guy! My cousin called and said that her niece (an EMT) got the weather report for them (150 miles south of me) and it's 9" - 15" of s-n-o-w from tonight about 7 til tomorrow night about 7 - - UGH! Couldn't N Dakota or Minn or those Packers, who have nothing better to do this weekend than shovel, have gotten it?? 49 Days and counting...

Okay, this illustration has my "vote" also to be made into a stamp. I ADORE all of your snowmen and umm..women stamps. So cute! I gotta say, though, I LOVVEEEE (yes, over emphasized) your coffee cup too!

Such a cute snowman! I think he must be drinking hot chocolate - mmmmmmmm.

I visit your blog often, but dont really comment...I just wanted to say that your parents are troopers! I live in Spokane WA, and yes it is crazy over here too!! We're at the base of some smaller ski mountains and can I just say HALLELUJAH the plows went by finally! LOL! The snow is almost taller than our mailbox, so we have to shovel a tunnel to get to it.

Love the new stamp, oops, I meant drawing, but he is a cutie, and ought to be and soon. Haven't had enought snow here to talk about , but remember snow up to the window sills years ago. Hope your folks make out all right.

Love the whipper snapper snowman stamps I've acquired this winter season! Although, I've stamped more snowmen than I've built.
Supposed to get dicey weather tonight into tomorrow (SW Pennsylvania) - but when February rolls around I usually want winter to be wrapping up! Maybe we'll have snowman snow one more time!

Ummm, Anna? I NEED this as a stamp. Could you do something about that PLEASE????? :)

I love snowmen! We've hardly had any snow this year! We've only been able to build one good snowman and then it rained...and then he m e l t e d !

I think I need a triple shot...but of what? LOL

I love his coffee mug! Hmmm, looks a lot like the one sitting beside me. What does that say about me if I'm drinking triple-shots just to get through the day, oye!

Have a good one!

I live in Eastern Oregon.... Your parent's place sounds like the same weather pattern as ours... I am so tired of shoveling out the chicken doors, dog kennels, etc...and falling on snow drift banks... Our big tractor is broken down and all we can use now is the little tractor until the big one get's fixed (we have a livestock ranch).... oh boy!

LOVE the triple shot snowman! He needs a sweetie to share cocoa with!!

Super cute snowman. He looks like a stamp to me :) -Molly B

I can't say that I'm a big fan of winter. I don't mind if it snows, but when it gets in the way of plans or getting out to the store, (or whatever) I remember why I loved living in California...lol Oh well...Stay warm and cozy. Great card too. There is something so adorable about a snowman drinking HOT chocolate...lol

Oh my, that is a heap of snow!!! Fun to go sledding & snowmobiling but no so for shoveling!! So when will "Triple-Shot" be available as a stamp??? hmmm???? He's adorable & I want him!!

I am thinking Triple-Shot should be a stamp. He is too cute!

Hi Anna, I live in Spokane, WA and we have had probably two feet of snow here in the valley since Saturday. I have no clue how much is on Mt. Spokane, but it is real treacherous here. I have been stuck in my alley four times since Sunday just trying to get to my garage. The snow is beautiful, but I am ready for a little warmer weather. Where do your parents live?

This snow man with the coffee mug needs to be a stamp! I'm putting in on my listin anticipation for WS picking it up. Perhaps it could be another unmounted set with some accessories, or he could have a spouse and kids. :^) Thing Big.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

Yeah, for sure there is a LOT of snow. 8" more in N. Idaho (near your parents)during the night and still coming down. There's almost nowhere to put it now. We can't see around snowpiles and berms while driving. It's something else - but just the kind of winters I remember as normal when I was a kid. MUSH!!! You should design a stamp with sled dogs, just for us! Have a good day down there is Texas, Anna! Is the sun shining?? Love from snowed-in Idaho, JeanneH

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