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Again, thank you for the updates, I just love seeing your babies, they are ever so sweet!

LOL, I'm giggling at Ribeye's name! That is so cute!!! I was laughing so hard I had to explain to hubby what I was laughing about. We came up with all sorts of names you could have for your cows! Some were, Strip, Sirloin & so on, but my favorite was Stew, for Stew Meat!!!
So, I'll have to tell my nieces about this because they name all their cows!

I just knew that you couldn't eat any of your babies! I had been sooooo worried that you were getting too attached to these critters. Eggs are good, no problem eating them! Just don't go introducing me to my steak before I eat it! LOL

A nice photo of a new grandchild,Ha Ha, for those that dont know, The beef on this farm are Dexters and would indeed be spendy burgers (they are pocket sized beef for smaller farms of course). Grampa Dan

While I'm no longer the raging vegetarian that I was in college, I'm so glad to hear the Ribeye is not his destiny. :)

I have to tell a cow story from when my son was little (about 20 years ago). He announced that he wanted to "race cows". Since his preschooler pronounciations sometimes left something to be desired, we were never sure if he meant raise or race.

Aawh...What cuties these are...these 2 are going to make a beutiful family. I love cows...when ever we go traveling I am always taking pics of cows. I have cow mania in my house as well...stuffed cows..wooden cows..even a ceramic cow clock.

I just love'em both, Anna! I wasn't worried about Ribeye at all ... you love'em all too much! *wink* These pics just make me grin ... a great big grin for sure!

Oh..I always love looking at your furry & feathered family members..and was afraid to ask...so happy to know they are "real" family members! LOL
Thanks for always being inspiring!

Oh they are too sweet! I must share...when I was a young-one (grin) I raised a calf that followed me around just like my pooch did. He and my Golden Retriever fought over chasing me around the yard...it was quite hilarious to watch them fight over me. Unfortunately, my baby met his fate and I was told that he was traded! Bad PARENTS! But I still have many happy memories of that bull!

Aren't they just the cutest?!?!

The pictures are amazing Anna, Jennifer :)

When I look at cows I thank God for Ribeye...its my favorite cut. My sister lives in NY and she sent me pictures of cows that are colored like Oreo cookies..It was the coolest thing to see. She had no idea what kind they were...Hm...

Lucy and Ribeye are adorable. I love cows, especially cute ones like these. Great photos, BTW. -Molly B

Ribeye is SO adorable! I think I need to resume being a vegetarian again...

Oh I am so glad you said that you don't eat your animals! If I had to raise farm animals, I would be just like you and treat them so sweetly, that I would just have to become a vegetarian! Lucy is a beauty!

Oh*so* beautiful* bovines! They are adorable...so glad they are doing well! I'm sure Ribeye will make a fine father, and it's great to know he's for breeding only! (and for loving on!) Thanks for the farm news, I just love your critters! :)

Lucy's color is so pretty! She looks so sweet. My mom's horses have their fuzzy winter coats and the filly is so cute with all that fuzz!
So glad Ribeye is not going to be lunch!

Lucy is a sweetie!


I just love cows. Always have. Yours are very photogenic. :)

What sweet babies! And what are you doing complaining about them begging for food? You and Allan are the ones that make them the little monsters they are!! LOLOL

OMG Lucy is beautiful. What a face and her color. Neato. My middle name is Lucille so I kind of like Lucy. hehe

Oh, they have such cute faces! I think you're right...they will have cute babies :) Thanks for the animal updates, I enjoy them a lot!

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