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Glad to see I wasn't the only one that found this a big challenge!

Still a great card Anna!

Thanks for reminding me of a long forgotten set! Very sweet

Anna, You make me smile girl! First off this card doesn't make me laugh at all. It has some nice cheery colors that make me feel good. Plus it's nice to know that you aren't ashamed to post your work even when it's not up to your standards.

I love the flowers and the bright colors. AND I think that no one would have noticed that the layer is slightly skewed if YOU wouldn't have pointed it out LOL...


Well, I think this has just put you one notch up on the Stamping Idol pedistal! :)
I love when people admit they are real! And ya know, this card is SO amazing with the colors and the patterns that I would have thought you just intended for it to be that way! LOL

Oh ANNA! I am SPEWING at your comments - It is lovely - err...I mean AWFUL! Send it to me - I will destroy it properly!

Anna, not what I think of as an Anna card....but it is really cute and only you notice the imperfections. I love the color combo.

Oh, you ARE human!!! Bless your heart, I have to agree, that does not look like an Anna creation! But it makes me feel so "normal"!!! Next time one of mine turns out less than stellar, I will remember that the stamping divas also have their moments...thank you for sharing! I just love people with humility!!!
Have a great weekend :D

Silly Girl! We fans of your work would not have noticed the lines being uneven and I for one love mixed patterns...Although the Kincaide card was QUITE impressive, this is adorable. It is a different style for you -- seems different not to see a stamped image painted to perfection. Bravo for trying something new. I think though that this proves that everything you touch turns to gold!

Oh, Anna, you couldn't create a bad card if you tried!! If you don't like this card, I'll take it :) These posies are still one of my favorites!!

Love all of those horizontal lines and the colors are simply gorgeous!

Whomever you decide to give this bright card to will neither notice nor care that one teensy tiny row isn't quite perfect! They will just have an Anna card, CASE'd from the catty or not!

I really like the colors of that card.

Brave YOU...I usually either throw the cards I hate away...or donate them, but rarely do I post them. You go girl...you give us all courage! lol

Actually I DON'T HATE IT! I love the colors and enjoy the "stripes with plaids" mentality. :)

Have a great weekend.

Okay, I just have to say, while the card is not what usually comes to mind when I think of your work, I didn't feel the need to laugh at it either. However, the little guy you got there laughing...now that makes me want to pimp! Thanks for the humor, and for showing us some of the cards that let us know there is no such thing as perfect all of the time!

I had a similar problem with a recent catalog CASE, but I took the coward's way reworked my card into something I'm okay with before posting it to my blog.

I look at cards like this as sort of a "clear the creative circuits" project. This just means that you got all the "Whoa. What happened here?!" elements out of the way - so you can go back to creating masterpieces. :)

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