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I just HAD to tell SOMEONE!!! And you are it! :) Ok.....so my local stamp store got her shipment yesterday. WAHOOOO!!!! And the stamps I asked her to get for me were of course in there. So I went over today to pick them up...and naturally I had to get even more after looking at them IRL!! These are SO CUTE!!!!!! Here is what I got today:
Anna's Potted Bunny, Hen's Easter Egg, Snow Cone, Cream in Coffee, I Stamp Therefore (2 of them cause 1 is for a gift), Owl & Tree. I am grinnin' ear to ear!! I'm in Whipper Snapper Heaven Today!! I totally had to hold myself back....I wanted so many more :) I Love all your creations...and it helps so much to come looking to get ideas on making things! Thanks for sharing your talent!

All of these are adorable! I have a nice list now.

These stamps are wonderful. I am overwhelmed and couldn't possibly decide which is my many fav's but I will study the list and definatly try. Is there anywhere in Canada that these are sold or just over the internet for us? Thanks for creating a great bunch of stamps.

OMGosh! Those stamps are so cute! I absolutly fall in love with that shy bunnie! I MUST have it! It´s so cute! And some others too! ;o)

WOW you have been busy! I love your designs and think I must get a few. Love you chicken soup and gift frog and bloom where planted and, well I guess I like a lot of them. TFS

Congratulations on your success Anna! Your designs are fantastic; you should be very proud! I can't wait to see all the adorable creations these will inspire!

You new releases are fantastic! I just love seeing your creations. Thanks for sharing!


love the new stuff!! happy new year!!

so many cute stamps...and my new year's resolution is NOT to buy so many stamps--that will go right out the window! Thank you for your enabling---could you make a stamp to say that?

Anna! Congratulations!! I'm going to look at them right now, AND start my wish list - broken into sections -- 1) must order now, 2) must order later,and 3) think about moving to must order now. :^)
Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Wow!!! I am enjoying having a direct link to your stamps! They are adroable!

GREAT stuff Anna!!

I am fairly new to the blogging world and I recently asked my readers to recommend a blog that I can check out. Many of them listed friend's and others chose blogs that inspires them and your blog was put forward. I would like to invite you to come visit my blog, http://paperhugs.typepad.com/ and you will be entered into a drawing to win a sweet RAK. Hope you will come play :) Kim Hughes

Wow Anna, this is great having a direct link! Now to just go through everything else! :)

Wow...awesome images...huge congrats.
I am gonna have to dive in to Whipper Snapper now!

What a talented lady you are and your coloring is just AMAZING!


Alrighty then! Thanks for the list. Going back on over to WS to do some damage later today!

Yay! I was hoping you'd put up a list. I'll be back to check them out later!


I looked at all of these new releases and I picked alot of your designs as my favorite. My absolute favorite is "my favorite things" You did an amazing job. You must have been a busy gal. Thanks for sharing.
Dawn B.

love all the new stamps!{ any chance they (whipper snapper) offers free shipping or a break on shipping? i have $150 in my cart!} LOL! i tried to guess which were yours and i was right on 3/4. love your style!

I actually laughed aloud when I pulled up your 'Party Hat Cat' You have such a great style. It's so consistent! I looked at every stamp you listed and smiled at so many. You rock.

I did pretty good guessing at which designs were yours when I visited Whipper Snapper earlier today. Glad to see you are doing more bunny stuff Anna. They are all wonderful. Happy New Year to you!

I just clicked through each one of your designs, let me just say... YOU ROCK!! Oh my goodness, I love them ALL! They are sooooo CUTE!! I will definitely be going shopping...shhh, don't tell Robert! LOLOL

AMAZING!!! You have outdone yourself! Such cute stamps, and SO MANY!!! You are hittin' the big time! hehe
I hope you have a wonderful 2008! I'm sure it holds many great things for you. I can't wait to see the fabulous things you create...I get so much joy from your blog... (and tell the critters Happy New Year, too! :D )

Oh thanks for the list! You know I have to have that Birthday monster!!!!!!

OMG I've never seen the stamps before and I must say I'm in LOVE-- they are so cute and I'm amazed at some peoples talent.

OMG! They all look so fun! How do I choose???

OMG, I love so many of these new stamps. Im going to fill up a shopping cart now, figure out how to pay for it later. :) Happy New Year. Thanks for such great images. -Molly B

What wonderful images! I just love Shy Bunny, Get Well Kitty, Main Street, well I could go on but suffice it to say this is a fabulous Release!

Woo Hoo, Anna! I had been waiting to spend my Winter Card Contest winnings for your new release. I got Delivering Balloons, Gift Frog, Gretta, Lillypad Larry and Winny.

Wow Anna! What an awesome release! You are my stamp hero. My Checking account is going to suffer this year, I can see it already. Every stamp will be worth it though. I can't wait to start working with your creations. Thanks for always being an inspiration to me.

Congratulations on this fantastic release! I am so excited for you and fearful for my pocket book! :-) I love all of the images and have to agree that your faux bunny is hilarious! *Love* 'birds on a wire' and the cheesy grin on 'cupcake kitty'.
Thank you so much for providing the links. While your style really stands out, it makes it much easier to zero in on YOUR wonderful images!
Happy New Year to you, Alan, and all the critters on the farm! Manetta

Thanks so much, Anna, for creating links to all of your designs. I love so many of them! Faux Easter Bunny kills me ~ It's just way too cute! Congrats on a great release!!!

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