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this stamp is soooo cute as is the card :D

It's probably too late to be in the blog candy drawing, but... I absolutely love Queen Abigail! She reminds me of my own little princess, that I almost named Abigail (DH nixed that one quick). Her name is Angel and she's going to have those brown curly locks just like Queen Abigail! Love your blog!

Congrats! I absolutely love all of the bunny stamps! They are sooo cute!

Hi Anna! I just love all the stamps and this shy bunny one is just so cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

Sandy Heringer

There are so many that I absolutely love. How can I narrow it down to just one??

I should have checked your blog earlier! I love this bunny image and I love Whippersnapper stamps. I am going to say that my favorite, of the ones I own, is Mouse with Flowers. I have a ton on order right now...can't wait to get my new ones!

I love your chickens. They have been around for awhile and I don't recall their exact titles, but they are so fun.

My favs are your chickens and goat. They're so classy and versatile. Love 'em! And you too. :)

it is me again, because i forgot to tell you that my favorite WSD stamp is Lean On Me, I cannot afford to own even one single stamp of Whipper Snap Designs, but all the time I go to their site to enjoy all the stamps, they are made out of love and passion.

It is my first time I leave comment to any one of the stampers of Split Coast Stampers even though I have been wandering every night in all blogs for always half a year,and enjoy all the cards everyone has made, but this time I feel I need to leave you a comment of the shy bunny card, not just because it is so cute, you have present it very diligently and I saw the little message that is " I miss you". It seems that the one you miss is hiding away, may be she/he feel frustrated, scared, or as you name the stamp - shy!
I would like to make a card to someone to tell her that I miss her, tell her not to be downcast or not to be upset, come on out and be courageous, tomorrow is another day, and someone over here, I care about her.
How sweet is it to have this stamp to make such a affectionate message.
it is wonderful of you to entitle this little card to remind us to have a passion for friends, especially those suddenly "disappear" for some reason, they actually our tender care to get on the feet to face another day.
I would be very much appreciated to have the stamp and make cards, for there is always someone out there in the chaos.
Thank you for your generosity!

My favorite category has got to be the animals; however, my favorite stamp is the donkey. When my oldest son (now 20) was a toddler, he carried around a stuffed animal that looked exactly like the stamp. I absolutely fell in love with it the first time I saw it!

I absolutely love your creations. Who can resist your cute bunny? I'm not sure I can pick just one, but I love "One Big Egg" & "Main Street."

Cute card and cute stamp , thanks for a chance to win one !

So far I love Penny and the sweet Sunflower stamp on the same page! OMG - ONE BIG EGG is my favorite...it cracks me up!! And sorry, no pun intended there! I am getting that stamp if you carry it! :)

I think my favorites are the fairies, those are darling.

There are way too many to choose just one. I do have a very cute goat, though.

I really love good news pup. I have 2 new puppies at the moment and am rather obsessed with the subject. I love the chicken with the huge egg, too - "One big egg..." That's how I'm feeling these days. Don'cha just love the Wii? I always feel better about knowing I'm getting a workout.

What a cute card Anna. TFS! If I MUST choose just one stamp, it's Moose in Love.

I would be honored to be chosen as Tuesday is my birthday! My favorite WS is Sunnin' Mouse. I love them all, but this mouse is just too cute!

Your card is adorable--I would love to be
one of the winners--I think my favorite stamps are any of the ones with the cute
little animals--like the chickens and the
bunnies. Thanks for sharing all your
talents with us! Sheila

I love "Birthday rats" They make me giggle!

As my e-mail address hints, I love anything cows. I think my favorite has to be "Moo-d Swing". I also like the "Cow Pile" and "Holy Cow". So adorable!

What a sweet card! My favorite is Faux Easter Bunny, but I also really love this Shy Bunny stamp. I do love the bunnies!


Shawn K,

Oh I just love bunnies! I have always had a bunny since I was 11 or so. My bunny Popcorn, a rex, died this past August. I sure do miss his naughty little ways.
So of course I have tons of bunny things.

My favorite Whipper Snapper stamp is that of a very large snowman holding a heart designed by Shelly Comiskey, Snowman Angel. For years I was a long time lover of her clay art and made many of her clay items from books she published. so of course I was excited to see her first line of stamps.

Hi. I just joined your blog several days ago after someone suggested your site on the SCS forum to help with learning how to color stamped images. As I'm fairly new to stamping, I'm just now hearing of these stamps so I don't have a favorite one but I would love to have one to check them out. Thanks for an opportunity.

Adorable card. I love the donkey stamp as it reminds me so much of my sweet, but stubborn 2 yr old. :) Thanks for sharing. Dee Dee R

Oooo...tough choice. I'll have to go with their frogs and "monstrosity"! Thanks for the candy!!

Pick one??? There are so many!! Well one of my favs is Moose in Love. :0)

OMG, I love that little bunnie (his back end, anyway)!! I have never met a WS design that I didn't love but my all time favorite Whipper Snapper stamp is Morgam, the little Nurse holding the bear. I have made many Nurse's Week cards with that adorable image. Thanks for the blog candy!!

You have sooo many cool stamps that I just love. Mostly the animal ones, the shy bunny is fabulous!!! But I also love the chickens in a row!! Love the card!!

I am in awe of your watercoloring. This bunny stamp is sweet. I think my favorite WhipperSnapper stamp is called "Moo'd Swing". I love that cow.

That is the cutest stamp ever!!! I love your work!

I love all the animal stamps - my favorite I think is Spring Critters! They are so cute!!!

Your shy bunny card is so cute! if you took days to make it -- let me say it was worth it!
y favorite whipper snapper stamp is Farm Trio!

OOps forgot to mention my favorite is Standing Chicken......remember all my Xmas cards I made with them??!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


oh please, let it be me!!

Thanks Anna!!
My new stamps are in the mail...can't wait till Wed. when they are delivered!!


I think bountiful flower pot is probably my favorite although there are so many I like it's really hard to choose.

I love the playful snowman stamp-it is sooo cute! Thanks for the chance to win. Shannon

this bunny is tooo cute! I love it, I need it, since I have a bunny here at home!

I don't think I can pick one, but I love all the dinosaurs. And the chickens are cute too. Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for having such a wonderful blog.


I don't really have a favorite. I love all of the cow stamps, but only have a few. I also really like your goat stamp, although I have yet to purchase it :(. My husband & I plan to purchase a few goats in the future & this stamp would be perfect for -all the related card & scrapbook pages!

I really can't pick my favorite of the Whipper Snapper stamps, but I'm sure that it would be one of yours. I love your style! I also love bunnies, so this stamp is one of the cutest ever. Thanks so much for your moment of insanity touching us.

I absolutly love your art work. And I am totally in love with Whippersnapper stamps. I have a few of the snowman stamps but I would have to say that the dinosaur stamps are my favorite with the chickens a close second. Thanks for the offer and I hope I win! :) P.S. congrats on your engagement! Anna z.

I'm usually not an animal stamp type of person, but I really think the chicken ones are really cute! Basket of Chickens, Chicken Trio, Standing Chicken. Oh and I'll throw in a cat one too -- Party Hat Cat!
Kim L.

Great blog.... my favorite stamps are the cow stamps. I have always loved cows and these are just the cutest.

The Maribel Cow is one of my favorites.

It's hard to pick just one but Umbrella and Slicker has been haunting me since I saw it.I don't know if it yours or not.
Thank's for giving out blog candy Anna.

I really like the Hen and Chicks or the Roller Derby Hen. I also like and own the farm with the barn and field. What's not to like??

I maybe could limit my favorites to 15 whipper snapper stamps...some of the tops are Chicken trio and Chicken with flower..then there is butterfly blooms, blackeyed susan, camping scene, cappucino, bucket of posies....I could be here all day.....the line of stamps is amazing and you know who my favorite artist is, right? Wink wink. Rubber Hugs! Janet in NC

It's too hard to pick just one but if I must to win blog candy it would be the farm trio! Love this shy bunny too!

It's so darn hard to chose a favorite because they're all so darn cute, but I love the Butterflies and Flowers stamp. The flower manages to look both strong and dainty at the same time.

I've seen SO many cute Whipper Snapper stamps. Recently I spotted the Flower Quilt... my MIL just made me an amazing quilt to hang on my wall, and I plan to order that one day and make her a set of cards as a token of my appreciation of all her hard work. Love that shy bunny too, he/she's adorable! :) Thanks for the chance to win a goody! Toodles!

You're kidding, right??? ONE favorite?? Uh-uh ~~~ I can pick a "line" of stamps, but not just one. Lately, my favorites are the "snow ball" guys ~~ you know, "snow shower", "snow job"......they are just too fun & maybe one day before next Xmas I will be able to buy one or two.....or ALL.....of them!!!

Your post made me chuckle--it reminded me of the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and the others in that series. My favorite Whipper Snapper stamp if I had to pick just one is Bowl of Cherries but I also love a lot of the chicken ones including Basket of Chicks and Rollerderby Hen. Thanks for a chance to win the adorable Shy Bunny!

Pick One??? Although I don't actually own any, I have looked through your WS gallery many times. As the biggest dog lover on the planet, I have to say I love all the dog ones, but that donkey is a close second (what a face!). But now that I have seen that bunny in the pot... I just can't pick one!
Diane Cooper

Jeesh ~ to pick one fav is hard to do with all the great stamps from Whipper Snapper! But I love Love Bunny, so sweet to use to send some cute love.

I love reading your blog everyday. Your have so many great ideas and are such an inspiration! My favorite stamp has to be the Potting Plants stamp. Its super cute!

ohhh i was in love with that bunny image the first time i saw it. your card is gorgeous and i love the little charm that you added to it! :)

thanks for the chance to win.

My favorite Whipper Snapper stamp is the Happy Winter Snowmen. I just love those little guys!!! Your bowl of cherries stamp is really neat too! I have just recently become aquainted with Whipper Snapper stamps (because of your blog!), and they are really, really nice!

That stamp and card is too cute!!!

Wow! would love to have that cute butt home..LOL! What a tough choice... i would have to say Lean on Me =)

Thanks for the chance.

I like birdies!! I've had my eye on the Birthday Birdy. Shy bunny is very cute. Thanks for the chance to "play".

My favorite is Anna's Potted Bunny! I love these little bunnies!

That stamp is adorable and the colors you chose are lovely. I love so many of the Whipper Snapper stamps I'd have a hard time picking out my favorite - but I'd have to say the mice stamps are among my favorites since I collect cute mice.

OK - I cannot just pick one favorite. Here is the wish list I made - so far I've only purchased Fairy Snowman....
Fairy Snowman, Pudgy Snowman, Snowman Angel, Sparkling Snowflake, Twigs, Love Mail, Holiday Penguin, Santa Snowman, Santa's Hat, Tall Sundae, Pete, Main Street, Get Well Kitty, Framed Sunflower, and Chicken Soup.

Well, ONE of my favorite WS stamps is Bulldog Bob. My kids just love him, too!

oh how fun! Blog Candy again :)
Hope to win, I like your new whipper snapper designs.
It sure sounds like fun to play wii. My boyfriend had thought of giving me one for christmas but all were sold out :(

Hi Ana! I love your card and I want that bunny! I think that it is awesome that you got to design a lot of stamps for ws, I love their stamps. I can't wait to order some of the ones you designed and the bunny is on my wish list for valentines. So far from the stamps I have from WS my favorite is the standing chicken, he is just so simple and cool! Have a great week and thanks for sharing.


I think one of my favorite stamps is the Spring Critters!
But that shy bunny is so sweet!

It's hard to pick just one favorite of the Whipper Snapper stamps. They're all pretty cute! The one I really like though is the the Three Pots of Posies! Thanks for the opportunity to win your blog candy! Have a great week!

I love Topiary Perch

Just one favorite stamp? That is sooo hard! I will have to say Harry the Dog is one of my favorites! My sons love to stamp with him too!

I love your card! Too cute! I am just starting to appreciate Whippersnapper stamps. I love the frogs! I also loved the penguins this season. Whippersnapper's stamps are just fun. :)


Hey! My favorite Whipper Snapper stamp is "Autumn Sheep". I just LOVE that stamp!!!

I think all the whipper snapper stamps are just soo adorable. This one is super cute at well. Two of my favorites (I couldn't pick just one) are Party Koala and Lil Standing Teddy.
Jen Smith

Well...my fav is the Brontosaurus because my son is soooo into Dinosaurs! Isn't it peculiar how we tend to love what our kids are into?! {SMILES}

I love bunnies, and this is no exception...would LOVE to have it :-)

It has the same effect of one of my other favorites, Duck Bath. You just can't look at that stamp without smiling or giggling! And, that's a lot to get from a little stamp in today's world :-)

Thanks for sharing all of your cards; they are such inspiration.

Great Card! And thanks for sharing two of your stamps with us! It's so hard to choose a favorite...all the stamps are adorable! My two most favorite (it's a tie) would be Autumn Sheep (birdie on top of the pumpkin on top of the lamb)and Garden Kitty (bird on top of the happy cat). Debbie from Buffalo, NY

I don't know what it is, but stick a balloon in the hand of an animal and I'm sold. My favorites were Party Koala and Birthday Penguin (just too stinkin' cute!), but now with the new image release I am oogley googley over Birthday Flight! He'll need to come to my home VERY soon ;0)

this little bunny is TOOOO cute! whipper snapper? hard to choose just one because there are SO many on my wish list. i recently saw a card with "Piggy Back" and it's such a cute stamp :)

I love Penny, the chicken in a bikini. Well, I truly love all the chickens! :-) I think the greatest part of WS images is all the open space you can color! Thanks for the fun and daily inspiration Anna!

Ohmigoodness, I have two favorites because they are my favorite things ever, the framed sunflowers and cappy the snowman.

I love all Whipper Snapper stamps and have about 45 of them. I am waiting on an order now. My favorite would have to be Bucket of Posies and Patient Puppy. Thanks for the chance to win this darling bunny. No one can color like you, so we won't be able to make it look like yours, but we will have fun trying.

I think this one is Awefully cute LOL! It's a good life!
Terri E.

I think one of my fave's is Anna's Potted Bunny. I love getting all your card ideas. Thanks

aww the stamps are so cute!!

i would love Cherry Cupcake or Two Peas in a Pod , oh theres so many i would honestly love them all lol

Hi Anna~ My favorite is Umbrella and Slicker. I love watching your creations and am always inspired. Thanks for always sharting things with us all.

I can't just pick one! I love all of your snowmen stamps. They are all precious!


I like the mouse with the cupcake.

I love all the Whimsical Whipper Snapper stamps! One of my favorites is discontinued (of course - don't we always want what's not available!). It's a whimsical girl holding a present. Wish I could find one! Love your cards.

Ooh Anna - how cool! I really like the "Craft Angel" stamp by them! She's GOJUS!!!

I just got the rose bouquet and I love it! It's great for V-day, Mother's day and even B-days! TFS! Love your blog!

OMGoodness, what an adorable bunny image, Anna! I think each of your images I see is usually my next favorite and this cutie is no exception! Faboo coloring, as always!

I love "Bonkers" -- just kinda reminds me of what I can look like when I haven't had the chance to stamp!

Love all your designs and your coloring is SPECTACULAR!! I feel so charged up when I see your work that it's very inspiring. The Thomas Kinkaid cards you did were frame worthy! Thanks for all of your inspiration.

Wow, nice card! Just found your blog today and it's now on my favorites list, thanks. I don't have any Whipper Snapper stamps yet, I'm just getting started in this stamping thing. It really pulls you in fast. I'd love to get one of your stamps, your such a star. I was looking at the Whipper Snapper Designs page and I picked Baskets of Chicks as a favorite. Thanks for the chance to receive a Whipper Snapper Stamp. :o)

My favorite is the owl in the tree. I'm kicking myself for not buying this at the stamp convention. I love your bunny stamp, too!

My two favorite right now are Warm Penquin and Squeaky Clean. But shy bunny is on my wish list along with the first two and several others. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest. Your designs are wonderful.
Mary Jane D.

While I love this shy bunny, I've always loved the Black-eyed Susan and of course Farley is just so sweet! This card is adorbale! Thanks for the chance to win!
Kathy Camasso

What an adorable stamp!!!
Hmmm, hard decision...but I think 3 chocolate truffles is my all time fav!

Anna, Your images are all darling but your last release takes the cake. I ordered several and can't wait to get my hands on them. So for today....I will say that Billy
Goat is my favorite....but that is just for today. I won't know for sure until the order comes in and I get to play.

Hard to choose - love 'em all. Kids maybe...Stephanie...

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