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ok here's my first sample using your set!! I had so much fun with it

That is wonderful news Anna! Congratulations!!!!

I am so excited about this!!!
The expense of the wood blocks is what kept me from ordering from WS before!!!


Congratulations Anna! Your new samps are gorgeous! Love all the samples that the ladies did!

Go Anna! Go Anna! Go Anna! Go Anna!

AWEsome! What a gorgeous set!

WOW Anna, you're own set of stamps :) That is super-exciting; how you ever kept it a *secret* from us lurkers ?!?!?.... you have more self-control they I will EVER EVER have *wink*.
**~~** Congratulations **~~**

Congrats to you! These are wonderful and are going on my "I Need it List!" Can't wait to see what comes next!

I was wondering what little project you were working on....how exciting!!! These are such cute designs Anna, I can't wait to play with these!

Congratulations Anna!!! Your set is ADORABLE and oh so YOU!!! Love Love Love to see your images in sets now. Wishing you HUGE success!!!

Awesome set, Anna. Congrats.

Oh my goodness!!!
What a terrific set!!
Congratulations on a delightful creation!!

Anna!! I just have to put this set at the top of my list of "must have now" stamps. Love the whimsical design!!

You know, I have to visit your site every day to see what you have come up with. :^) No pressure....if for some reason you are living life and do not post a new creation, I simply browse your site. It's like watching a favorite movie - you know what's coming next and you just enjoying watching - you have your favorite scenes.

Thanks for the great inspiration and Congrautlations!!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

I've been to Whipper Snapper and ordered my set. These are really cute! I love all of the samples made with this stamp. I can't wait to get them and start creating myself. Great work. I look forward to see what next month brings!

Whooo Hooo for you. I love all of your art, I am so thrilled that Whipper Snapper is offering unmounted images. I too have largely cut down on wood mounted stamps due to my lack of space.

Anna: Congrats on your new set. It is absolutely adorable.


FANTASTIC news! So glad your designs come in a set that is truly versatile! WS is lucky to snatch you up! Your artwork is da bomb!!

Love the set!! Hope mine is one of the signed ones. :)


LOVE this set -- just ordered it :)

Can't wait to own my first A.W. stamps!

Yay, Anna! So exciting! Can't wait to get my set in -- keeping my fingers crossed it's one of the signed ones, but if not -- what fabulous news for you!!! I know this will be a hugely successful venture, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

*still hoping to get you to create a German Shepherd stamp : ) *

What a great set! Your designs are wonderful. I am off to check out all of the samples! Love it!

Oh Anna that is so exciting!! I am very happy for you!

woo hoo!!! At long last...unmounteds!!

I am not surprised. Your creativity is so inspiring for me. I love your illustrations for them. Have quite a few of your individual stamps. I will be buying your sets, that's for sure. Congrats, Anna! I love Whipper Snapper and they are sooooo lucky to have you! (denidill)

Wow - that IS fabulous news!! I don't own any Whipper Snapper stamps, but I think now is the time to buy! I love your "Posies For You" it's super cute.
BTW - any wedding date set yet??? C:

Congrats Anna - I had them in my cart - but they don't take paypal! Oh well!

Congratulations, Anna! I look forward to seeing more!

They're great, congrats Anna!

Oh Anna, you are amazingly talented. Congratulations!!!!! What an awesome set. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. I've enjoyed everything so far!

Happy, excited! Good for YOU! You are so deserving of this! LOVE the set and can't wait to see the add-ons down the road! Really cool!

How exciting for you, Anna -- it's a beautiful set!!

Congratulations Anna!!! I am so excited for you!!! The stamps are fantastic!


Yep..ordered 2 sets.... Adorable! Anna, so excited for you!!

So awesome, Anna!! Congrats!! How does it feel to be FAMOUS?!??!?! Well, *more* famous than you were before!! I'm so happy for you ~~ the set is adorable!


Congratulations, girlie!!! I just ordered my set and I can't wait to play with it!!! I think the cling mounted sets will really do well!

Congratulations!!!!! Constantly inspiring, thanks for that.

Congratulations Anna, what a beautiful set and beautiful card!!

Anna, What an exciting team of designers!!! Congratulations to all of them as well as you for this new endeavor. Can not wait to see what comes next.

How fun!!! Congratulations Anna on the great news! Everyone did a great job showcasing your work!

Congratulations to you. I'm very excited for you! They're fabulous!

Wow! Congratulations, how exciting for you! Love the set! :)

Congratulations, Anna!! Posies for You is terrific!!
Here's a link to my card for today:

How very exciting Anna! That is amazing ... you deserve all the adulation..you rock with your art and designs!

This is awsome!!! I am very excited and hope that this will be a con't project with Whipper Snapper. I love all the images very much, but am cutting down more and more on wood mounted stamps due to my lack of space. Can't wait to try it out. The images look like so much fun!

Wow, Anna, that is just awesome! What a GREAT debut set, and I can't wait to see MORE! Very exciting, to know they are selling your designs in sets like this!!! CONGRATULATIONS, you are AWESOME!!!! :D

What exciting news Anna!! What a beautiful set! I can't wait to see & hear more!

Congrats, Anna! Those stamps are just beautiful!

Oops! Bad spelling! Congrats! :)

Beautiful stamps! Cograts Anna!

Wow~ Congrats!! What a fun thing to get started!! Your line will be a huge success!!

This is *so* exciting! Huge Congrats to you, Anna!

Oh these are fantastic! I love it!!

WHOOHOO, this is EXCITING NEWS! Congrats, Anna! I can't wait to see all the sets in the collection. The first one is a winner for sure!
Anette (snowmom13)

Anna, I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hug you in person, my friend!

You're my hero Anna!!!

Congrats! Those are super-cute!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How cool is that! I am soooo going to have to place an order. I am so happy for you! Good luck on your new venture.

yea! I actually got the email form Whipper Snapper before I saw your post! This is cute, Anna! I couldn't resist - I got that cc out & already ordered it! I know I'll love it!!

WOO HOO!!! Big giant CONGRATS, Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Anna, I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see all the samples and be able to order my very own (hopefully autographed) set!

WOOHOO!!!! Look at you! Going unmounted, YEAHHHHHH!!! This is so exciting! Do you think I could use anymore !!!!!????? LOL

So VERY happy for you! :)

How exciting Anna! Congratulations! These are lovely! :D

I can't wait to get them! I love the set you've designed!

Congratulations on a great new set. I love it and can see lots of uses for this one.

woohoo! Congrats on your new adventure! What fun! Thank you so much for including me in it!

Anna, this is wonderful news! I'm staying up till midnight :)

Congrats Anna...these look great!

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