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Wow... Excellent dear, great post!! there is so information on this blog, keep posting like this so that i can come back every day for some new topic...

These are great! But I must say...I love your Thally card!! Too cute! :0)

Darling cards. Love the heart sprinkler.

I was scoping over your Thally card the other day noticing it as a new card under Rosie's Roadshow and wondering to myself if I had missed a post! Tell me it ain't so! Thanks for the recipe on how you came up with this beauty!

The first card with the showering hearts is the best card I have seen of yours. Thinking it was all designed to be together, I thought it was nifty. When you said you came up with design using the elements yourself...well, that elevated it to perfection!

sigh...I want to play in that world too. I better go shopping for Rosie. ;)

You are such an inspiration! I did spot these the other day when I was looking through your Rosie's Roadshow creations and wondered how I had missed your posting. Then I realized you used the new Martha Stewart heart punch (I just picked up one about 2 weeks ago and love it, too) so it had to be new. These cards are sooooo adorable - I really love them!

You're one creative artist! LOVE both of your cards! I bet V-day cards come easier since your engageement.....

These are so cute. How clever to use the same sentiment but create to very different and fun cards with it. Love them both.

I am really diggin both of these cards but the duck with the balloons is TOO STINKIN CUTE! I can't take it!

Fabulous cards... I love them!

I saw these the other day when looking through your Rosie's Roadshow spot on the right. I thought they were darling. I do have the Martha Stewart heart punch and the clouds but nothing else you used. We'll what I can come up with going with what I have or else I'm going to head over to Rosie's and do some shopping!! You are such an enabler, Anna! Keep up the good work!!

I love the duck stamp - who makes it? I would really love to get him. Thanks.

These are so darn adorable!

Love them!! I'll have to check out that scalloped heart punch - too cute!!!

Both are adorable but I really like the second one! Those hearts are adorable!

Love Thally!! That heart punch is great, I will have to look for that on my next run.

Cute...I love seeing a stamp that is used for creating more than one specific card...stretches the imagination and budget too! :-) TFS.

So, so, CUTE!!!! I just bought a bunch of your stamps from Whipper Snapper or else I would be over at Rosie's buying these babies!! LOL

These are very sweet cards. The showerhead is very unique, but I love it. You make so many beautiful cards. Love visiting your blog. :)

My "heart smiles" for the day. Thank you

Oh it's a happy day when I open your blog and see you've been playing with Rosie's stamps! SO stinkin CUTE!!!

Anna...you never cease to amaze me. That first card is so creative and fun and beautifully put together! You rock!

that does it....I'm dustin off my Rosie stamps. Brilliant girl just brilliant.

Oh wow, those are just absolutely gorgeous! I love that Martha Stewart punch. Looks beautiful! I love it when you use these rosie's roadshow stamps.. you cards always look amazing!

Both cards are adorable and very creative! I do have to say that the ducky is my favorite!!!

Oh wow, those are just absolutely gorgeous! I love that Martha Stewart punch. Looks beautiful! I love it when you use these rosie's roadshow stamps.. you cards always look amazing!

I have to say these are so Anna...just wonderful

Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you have a great weekend too!

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