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Such a great card you've made, again. Love those Whipper Snapper stamps.

It's darling! thanks for the opportunity!


Maybe they are harder to lay when they are all painted up so pretty? thanks for the chance at such a sweet stamp!

AHHHH, chickens and eggs~our life around here! If only OUR chickens and eggs would be so fabulously colored and look so cute!!! This color combination and coloring you did are just fantastic!

Hi!! Hope I'm not too late! Love your blog - such inspiration!

Squeezing in at the last minute -- story of my life!!

Love your work :)

This is another image I like from your designs. I really like the way you colour your images. It's so artistic! And one more thing: I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!

What adorable chick stamps!! I have always admired your work, Anna!! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!!

I am inspired daily by your coloring and design! Thanks for the blog candy offering!
Fingers crossed ;0)

I Love your blog and I love blog candy!!


Promise to send a photo of the first card made with this stamp if I win - even though it won't even come close to your lovely creations!! Carry on!

Hi Anna,
Hope all is well with you. I love this creative Easter stamp.
Prudence :)

Well, I'm 289, so I don't think I'll get picked, but I do love your stamp! Hugs!

Holy-moly -- what a fabulous stamp, Anna -- I love hen and her Easter egg!!

I so love your new Whipper Snapper designs. Just got my order of new stamps and can't wait to get coloring.

Love your colors on the card! Just waiting for my Stamp Store to get the new WS releases in. It's taking too L O N G!!!LOL

I love that chicken with the Easter egg - so cute!!!

I just love your work!

Love the hen!

Aww you're so generous Anna!

love this stamp!

I love checking out your blog everyday you always has some awesome card or project to see. Love your chicken card and love the coloring. I still a beginning with water coloring images.


whens the wedding???

I love your designs, the hen is so cute, and my heart always has a soft spot for a cute snowman, I just love pudgy!!!

I enjoy your blog. This is my first time to comment for some candy. I love this stsmp.

What a wonderful design!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Hi Anna! Thanks for another chance and I hope the random generator picks me this time! Love your blog and read it daily. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations and cards. You inspire me daily. How's all the animals? Love those cute chickens!

This is such a cute stamp! Although all of the whipper snapper stamps are so cute. They are great stamps for coloring in and I love that.

OK..Anna, could you some how randomly choose my name. I love that image. I think I acutally ordered that one but can't remember. So many to choose from.

I love your bright colors, so cheery on these grey Michigan days! I am a new fan of your work and glad to have found you! Thanks!!

Please pick me. Jackie Chaffin

Hi Anna, congrats on the new release!!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Oh, Anna, this is beautifully coloured! And I'm so thrilled that our LSS has just started carrying Whipper Snapper stamps!

Hi, it is a great color combination, It is cheerful. Good job.
Last time I wasn't chosen for the bunny. I hope this time, I will be.
Thank you for your generosity.

Just love your drawings!! I have bought several of your images from WS, but don't have any of yet, from your most current release.
Would love to have this bunny.
Thanks for the chance.

Oh I love Pudgy and Hen's Easter Egg. Wow can you color!

I just stumbled upon your blog today, but I have been a long time fan of yours! I adore your images and the simple crispness of your cards.

(SCS - blondie090277)

Hi Anna, you know my Whipper Snapper stamp collection could really use another addition. I love this hen! Sure wish they would reconsider their Angel Policy one day though. *sigh.

Thanks for the chance and for sharing your talent.

Your painting is always devine ... although I think you're right about the hen's "colouring" ... I imagine she was probably clucking along nicely when suddenly, "Cluuuuck OOOOUCHHHIIIEEEEEE" haaaa

Your work and stamps are darling and I'd love to have any of them in my collection of rubber :)

I don't know why, but I LOVE chicken images and this one is just about the cutest EVER!!!

What a cute stamp - I seldom make very many Easter cards because I really don't find stamps I like, but this one is darling!
NancyS (momsnack)

Hi Anna! Boy are you talented! Thanks so much for sharing your work with us.

Hi Anna!
Thanks for your sharing your beautiful work. Have a wonderful day,
Cammy V
PS: Go Pats!!!!

Hi Anna!
Thanks for your sharing beautiful work. Have a wonderful day,
Cammy V

i just LOVE all your images... you are one awesome illustrator!! :)

January 20th should be my lucky day! It's my DD's 21st birthday! wooHOOO! Oh, to win an Anna Wight original for her birthday (well, it would be my gift to me for giving birth! LOL).

Love the Hen's Easter Egg stamp..... It would be a fun one to color.

Hello, I love the colors you chose to use on your hen stamp. Very cute.

Love the new stamp and would enjoy using it. Pick me, pick me!!

I just love your artwork... The hen laying on the Easter egg waiting for it to hatch is so cute... I know some people I would send a card with "Hilda the Hen" if I win.... Pick me!

Anna ~ I would love to have one of your stamps. I really like reading your blog and your watercoloring is always outstanding. I really like it when you show us pictures of the animals on the farm. Oh yes, and I do like the photos of other things that you show also. I am partial to the Tulip photos that you have taken.

Peggy F

To cuty, I love the way you colored the egg and the hen. Maybe she wasn't working all that hard, maybe she just fell into one of those colors while coloring the egg!

Love this stamp Anna!
My husband is an interesting man: he had his own chicken egg company when he was a teenager: Lucky Plucky Chickens. He loves chickens and their personalities. LOL They were rhode island reds. In the end he had to butcher them- not his favorite part of having chickens. But now everytime I get a gift from his family, it has a chicken on it somewhere? :) So yes, I have grown to love chickens and you know what, who cares...I can't believe I'm babbling on like this LOL
Like I said, I love that image! :)

Love the stamp it is so cute!! Thanks for
sharing all your hard work and talent with
us!! Sheila

Your hen is so cute! she is very talented to lay such a colorful egg! lol

Oh my gosh - I LOVE this one. She's perfect for Easter! I really enjoy your blog. The animals are adorable, the photography is amazing and your cards are incredible!

Hello!!! Pick me!!! I'm new to this and only have stampin up and tac stamps. I would love to get a chance to own one of yours. Thank You...Kathy H

241 entries, oh my goodness. Now that is
competition. I have entered lots of other
candy giveaways with lesser amounts and still didn't win. But if the luck of the draw picks my name this time, I will be jumping. I love this little hen. She is

Oh Anna,she is sooooo cute!


I think this is the cutest little hen. Would love to have one. Have a great weekend.

Hey Anna!! Thanks for the blog candy - you're great!! Hope you, Alan and the critters are doing well!! ~Melissa T.

Pick me! Pick me!!
I lovey your stamps! This chicken and egg is toooo cute.

Hello!! Thanks for the chance at winning such awesome blog candy! The stamps are too cute!
Nicole L.

Ok,, I have a 1 in 237 chance of winning.....so I am really keeping my fingers crossed tightly! I love those Whipper Snapper stamps!!! One of my favorite companies!

love those chicken stamps...so darned cute!

What a cute stamp. My daughter recently moved back to an acreage from Chicago, and is raising chickens. This stamp would make a perfect card for her!

Anna, this sittin' hen is adorable! She's perfect for having laid the Golden Egg!

Love your talented work!! This is just adorable!!!!

Love your work!!!!! This is juat adorable.

I adore you work and just love this stamp!

What fun candy!! The hen is awesome. I can picture it on some farm themed scrapbook pages!

I'm #229! Wow! I personally think the hen is exhausted from laying that egg. I know I would be...

My new favorite thing is chickens. For some odd reason, I have started calling my daughter Chicken. I don't know why. It started with calling her chick. That didn't sound right for some reason. Now it is chicken.

WOW! I can't believe it, you're giving away another stamp? Thanks for the chance to win.

226! Sheesh! Hi, Miss Anna. My brother about froze up in Flower Mound. No wonder you had snow!

have a great weekend!! :) ~aileen

I like the bright colors! so many options for this cute hen! Thanks for sharing your fabulous work! :D

Howdy! Blog candy is so fun. It makes me want to jump up and down like a kid and say, "PICK ME, PICK ME"! Thanks for making me young again.

What a cute stamp! Perfect for spring or for anyone who loves chickens (I like to make hen cards for my stepdaughter who has chickens on her little organic farm outside of Eugene). I like the darker colors on your hen. Thanks for the chance to win and sharing your card.

Another fab card and stamp! I've been resisting looking at the new releases as I already have a wish list as long as my arm - from what I've seen on your blog lately it'll probably double in length if I do look! :)

Thanks for the chance to win more goodies! She is so CUTE! Your watercoloring always amazes me.


I love these "hens." I collect chicken rubber stamps. Not many have been used on paper, but I sure love them. Thanks for the opp to add to my collection. Darlene L

I love that lil' hen!!! Oooh...it would be so fun to win her for Easter. Pick me! Pick me! LOL
peace & Blessings,

I absolutely love LOVE your work. Everything you do is fabulous! Thank you for the chance to win.

Holy smokes Anna! 215 comments!!! How will I ever get chosen out of that many???!!! I really love your style, your stamps make me happy. Hope you are having a phenom day!

Tammy Nichols

Beautiful coloring! Very vivid, bright and eye-catching. When I grow up I want to color just like you. :) LOL!

Anna, I love anything chicken related! This hen is the best!

Hello - I love your blog and love your WhipperSnapper designs!

Debbie Schubauer

Cute cute stamps!!! How fun!

210 comments!! Yikes! I think I'll have a better chance of winning the lottery!
Wish I could say that I check your blog daily but life, and 2 preschoolers, gets in the way! Love to come on for inspiration on coloring my images and admiring the newest whipper snapper stamps!

I enjoy your stamps as well as your gorgeous pictures of the real-life animals, especially Eddie. You can be sure I'll be "chicken" your blog to see if I won.

Just wanted to say your work is amazing. If I could create something 1/8 as beautiful as you do, I'd be a happy woman!!

Kerry Morgan

No way! Another chance to win some blog candy from you?! Oh, pick me! Pick me! (The hen on the egg stamp is just too darn cute!!)

Have a terrific weekend - Regina Davis

Hi Anna, how are the wedding plans going? Love all your cards and your blog, keep up the great work!

Lovin' these new stamps.

Well Here I go again. I really enjoy your blog it always puts a smile on my face. :) TGIF!!!

Oh Anna, I love this hen. Your coloring as always is to perfection. I love the egg and bright colors you used there as well. Maybe, this time I will get lucky and win your fabulous stamp set.

Holy cow. When I posted this there were over 200 replies. That shows you that we all visit your blog and love your creations. You inspire me everyday. Thanks for sharing.
Dawn B.

Oh Anna, how can you even critique your coloring? You're a coloring genious! I swear if I ever get the chance to meet you in person, I'm just going to sit and watch you color and try to soak in as much as possible.


I'll never win, but LOVE this stamp, so I'll post and whine. Hope you and Alan have a great weekend.

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