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Congrats!! I'm so happy for you! :)

Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you!

I just checked in after the holiday hubbub, and WOW - what exciting news! Congratulations to you guys!

OMGoodness - how super sweet!! I did think you all were married - how exciting and wonderful!!


I've been waiting for this announcement!!!! I am so happy for both of you - well, mostly you, but sure - both of you! LOL! I wish you many more years of happiness together!!!

Whoa! I just saw this! I'm reading my emails backwards! CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Wedding! Blissful life! Wonderful! Delightful!

Congratulations to you both! He is one lucky man, guess he realized that and that is why he popped the question..lol.

WooHoo!! A HUGE congratulations!!!

Wishing you all the best!!

Happy happy happy Day!!! congratulations!!!!!

Absolutely fabulous news! I am so very happy for you! So, it seems you'll stay a Texan. Once you marry one, it's that way forever. ;) Congratulations, Anna!

How super exciting! Congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

OMG! I have been so busy with Christmas stuff that I hadn't visited your blog in a few days and look what I missed!!! Congrats to you both. Like many above here, I am picturing a procession of critters decked out in their best to witness their 2 favorite people taking the big step ...


Many congrats! With a present like that on the 15th of December, what's the poor boy going to follow up with on Christmas!!!
Wonderful news!

Awwwww!!! Congrats, Anna!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

What a wonderful news!!! Congratulations to you. Happy Holidays to you both!

Congrats! to both of you! I too just assumed you were married! How exciting!

Congratulations! I am thrilled for you! :)

OH wow, that is a huge congratulations to both of you!!! I know you are excited because I am excited for you!

Congratulations - yes, we want the details. Was he romantic?

OMGOSH! Congratulations!!!!

ANNA!!! CONGRATS!!!! I am so happy for the both of you!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Congrats! What an exciting time of year to get engaged.

Congratulations, I'm so happy for you. He is one lucky guy. Please share all the details.

That is wonderful news!!!
Jason and I got engaged December 13th.
We got married in Hawaii that following August-just the 2 of us-on the private beach. We followed it by a 2 week honeymoon. It was amazing! I had the dress, flowers-and everything. Then for the "reception" we went to a traditional Hawaiian Luau!! In our Wedding attire.
We were treated like royalty!
We had a private boat ride through the Polynesian Cultural center, and a photographer-you name it! For a fraction of the cost of a Wedding. It was the most romantic time ever.

Hope you will keep us posted on the plans :D
Im very happy for you!

woohoo! What a wonderful Christmas this will be! Congrats!


Congratulations Anna! Love is sooo magical - especially at Christmas!

Wow...a great big huge congratulations, Anna!!!

Congratulations on your Engagement!! :)

Congrats Anna , what awesome news ....woohoo !!!

To Anna and Alan,
What wonderful news!

Congratulations and may the happiness and love you share now continue forever.

Woo Hoo! Congratulations!

How EXCITING!!!!! Doing the happy dance way over here!!! Congratulations!!!! :) Yippppeeeeeeee! If I had a hat to throw in the air I would (in true Texas style - I'm a transplanted Texan you see!!!)


I am so happy for both of you! Looks like that contentment I detected is coming from both directions. Congratulations.

Congratulations! That is so exciting! Have you picked a date yet? If so, please share! What a wonderful Christmas present!! We are so very happy for both of you!!

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you guys! :D

WooHoo ... congrats!!!!

I should think so too!!! He has a FARM and loads of cute animals and a fire truck!!! Oh, and I'm sure he's a great guy, too. So whooohooo!!! Congratulations!!!

Congratulations Anna! I didn't know you weren't married either. Are you going to have a "farm" wedding? Ü

Were you expecting this? and why didnt you ask him? many many happys to you both.

Wonderful news! Would love to hear how he proposed. Wishing you two tons of happiness.

Wow! Congrats. What a wonderful pre-Christmas present!! ;0)

Doesn't it really make you wonder just how many "people" are tuning into your life when 300+ comment on your blog candy and 160+ comment on your love life???
I hope you and Alan will be even happier as Mr. & Mrs. All the best to you and him and the critters - - will Mr. Farley be Best Man?

Ooooh, congratulations, Anna and Alan!!! All the best to you both!

The sweetest gift ... I'm thrilled for you!
Congratulations to Anna & Alan!


What an awesome christmas present Anna, congrats and best wishes for you both!!!
XO, Inge


Congrats! I'm so thrilled for you both. Really. Truly. Marriage is great. I've been for almost 17 years. Good stuff when you've got a great guy. (Which you obviously do!) Merry engagement!

Great news! When is the big day?
I think you are really a great couple & both love the farm & animals...
Gramma Dar

Congratulations, Anna! I'm so happy for you, can't wait for the post when you tell how he proposed to you =)

Congrats to both of you!!!! I wish you both moocho buckets of happiness!! :)

Congratulations!! This is the best news I've heard all week (not to rain on your parade, but my Mom passed away last Sunday, so it's been a difficult week.) My daughter, the oldest grandchild, just recently got engaged and made plans to get married next Sept. on my parents' wedding anniversary. My Mom knew about it and was thrilled, but without her, it will be a bitter sweet day. Good luck to you and Alan and make sure you fill us in on all the details...well maybe not all of them! *wink, wink*

Awwwww Anna I am SOOOOO happy for you guys!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! how wonderful and romantic! Congratulations to a very cute couple!

So many congrats!!!

Congratulations Anna! I assume Alan will be very good to you, since he knows how many fans you have and that's a lot of female wrath if he doesn't spoil you the way he should! :o) Linda


What a wonderful surprise!

Wonderful News!! Congratulations!! ... what a great way to celebrate the season!! Best wishes to you and your fiance!!!


How great for you! A gift that keeps on giving! Congratulations.

Oh Anna, how wonderful!! Congratulations!!!!

Congratulations!! Such exciting and wonderful news for you both! I am really happy for you, Anna!


Congratulations Alan and Anna! What a blessing this time of year!

Congratulations, Anna!!!!! I'm happy for both of you. WOO,HOO!!!

Congratulations Anna!! I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Chris

Congratulations to you both. What an exciting time for you!!!

Congratulations. I'm so excited for your. What a holiday to remember.

Congratulations and all the very best to you both!

Congratulations; another happy occasion to remember the holiday season for many years to come :-)

Yay for Anna & Alan!!! I'm so excited for you -- any idea when the big day will be???

whoohooo to you! that is fantastic!!

Congratulations. How exciting, especially at this wonderful time of year.

did you hear the big "YES!" and the whoppee from NC? I am so excited for the both of you. sorry to not be in touch for awhile. lots of family stuff but I still have been keeping up with your great blog. I can't wait for details!! Janet

Congratulations Anna and Alan! SO happy for you! Would LOVE to hear the details of the proposal! ;)

Congrats Anna! woo hoo! I know fitz, ribeye and all the other animals are VERY happy for you guys too! heheh

Bobbie *Ü*

Congratulations. That is fantastic.
I love all that romantic stuff. Best of luck. Barb

ahhh ... congrats and best wishes for a happy life as one! :)

Congratulations! What a wonderful Christmas gift...hope we hear more about Anna and Alan.

Congratulations! I hope you will have many many happy years together. Now, details please!


How sweet. Congratulations!


That is AWESOME news Anna!

I have been waiting for him to ask you!

My girls will want to know...

who is going to be the flowergirl? (I have five you can choose from)....


Happy for you! Merry, marry new life.

Yeah! Congratulations Anna!!!


CONGRATULATIONS Anna!!!! Wonderful news!!!

Great News and Congratulations. I always enjoy your blogs and wonderful cards. You are a great inspiration. Keep us posted on the big date!

Congratulations! i am so happy for you!!!


Can you hear it?? It's me, jumping up and down with happiness for you? All the best.

How exciting. I make a fabulous hand made marriage certificate in calligraphy. Would be happy to make you one when the big day comes!

Wonderful news!!! You must be over the moon. Congrats!!


Congratulations ! I'm so happy for the both of you.

Congratulations! You deserve it.

I'm so happy for the two of you! Congrats!

happy clapping! congrats!


Yeehaw! Congratulations Anna & Alan!

Yeah, that is so exciting. Congratulations!!!

Anna & Alan - wow, congratulations from Idaho. Hey, you might as well, I mean - you have a tractor, a firetruck, all those "babies" - you may as well make it official!!! So happy for ya'll!! Just give us the details...like, when, etc...Love from Idaho - Jeanne

Congratulations and Best Wishes! May you both be very happy for a long, long time!!

How exciting - enjoy it - every moment of it!

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