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Congratulations!!!! That's wonderful news!

Congratualtions!! What a wonderful Christmas gift for both of you.


OMG how wonderful for you two. You appear to be made for each other. I was wondering where you were the past couple of days...busy getting engaged I guess. I'm so excited for you. May you have many happy days ahead of you. Keep us posted on all the dete's if any.

Congratulations and best wishes to you and Alan.

Congratulations--what a great excuse to indulge in another cookie! Consider it a toast to a lifetime of happiness!

Congratulations--what a great excuse to indulge in another cookie! Consider it a toast to your future!

Wow Anna Congratulations!!!! What a romantic Christmas you will have!

ANNA! Congratulations! How *exciting*! Maybe we should have a TX Engagement Party in the new year. . . hmmmmmm. . . gotta get to planning!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is wonderful...
if its not too personal to share would love to know the whole story, how and where..

I'm a sucker for such romantic stuff..

congratulations to you both!!

Oh, what wonderful exciting news! You must be in HEAVEN, Anna! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
How did he propose?
Anette (snowmom13)


Congratulations! i am so happy for you!!! how did it happen? tell us, tell us! :)

Aaaaaaaah! Screaming with delight here!!! Congratulations, Miss Anna! Alan is a very lucky man!

huh?! Y'all are NOT already married?! I guess I missed something...I'll stayed tuned for more info for sure

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