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He's darling!!

Anna - he is just the cutest ever! Please, please, please make him (and the girlfriend) into a stamp!!!

He is cute...much cuter than the stomach bug who has visited me this weekend!

What a hoot! Who wouldn't love a bug like that!

this is just tooooo cute! perfect for boys Ü

So cute! And you know what, We love you too!

I so hope that is going to be a stamp set! He is fantastic!

aww...he is loveable! Too darn cute..and I'm loving all your designs!

You rock!

I just saw SusanH's comment and was floored to see her ask for a donkey stamp. My daughter just asked me if I knew of a good donkey stamp that was NOT from Disney or a nativity.
Love your little love bug guy.... he really should be a stamp.

This is so darn cute! Is there anything you can't do?!!! Count me as one of the many who love you, too!

you just make me smile :)

Oh, so cute!!!

You're the bomb Anna!


Hugs to you, Anna, you JACK of all trades! Couldn't resist and Congrats on the photo publications. A good picture (or stamp) is timeless...

Well isn't he just the cutest! I have to agree with everyone else on this one, I would buy him if he was a stamp. Nice job!

Another stamp to be added to my wish list??!! Too stinkin'cute!

He is just too stinkin' cute!!!

Awwww! He's darling!

I love you too! I think I see a cute stamp coming! If not, you should think about it. He's a cutie! Let's see his girlfriend...I love your originality and creativity!

Awwwww...how cute is that?!? Oh, to be able to sit and doodle like that. What fun! I like him! He must become a stamp!

I love you too Anna!! LOLOLOL

He is adorable! Can you make him into a stamp too??? :)

I would buy him if he became a stamp! We all could use a little more love.

Dang he is so darn cute, Anna! Yes...we all need to say those special words more often.

Is this going to be a stamp? It sure is cute!

*big grin* It is gorgeous! Love it lots and lots! :)
I was thinking last night that I think you should draw a donkey stamp! :)

You're so right. I don't think that it's said often enough. The picture is too cute! TFS!

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