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Hard to choose - I love them all. Kids maybe....Stephanie?

OH....how gorgeous! I just purchased my first Thomas Kincade stamp today! Your coloring is perfect!

OMG! This is gorgeous, Anna! I purchased a winter TK stamp and felt such fear and trimbling when I tried to paint it that I gave up. Maybe I'll try a summer one where you can actually use greens and not have to try and paint white snow. ugh!

I am speechless with awe.

Well Anna, I guess I'm going to have to pull rank--You cannot send this away until I get to see it in PERSON! This is absolutely beautiful, I can't ever pick a favorite, but this just might squeek up over the top. But then, everything you do is priceless. Love you...

This card is beautiful! Of course, you have wonderful coloring ability. All of your cards are beautifully done. I may have purchase this image...it looks so calm and serene.

Wowwwww, just breath takingly GORGEOUS! I wish I could do these stamps justice, but I am afraid to give them a try. I love looking at yours though. *sigh of contentment*

Amazing watercoloring Anna- truly breathtaking! You should frame this- I can't imagine giving it away after all that work!

Hi Anna, i think you have made a simply stunning creation with this image. Your colouring is amazing - i'm not surprised you took 2 hours (actually is that all!)! Congratulations on a beautiful piece of art - i wonder what Mr Kinade would think!

Truly breathtaking!!

I have to say, I think this is the most breathtaking card I have ever seen. You should frame that baby! Put your signature on it, and call it an original. Such vibrant colors. Awesome job!!

This has got to be one of the prettiest cards I have ever seen. If I spent 20 hours, I could never achieve this level. You are truely very talented.

OH MY!!! I don't get to check in her often, but boy am I glad I did!! This is stunning, I mean downright, take your breath away, stunning! I can see why you wanted to make 100% sure everything was juuuussst right!

Thanks for sharing, it is truly beautiful!

Its awsum..!!get it framed ..it deserves to be framed.!!

Simply awsum card...I totally agree wid others..do get framed..!!

This is simply stunning, Anna! Everything beckons the eyes to come closer!


Time consuming but, oh so worth it. This is absolutely gorgeous. I'd hate to part with it.

Anna ~ Absolutely beautiful! You certainly have an artist's touch.

Yes!!! Gorgeous!!!

So stunningly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consider this an official protest!!!! Too much talent in one person should be declared illegal!! Sigh.

You sooooo Totally out did yourself with this card!!! You ROCK! this is sooo Gorgeous!!

This is unbelievable!! You should frame it really!! I would hate to give it away or hurt it!!Thanks for sharing!!

Gorgeous card Anna!! Wow!! I am speechless!

You ROCKED this image!!! You are so my hero!

WOW Anna! This is breathtaking! I think you should frame it.

Beautiful, Beautiful!! Can't wait to see what you do the the stamp with the horses. tfs

Bev J.

This is so beautiful Anna, you are a true artist! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

WOW! This is beautiful!!!!!

Absolutely... STUNNING!

WOW! Even the maximum superlative is inadequate here. I am grateful for my eyesight today. Thank you!

OMGosh SHUTUP! This is freaking gorgeous and you are now officially my hero! That is stunning!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

WOW!!! This card is STUNNING!! You are so talented. I've never seen such beautiful coloring in my life.

Wow!!! Is this ever gorgeous!!! My mouth is just hanging open and drooling (not a pretty sight, lol) over every detail. Did I tell you this card and was awesome!!!! Your talent has *no* end!

Yup! You got it right... Good Job!!

Thud! This doesn't look like it was watercolored, this looks like one of your beautiful photographs! Can I have just a smidgeon of your watercoloring skills? Breathtaking Anna...simply breathtaking!


let me just say that I dont often take the time to click over and see the entire post (I prefer full feed), but I'm so glad that I did today. your card is drop dead gorgeous!

You never cease to amaze me! What a beautiful job you did on this! You are absolutely AMAZING!! Thanks once again for sharing your awesome creativity with us.


Wow! Such a beautiful card and thanks for sharing it with us :).

This card is gorgeous!Time well spent for sure.Perhaps you could share some hints on using these images, as I am a bit intimadated by them. Lucky person who receives this one!

Unbelievably beautiful!

Oh my gosh, this card is just absolutely stunning - well worth the time!

Now that you have spent so much time on this card whatcha going to do with it!!!!????

Wow. That's all I can say. That's all I keep saying as I stare at it. Awesome coloring!

Absolutely AMAZING! It must be the doorway to heaven!

Wow - absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning! I echo what everyone else has already said! Thanks so much for sharing!

Wow. Wow. That is the prettiest card I have ever seen. I even have my nose pressed up to the screen to get a closer view--and that was when it was enlarged. I could go on and on about this card, Anna. You rock!

WOW!!! That needs to be in a frame!!!


Can I say HOLY! What a magnificent piece of art. You always WOW me, but this is over the top! Right on!

Holey moley! This is a work of art! I agree that it feels like you could walk through that gate and smell the flowers!


Oh my WORD!!!! Anna, that is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! It is definitely worth the two hours you devoted to it. WOW!!!!

BTW - You can mail that card to me at .... hahahahahaha.

Wow, this is stunning. Your eye for detail is fabulous. The colors are so vibrant! Love it!

OMG!!!!! This is absolutely breath taking Anna!! It looks like you could walk right into that card and step through the gate! I think Thomas Kinkade would be proud!! This baby needs to be framed! You are so amazing ~ thanks for continuing to share your talents with us!

WOWZERS Anna!! This is stunning!

as usual, this is a work of art! do you think VanGogh did any paintings in less than 2 hours? then don't feel bad you took 2 to do this because it's priceless.

Ok. Now THAT is amazing! I'm in awe!

Oh wow! Spectacular!!!

This is the most gorgeous card I have ever seen. I didn't like the other kinkade cards I have seen because they just looked like colored pictures.....this looks like it is an original painting. I can believe 2 hours work. Truly a work of art.

I truly gasped when I opened your post this am... What an unbelievable job you did. I am truly humbled in my stamping ability! I don't think I could get that stamp because I couldn't do it justice now.
This is why I like your work so much- such a variety- whimsy and fun, and then serious art work (oh and your photography too!).
Thanks for making my day...

WOW. That is the most beautiful coloring I have ever seen. It should be framed as ART.

How beautiful!

when i opened your blog my first thought was WOW, she has taken a picture of a garden that looks just like a Thomas Kinkade scene... then i read you stamped and painted this. wow, your talent is amazing, the colors and details just flow from your true artistic spirit. this was a delight to see. thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us. you, my dear, fall into that "amazing" category!

Beautiful or another word would be PRICELESS!

Gorgeous card, Anna!

Your card is absolutely gorgeous... Now i need that stamp LOL

This is unbelieveably beautiful. It reminds
me of a Monet painting, only with a brighter
hue. I like how you draped the ribbon over the corners as well. Very pretty.

That card is simply stunning. You have a watercolor gift!

OK now...I love coloring...but this is just over the top. Stunning!

OMGosh, what they all said!! This is breathtaking...I have NEVER seen such beautiful coloring!!! AMAZING! It must be so fun to have so much talent! I'll never know, but at least YOU do! :D

Sigh....makes me want to go through the gate and stay in there! GOJUS!!!

CAll 911 I am having palpitations! Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, delightful, perfection.

Horses! I am so there.
This one is just stunning!!

Holy Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning!

Oh my gosh I think this is one of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen!!! Your coloring is absolutely stunning!

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