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Great pictures! We have deer and turkeys too. But we haven't seen as many deer lately as we used to get.

How do you do that? Seriously. Your pictures always (always always) capture a sensitivity that absolutely awes me. These are just lovely. And you are such a talent. Happy New Year.

Gorgeous pictures Anna! The 2 deer could be a painting! Hope you are feeling better and are having a wonderful visit with your family!

I would be feeding them too! I'm a sucker for big brown eyes! Yeah, and the turkeys too...don't have to be cute to get tlc from me...just an animal!

Heaven on earth, for sure! Wow, do you not miss this while in Texas? Of course you have shown us much Texas beauty as well!!! Thanks for sharing, as we almost never get snow in GA!

A "magical" scene, your photos are exceptional! I love that in the group photo there is only one deer that seems to be aware of you. TFS.

I just sat here and stared at your pictures!! LOVED THEM. Thanks for adding them to you blog.

What a beautiful spot! Looks so peaceful with all the trees and the animals! Enjoy!

love these pics, we know there are deer in our orchard but we don't get to see them. They are pretty timid of people. Thanks for sharing

Anna- If you get a chance, these are 2 of the dressed I made using the Sweetchips and Vintage Hangers that I got from. The babies mommies loved them!

The critters that you see are part of the larger group that claim our place as theirs. We have Racoons and 20 or more winter birds that come to share the 800 to 1000 pounds of sunflower seeds that are placed yearly for them to eat and allow us to enjoy watching! Our Springer went to dog heaven many years ago. The game animals live with us year round and are a constant source of entertainment.

So nice to see deer in someone else's yard! We have them here in New Jersey, and they love to eat our plantings, especially my prize hostas. Check out my photos on my family blog at www.foxmountain.blogspot.com!

Amazing! nature is a wonderful thing!

Oh! They are just lovely. You're a great photograph!

What a beautful site! You caught it perfectly on film. We don't see many sights like that in suburban Alabama and it makes me homesick for the foothills of the Smokey Mountains where I grew up.

What great joy it is to know that sanctuaries such as this still exist for flora and fauna!

BTW - Did you take photography classes? What type(s) of camera(s) are you using - digital??

Thanks for sharing, Anna.

You're making me sooooo homesick, Anna. Sniff.

These photos are amazing, Anna!! What a treat to be able to see them! :0)

What an absolutely beautiful setting! The deer and turkeys are so pretty, thank you for sharing! I feed my wild turkeys too, and the deer don't come too near our house because of the dog :( But we do see them in the pastures! This is such a gorgeous picture!!! Have a safe trip home to TX! :D

That is so awesome! Ask your parents if they could make room for me! LOL.... The deer are so gentle and pretty. Wild turkeys have my respect, I keep my distance but they are pretty cool too. Toss some corn for me Anna!!!


Wow! How fab to have deer in the garden! All we get is a couple of pheasants and next door's dog!

What beautiful pictures Anna! Nature is such a beautiful thing!!! Enjoy your time with your parents!


Oh my! What gorgeous photos of the deer and snow, Anna! I was raised on 300 acres in West Virginia and we regularly saw deer in the fields surounding our home. What a lovely memory your pictures brought back to me. I hope you enjoy your mom and dad and that you start feeling 100% better soon.

Wow, that photo of all the animals together is amazing. Even better than a zoo... right in the yard! Don't think I'd see this much in CA. ;)

What great pictures Anna!! So beautiful! :)

Great pics Anna!

What a beautiful site! I would love to see!
We stayed at Wallowa Lake (OR) last summer and the deer came and ate carrots right from our hands. It was kind of freaky at first but they're so Doe-eyed! Pretty little animals. (But still wild!)

thanks for sharing the wildlife.
I dont see many dears in Redondo Beach California.

Your pictures are so awesome!!! I live in eastern Washington and around of wild life too!! LOL
My DD loves it and I do too.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas.
God bless you

Wow, this is so cool! Wild life in front of your house, so fun to see and enjoy. I live in the suburbs and the most I see are the birds I feed, rabbits, hawks, a woodchuck, the odd snake or frog but I love watching it all :) Thanks for sharing this lovely scene. Hope you are feeling better.

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