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Very cute card. I love the little dinosaur breaking out of the egg. There are tons of darling ones so it really is hard to pick just one. The three hens comes in neck and neck with the dino.

I am partial to Basket of Chicks. Maybe it is because I am waiting for Easter and spring. I do love your shy bunny though. So cute.


Just love your blog - ideas and especially all the inspiration. Love the shy bunny!! He's just so cute and your colors and embellishments are perfect as always!! Its hard to pick a favorite whipper snapper stamp because I love them all - I guess the one I use the most is Duck Bath! Have a great day! Thanks for a chance to win some diet candy!!

I love all the dog stamps but "Farley" is my favorite; you can't help but smile looking at that stamp! Thanks for the chance at some wonderful blog candy and thanks too for sharing your talent with all of us.

This shy bunny stamp is soooo....adorable! One of my other favorites from Whipper Snapper is Moose in Love. Thanks for sharing!


I like all the dog stamps and the worm on a hook.

I think all the animal designs are great...but I am kind of partial to chickens. Thanks for the chance to win some candy!

It's a hard decision to make, they are all so cute. I think I like Curious Bunny the best.

Boy do I love your bunny stamp! Thanks for the bunny blog candy!
So what WS stamps do I like. Well I do like spring bird and bird bath, also like wishing well the one with the bucket and flowers. Oh, you wanted one stamp!LOL Sorry I can't name only one!

Such a cute card and image even if life's distractions seem to call you away from it often- seems to happen to me ALOT! Favorite WS image- that's a hard one! I love all of your chicken images but with this last release "Louise" is so... cute and the middle name of my youngest DD that she will have to win with me. Thanks for all the inspiration you share and this awesome "candy" opportunity!

I love any of the penguins! They are so cute! Your bunnies are cute too!

AWESOME new stamps there Anna!!! You are too talented for words!! Can't wait to see more of them 'in action'!!

Actually I just got a few new ones that I just inked up today! So my fave WS stamp TODAY is Kindhearted Bug closely followed by Tuxedo Kitten! I think they'll be great for some cutie valentines!! Thanks for the chance to play!!!

My favorite Whipper Snapper stamp is your 'Bucket of Posies' -- it's so much fun to color! :)

Love the shy bunny too!

One favorite??? Seriously??? I LOVE so many of them! With this new release I'd have to say Hen's Easter Egg. Bowl of cherries is right up there too. :)

Wow, does blog candy ever pull in the comments! LOL Your shy bunny is just adorable, I love the card and the white bunny, too!
Oh man, my favorite...I don't know the proper name, but I just love the goat you did last year! It's SO cute! Of course, how can anyone choose just one Whipper Snapper stamp to love??!!!
Have a great week! :D

My favorite Whipper Snapper stamps are the animals and right now my favorite animal stamp is Hangin' Monkey.

Is that not the cutest bunny backside you've ever seen?? LOL Well...I love EVERY ONE of your Whipper Stamper designs (as well as some designed by others), but I'm especially in love with ALL of your snowmen - cappy, tall and short, pots and pan snowman, snowman face with birdnest on top, etc - too adorable!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of your stamp designs - it would be an honor.

Oh no! Do I have to pick one? There are so many that are my favorites it's really hard for me but this shy bunny stamp is to die for. He is the cutest!

Joanne (tojoco)

OK, the bunny is just tooooo sweet! Love it!
I really like the WS animals, esp the cows. "Moo"d Swing is my favorite cow stamp :D

You may think I am making this up, but the shy bunny is one of my favorites.

Such a cute card!!

There are so many adorable WS images - I think my current fave is the igloo because I have wanted an igloo to go with my penguin collection for so long! Your shy bunny card is super cute and I totally understand taking 2 days to finish a card - I do it all the time!

I just adore most of the Whipper Snapper animal stamps but so far its just been from afar...I do love "Penny" though because I can think of so many cute and twisted sentiments to go with her! :) and I am just luffing your new bunny as well!

Love your blog!
Hard to pick just 1 favorite stamp but since I love cats it would have to be garden kitty.

those bunny butts are too cute!

My favorite is Shy Bunny. I would love to win!

That shy bunny is too cute!! There are many Whipper Snapper stamps that I like, but I think I have to go with any of the chicken stamps!! i do love the Potted Bunny too, it's on my wishlist!

Anna, I've got to go with (Cat and Bird) as a favorite. It's just so cute. Love the (Shy Bunny) too and the chance to possibly win one! Thanks. Ida

These are very cute stamps!! Thanks for the chance at something so cute!!

Lori Faeber

OMG...OMG!!! I'm not kidding, my favorite is Shy Bunny! I don't know why but I just love bunny butts! Really!

some other favorites are Farm Trio, Spring Critters, Hamhock, Moose in Love and Rooster.

Hi Anna!! I have lots of favorite WS stamps. I think this Shy Bunny is my new favorite!! I am also a Halloween nut, so Halloween Pals is another favorite of mine. Thanks!! Melissa

Hi Anna,

Love all your stamps! My favorites are one you shown earlier Topiary Perch and I love your "Louise" mouse. Isn't she cute?

Basket of Chicks is my favorite but I really love ALL the animals, even that cute snake:) The kids are so cute too, I especially like Stephanie.

Well, I don't think I could ever choose but my favourite tends to be whichever one you most recently made a card with. I love the faces on the critters you design - so much expression in them. And then I see that you managed somehow to put just as much expression in a little bunny bum! such talent!

Oh my goodness...you want us to choose just one favorite from Whipper Snapper. Well I will choose the Bucket of Posies as my favorite. I love to water color it and I use it constantly!!! But I have lots of runner ups to choose from too. I would absolutely love one of your shy bunnies...please! Pick me, pick me!
Chris Hauck

Oh, how adorable! I have many favorites, but I'm fond of the Sweet Sniffs of Spring dog stamp. He is so cute! Thanks for the chance to win one of your stamps....it will be used with great love!

you have asked for my favorite stamp and it is this cute little adorable bunny in the pot - I have a list of stamps I need to buy and this is top of the list. your work is AMAZING and I so enjoy your blog - thank you for being you in all aspects! happy new year! eb

The stamps are sooo cute....I love monkeys so I am partial to the swingin' monkey! Thanks for the chance at winning, adorable card! :) Nicole L.

The stamp is a cute little bunny "bunns" for Easter.... My favorite Whipper Snapper stamp right now is Mr. Snowball - not his real name - it's the one with one snowball snowman with the stocking hat. I made a fabulous card for a swap out of him last week and I just love him!

Hi Anna--I'm going to beg for your stamp AND just so people don't think you're playing favorites or payoff, send it to you Dad. He just whined "I don't have any stamps" oh, wah....Congrats on your new release, I couldn't choose just one. My name is m.....r.

Sorry I just realized my e-mail was wrong in my last post, if you need to contact me use this one.

Right now my favorite Whipper Snapper stamps are the only two I own - Blackeyed Susan Stem I think its called and 2 Blackeyed Susans (the ones in a vase). They are from your first release. I was looking thru your list from a few days ago, and I think I am in love with Framed Tulip. As you can see I can't pick just one!

I want this soooooo bad. PLEEEEEZZZZZEEEEE!!
Thanks for offering it up for candy.

What a lovely card, Anna! And how sweet of you to offer blog candy - again! :o)

To pick only one stamp is hard, there are so many fab ones... Well, I love Rodney Reindeer, he's so cute, looks like he says: Hmm... Been nice...? (I have a card on my blog using the stamp, posted on Dec. 11.)

Wowww I love blog candy. My favorite of the new collection is FRAMED SUNFLOWERS, I love sunflowers so you guess, LOL. I love the sh bunny too, it is adorable!!!
Thanks for the chance of win something really cute.
God bless you

My favorite Whipper Snapper stamp is "Twigs" the snowman. Love him!!!!

The WS stamps are all so cute. It is hard to pick a favorite. I like the California Poppy a lot.

I'd have to say that "Ellie" and "Billy Goat" are tied. It is so fun to flock "Ellie's" hat and Billy is just so dang fun!

So hard to pick just one. I think the chicken trio might be the favorite, but I love all the chickens. I have a huge wish list and hope to be able to get some soon.

That sure is a cute card with the little behind sticking out. I like how you use a lot of earth tones in your cards. My favorite Whipper Snapper Image is Welcome Wag'n. I love just about any set that has something to do with dogs.

had I told you I collect bunnies?! enuff sucking up ...

ok, fav's gotta be bulldog bob, followed by a tie of hippo ballerina and rollerderby hen ... then autumn sheep, halloween toad, lamb, portrait of a snowman, pudgy, rooster, betsy bird, in alpha order; we've not even started on the sentiment stamps yet!! ... anywho, those are the stamps on my wish list!

later, alligator!
- SueB

I really like the "Kitty Tag", it's just darling. You really do amazing coloring work.

Very sweet bunny card! I love the snowmen stamps! They're so fun and wintery.

Ilove the two peas in a pod stamp. Gotta love the blog candy. Thanks for the oppertunity.

That is a precious bunny card! I have a small chocolate truffle business so my favorite WS stamp is Three Chocolate Truffles! Thanks for the chance to win your Shy Bunny stamp. :)
Ellen Holder

Hi Anna. I love all your drawings. Such talent. The Shy Bunny reminds me of someone who "doesn't do mornings". So cute! It's hard to choose a favourite but I love Garden Kitty. Thanks for the chance to win Shy Bunny.

All of their images are cute and that little bunny has been on my want list since the new catalog came out.

My favorite W.S. stamp is 'Ski Bear'. It resembles SU's 'Polar Express' that I haven't been able to get my greedy little hands on, yet. Have a wonderful Sunday!

WOW! This is HARD!!
But I would have to say Crooning Cow--IT is a cow with a guitar--how can you go wrong with that!!??!!

btw--that bunny butt is pretty darn cute, too!

I think Party Kittens or Warm Penguin are my favorite. I love shy bunny with his cute little bunny butt sticking out of the pot. So cute!

Hi Anna!
Your card is just too cute! I love the little shy bunny...it reminds me of my little shy kitty...I frequently find her hiding under something, with her whole back end sticking out :)

Thank you for offering a chance to win the little bunny.

I love the Whipper Snapper stamps...my favorite is Penny...she's adorable :)

Would I? Would I? You bet I would!!! Actually, Shy Bunny *is* my favorite :) He's just so darn cute! We have two bunnies who reside in our back yard, under the deck. When the babies appear, they will even come close if I don't move.

Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these cute stamps. :)

My favorite stamp is the heart balloon clown. He is just too cute and works so neat for a child's birthday card or invitation.

Pick me of course,

Hi Anna,
Love your stamps, wish I could draw!
Thanks for the goodies!

Hi Anna, my favorite is the Three Chocolate Truffles.....who doesn't like chocolate!!!
Love this cute shy bunny butt!!

Love ALL the Whipper Snapper stamps. My favorites are the snowmen and those cute little bunnies. Your card with the shy bunny is adorable! He's definitely on my list of "must haves".

Jane R

Your cards are always so sweet! I'm partial to dogs, so my favorite right now is Daisy's birthday. But all your stamps are just too cute! Thanks for the chance to play.

I really do like the Shy Bunny. My favorite of this release is Faux Easter Bunny because it just makes me laugh! I will say that there are many on this release that I really, really like. I haven't placed an order yet because I am having a hard time narrowing that longggg list down for now. (There's just those few "gotta have it Now's" and some that "okay, it will be hard, but I can wait just a few weeks longer") :)

i love all of whipper snappers stamps especially yours!!! have a great day anna!

Bunny is SO cute! I don't know if I can pick one. I really like Monstrosity for little boy stuff, and the Over The Threshold - I am so picky about wedding stamps and I like that one a lot.
Jennifer Greco

The gardening hat stamp ; I think it is colored brown on the stamp with a flower on it??. I love it!

Well my fav. stamp has to be Queen Abigail because for some reason she reminds me of what my lil DD will look when she is a little bigger (she just turned 1)and I am forever putting on a princess crown on her and its always to the side! :)

Well my fav. stamp has to be Queen Abigail because for some reason she reminds me of what my lil DD will look when she is a little bigger (she just turned 1)and I am forever butting on a princess crown on her and its always to the side! :)

This card is so cute! Love the little bunny bottom!! :) I also love Sorry Pup. It's just so cute and so fun to color. Thanks for the chance to win a fun new stamp!

hi anna,
i have a lot of favorite whipper snappers but i think the one i love the most i saw the very first time on your blog.
it's that litte child holding that big umbrella. i think is something with slicker.
that bunny you have twice was already in my shopping basket :-0 but i had trouble with my whipper snapper account i can not check out. so hopefully i win one here :-)

I have two favorites, my very favorite is cattails since it goes so well with my many frog stamps, however grandma's hat is great to.

I like the Working Out stamp and the Umbrella and slicker!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Sandy Heringer

Hi Anna, it's hard to pick just one. I like the stack of presents (I don't have the number handy) the best. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for this.

My favorite new Whipper Snapper stamp is Hen's Easter Egg...I will definately have to have her! (Birthday Flight too :)

Ohhh I Love your card !!! One of my favorite is the swinging monkey,Duck bath,Hog wash, ...anna potted bunny,Birthday beagle These are just a few a have on my list THey are way too cute!!!!!
Have a great weekend !! Shannon

My fav WHIPPER SNAPPER stamp is the LEAN ON ME stamp. I love it because it can be used in so many ways.
Oh, love the Shy Bunny stamp..I am keeping my fingers crossed ...Thanks for the opportunity to have this cute, cute stamp.Hugs, Dee in Oklahoma 8^)

My fav would have to be the Bowl of Apples. Something about a fresh bowl of apples brings a warm feeling to any card. So versatile too!

I love the only Whipper Snapper stamp I have, but I'm not sure of his name. Warm Penguin?? He's an adorable penguin bundled up in a sweater, scarf and hat. :)

Sweet blog candy!!

My favorite? Flower"full" Vase I can envision that one used in so many different types of cards.

I love anything "Chicken." Basket of chickens is cute. Then there are the cows--can you tell I am a farm girl at heart. Darlene L

My favorite stamp is one of yours. It is the "My Favorite Things" I already ordered it. Love that stamp. You have such awesome talents. Thanks for sharing.
Dawn B.

My favorite on my wish list right now is the Birdie Bath stamp. It's too cute!

I LOVE "Hog Wash!!" It is so darling, and I love pigs!! Your shy bunny is just too cute!

I would love to win Shy Bunny! He (or she) is so cute and might actually be my favorite Whipper Snapper stamp! I'm also partial to the 3 Chocolate Truffles and the Cupcake. Or maybe I'm just hungry! LOL!

Just one? You're kidding right? You see, the thing is, I haven't placed my first Whipper Snapper order because I can't limit it and my pocketbook won't allow for a $500+ stamp order! I am found of Cupcake Mouse, but I also love Blessed Birth, Easter Bunny in a Basket, Egg with Bow, Cupid Bear, Framed Sunflowers, and I can go on and on! Do you see my problem? or should I say addiction?

AWW!!! I never went to whipper snapper.. but I saw cute swing monkey stamp... but I love them all....I am thinking about to buy some of them.. thanks! Katey

Positively too much pressure to pick a favorite Whipper Snapper, I love the whimsy of all of them. I love monstrosity, and the dog ones, and the cat ones, and the chickens, birds, bunnies ect. There is such a diverse range of choices, I couldn't pick a favorite. I do love this shy bunny stamp though, I have a thing for bunnies. Have a wonderful day Anna, I love your work.

Love the card. Love that stamp also. I would have to say that right now (that doesn't mean my favorite won't change next week :) )my favorite is warm penguin. I am into penguins and polar bears right now (although I had a hard time choosing between this stamp and Polar Pals). Thanks for the chance to win some candy!


I am a fan of all the bunny stamps. I have always loved bunnies and ladybugs. But all of the stamps are nice.

Time just flies playing Wii right? OK choose one -- how hard.... I love Autumn Sheep! It's so cute how they are stacked. Very fun!!

Oh no, I can't pick just one! How about two? Garden Kitty and the Kitchen Snowman. Love that little fuzzy bunny behind, though. Love that you can imagine the expression on the bunny's face without ever having to see it :-) Thanks for sharing!

What a cute bunny! I really love animal stamps and I loved the hanging monkey - he's so cute. The sunflower frame was beautiful too... I just don't know how to color them as beautifully as they are done here. I will have to learn. TFS.

Love the little bunny "but" sticking out of that pot! Shy buinny is a really cute idea!
Have no bunny stamps in my collection and would sure love to win!
Mary Puskar

I am a nut for animal stamps...of all kinds. My favorite on is the bird's egg (LOL) and the chicks in a basket. There are many more that I love but right now these are my two favorites! Your designs are charming! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Anna! I guess right now anyway my fav is Bucket of Posies, but that shy bunny one is on my wish list!!!! I don't have any bunnies!!!! I have also been using California Poppy a lot! Thanks for the chance for the bunny!

I know what you mean about taking too loong to finish a card. I've been struggling with this problem for weeks. All I do I wonder around blogs and websites, and admire other's work. So here I am at your beautiful blog. Thanks for giving us the chance of winning the Shy Bunny stamp. I can't decide if mu fav is Pete or Framed Tulip.

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